Scouts Perspective: Cowboys WLB and RT Prospects.

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A Scouts Perspective is Your Daily Cowboys Football Fixโ€™ brand new Radio Talk Show. It is hosted by our in-house scout, Mike Ray.

eric striker a scouts perspective
(AP Photo/LM Otero)

In our ongoing effort to provide the premier Cowboysโ€™ fan experience, we wanted to be able to offer comprehensive coverage of the Dallas Cowboys, their opponents, their players, the NFL Draft as a whole and on potential draft prospects for the Cowboys. A Scouts Perspective will give you a unique insight on all things football.

In this episode of A Scouts Perspective I am going to evaluate the top, mid level and sleeper prospects at right tackle and Will Linebacker. The players will include RT Taylor Decker, second tier is Jason Spriggs and the late round sleeper is Brandon Shell from South Carolina.

At Will linebacker I will be breaking down Eric Striker, Antonio Morrison and the sleeper is Jatavis Brown from Akron. Feel free to call me between nine and nine-twenty central time with any questions, comments or suggestions of players you would like me to cover in a future broadcast.

A Scouts Perspective episode 13 will air Tuesday March 2nd, 2016 at 10:00 pm Central Time and will run until 10:30 pm Central Time. If you would like to call in a question or comment during the live show, you can do so by calling Mike on the studio line at (516) 453-9178 at any time between ten and ten-twenty five.

You can catch the live show by Clicking Here.

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  • Lionone1

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    • if jerry drafts jack at 4 I will boycott the cowboys forever. other than that, nice draft.

      • BigDIndiana

        hey, forever is a long time ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I can’t handle anymore stupid by the Jones’ administration. You don’t draft an injured player at 4!!! Didn’t they learn anything from Lee and that was a 2nd round pick? Lee got paid What will they do: bench him to play jack? We have a Will LB in Lee with smith and Lawrence as backups. This team needs a PASS RUSHER and a CB period.

          • BigDIndiana

            Ok just don’t threaten to leave me LOL Speaking of CB Apple looked good today and ran a 4.40 Fastest corner class I have seen….sub 4.5s everywhere. I think he will be gone in the first but if we start trading around I wouldn’t mind working out something to get him. I was surprised Spence ran 4.8 yesterday, he looked faster at the senior bowl. Probably cleans that up a bit on pro day.
            Now take a deep breath and stay away from the Patriots site ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I missed the DB drills. Apple and Thompson are my favorite DBs in this class. I would be happy with either. Did you see the report on my sleeper DE from GVS yet? Size, length, speed, power and a 1st step like Ware. 33-7/8″ arms and did 30 bench reps lol. Led the nation with 21 sacks and 23.5 TFLs I posted the report yesterday along with some all 22.

          • BigDIndiana

            Just read it, interesting guy hadn’t heard of him. Didn’t think Apple was a 4.40 guy but ran well. Throwing over the shoulder drill he made a leaping one hand (left handed) catch that was cool. Would consider him in a scenario we trade back to 15. Disappointed Cravens didn’t run as he seems to play fast. He is one of few that reminds me of Woody. 225 played safety and moved to LB last year. I want to put him at SS with Byron ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Scooby disappointed me running a 4.9 but coming off knee injury should also be better at Pro day, but hey Burfict ran a 5.01 and is still a top 10 LB in the league.

      • BigDIndiana

        hey, forever is a long time ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Lionone1

        There are only two players worthy of a top 4 pick. Tunsil and Jack. I want a DT but, you said thats to high. Plus, I want to move back and get more players. I wasn’t allowed to do that.

        • You have got to be kidding me!!!!!! Jack is a Will and nothing more. Are you going to cut lee so he plays? There are no guarantees on his health and can’t play the run. He is good in coverage and nothing else. I will say it now. I smell BUST! He is an athlete without a position and is built like a RB not a LB. Weak with poor upper body and core strength. He didn’t lift for a reason lol. You don’t use the 4th overall pick on an injured player who isn’t a 3 down LB period.

          • BigDIndiana

            He decided to lift and put up 19. Passed his physical and will run mid march at pro day. Curious what he times. If he could play Mike he would be a steal….but that is the million dollar question. Measured 6’1″ 245 lbs and I think that’s about where he was at UCLA. If he finds the right spot I think he will do well. Was strange watching a dude his size go out and cover the slot on some of his tape.

          • He can’t play the run. Not built to play mike anyway and a suspect tackler. Scooby is the best Mike in the draft. Plus a solid passrusher if they want to move him around. 14 sacks and 29 TFLs in a season with 164 tackles says a lot. jack isn’t even in the zip code of those numbers.

          • BigDIndiana

            Different skill sets. Scooby is a beast in the middle. Jack is crazy athletic, won offensive and defensive freshman player of the year in the Pac 10…that’s crazy. Maybe we take both ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I would seriously consider converting Scooby to a DL like Landry did with White. He proved he is a solid edge rusher and could play OLB in Marinelli’s 3 man front as well. Other option is play him at mike and move him around on passing downs.

          • BigDIndiana

            That is the key to a lot of these guys, getting in the right position and right system. Hatcher thrived at the 3 tech and disappeared in the 3-4. Irving and Butler kids McClay brought in same thing. Depends on what weight he could play but an interesting idea.

        • I will bet you $100 right now Scooby Wright ends up a better player.
          PS I accept paypal lol

          • BigDIndiana

            I would bet you just for fun but I only bet food ๐Ÿ™‚

          • He has the same knocks Burfict did. (without the character stuff) How has that worked out?

          • BigDIndiana

            Good point, no doubt the guy is a baller. I think he does better at pro day, a lot of them do. They are getting the kids up at 4 a.m. some days drug testing. Lateral stuff made me wonder if I would want him on 3rd and long trailing someone like Dunbar out of the backfield. Shobert from Wisconsin had some of the best lateral movement I have seen, but that don’t mean you can tackle anyone ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Lionone1


        • I am convinced you are hanging out with Gregory lol. No way jack is the 2nd best player in this draft.

        • If I can swing a trade with the Rams, get #15 and both their 2nd round picks so they can get one of the QBs they might value highly. Thats the ideal scenario for me.
          Lots of 1st round talented players to choose from at #15 and then able to hit a home run in the 2nd round with 3 picks. The elite prospects this year don’t seem to be matching up with Dallas needs especially if you don’t agree in the QB class.