Should Celebrities and Athletes be considered Role Models?

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role modelIn the Saturday “Red Light Rant”; presented by the Red Light Sports Network, Evan and Troy talk about celebrities and athletes being considered role models.  This is a very heated debate depending on who you talk to.  One side of the spectrum will say, it is your duty to be a role model because of your status.  Others will argue that they are just people who shouldn’t have to bear this responsibility.

No matter what side you take; the reality is that the children will look up to athletes and celebrities because of their status.  This makes them an instant role model even if they don’t want to take on this title.  Because of this, should their actions reflect this?  What role does the media play in this?  When we turn on the news, all we hear about are the bad things that are happening in life.  Every time something bad happens to a celebrity or athlete it is reported and spread like wild-fire via social media.  When something good happens, it is pushed under the rug and no one hears about it except those involved.

The world is a place where we make our own choices.  Sometimes, younger children don’t have someone to look up to that will guide them on the right path.  Therefore, they turn to the celebrities and athletes as their role models.  Again, maybe they don’t deserve that pressure but that is the reality of life.  So when an athlete has no regard for authority or a lack of respect for people, the children see this.  What they don’t see are all the good things that role models do.  When their favorite player shows up at a school and talks about respecting others and not bullying them, does the national media cover that? No, but if the player is arrested for assault it is plastered all over the news.  Granted, it is not acceptable to assault anyone.  The point is, in a world of social media, it would be just as easy to promote the good.  Something to think about.

Listen to the boys discuss in-depth how they feel about this on the “Red Light Rant”.

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