More to life than sports – Saturday Success Story w/ Co-host Evan Witalison

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DM-Motivation-vs-HabitThe Red Light Sports Network presents the “Red Light Rant“.  In this episode Evan and Troy wanted to relate a personal story to the listeners.  The story about making choices to live a healthy life.  Evan was courageous enough to share his story about a tremendous weight loss transformation.

Many people are familiar with the TV show “The Biggest Loser”.  Well Evan tipped the scales around 380 pounds at one time in his life.  He did not have to go on any television show to lose the weight, but he made a decision that it is time to start making some healthy choices.  Evan played high school and college sports, but now his life was merely working and sleeping.  One visit to the doctor and seeing his weight hit an all-time high was more than enough for him to make changes.

Evan had joined a gym before the doctor’s appointment, but now he was more determined than ever to make this happen.  With support of friends and family he started his transformation.  So much that he is weighing in at 295 today and is not done shedding the pounds.  Also, he has become a Beach Body Coach while supporting such products: Shakeology and P90X3.   Evan is also available to be a mentor and support person for people who are ready to take on the challenge of working out.  You can connect with Evan on Facebook.

Making the right decisions in life is not always an easy one.  Therefore, it is important that you surround yourself with positive people who will always be there for you.  When you set a goal, keep your mind focused on this.  When you are focused, it becomes easier to take the steps necessary to accomplish your goals.

Listen to Evan’s story on this episode of the “Red Light Rant“.

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