“Twitter Talk” – What have you liked or disliked about the Olympics?

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US-olympic-mens-hockey-team-rosterIn the traditional episode of “Twitter Talk” on the “Red Light Sports Ramble”, Evan and Troy talk about the Winter Olympics.  As the 2014 Sochi Olympics are winding down, it is time to discuss what has went well and those things that have not went so well for the USA participants.

The United States does lead the Medal Count with 23 (7 Gold, 5 Silver, 11 Bronze).  The seven who have won Gold are: Jamie Anderson (Snowboard), Joss Christensen (Freestyle Skiing), Meryl Davis (Figure Skating), Kaitlyn Farrington (Snowboard), Sage Kotsenburg (Snowboard), Ted Ligety (Alpine Skiing), Charlie White (Figure Skating), and David Wise (Freestyle Skiing).  With a few events left; including Men’s and Women’s Hockey, the medal count is sure to rise before the closing ceremonies.

The biggest disappointment has to be with the United States Speed Skating team.  No medals in events that the USA has dominated in the past.  After the events, a story broke that the uniforms played a role in the sub-par times that were recorded.  Could the uniforms really have made that much of a difference?  Is it time to realize that the rest of the world has become competitive in speed skating? This puts a huge amount of pressure on the USA as they prepare for the 2018 Olympics.

A story that has been blown out of proportion is the Christin Cooper interview with Bode Miller.  Fans and social media were blowing up that Bode Miller cried because of questions being asked regarding his deceased brother.  Listen to what the boys think about the line of questioning that Cooper asked Miller in today’s episode.  Cooper could have combined some of the questions and received the same answer, but at the same time Miller had every opportunity to walk away from the barricade between the athletes and the reporters if he felt uncomfortable answering the questions.  When all was said and done; another story that took time away from the athletes because Miller held no ill feelings toward Cooper.

Both the Men’s and Women’s Hockey team will play Canada.  The Women’s game will mean Olympic Gold if they win; whereas the Men need to beat Canada to earn the right to play in the Gold Medal Game.  The biggest surprise in Olympic Hockey was Finland beating Russia 3-1 in the Men’s Quarterfinal game.

The biggest story may be in Women’s Figure Skating if Gracie Gold can have the performance of her lifetime, she may come home with a medal.  This is a big story because going into the Olympics, the USA Figure Skating Team had not received much; if any, hype in this years games.  After the short program, three Americans are in the top 7.  Gracie Gold is has a grip on fourth place, while Ashley Wagner and Polina Edmunds are 6th and 7th, respectively.

Listen to all the details about what the boys like and dislike about the Sochi Olympics on the “Red Light Sports Ramble”.

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