Scouts Perspective Ep. 6: Season Over…Onto the Offseason

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A Scouts Perspective is Your Daily Cowboys Football Fix’ brand new Radio Talk Show. It is hosted by our in-house scout, Mike Ray.

In our ongoing effort to provide the premier Cowboys’ fan experience, we wanted to be able to offer comprehensive coverage of the Dallas Cowboys, their opponents, their players, the NFL Draft as a whole and on potential draft prospects for the Cowboys. A Scouts Perspective will give you a unique insight on all things football.

Kellen Moore vs Redskins

Week 17 Topics:

1. Where will Dallas pick in the 2016 NFL Draft?  What compensatory picks can be expected?  What are positions of need?

2. Dallas’ Free Agents.  Who to Keep, Who to Dump

3. Evaluate the Coaching Staff and GM.

4. Preview Draft Scouting Reports

A Scouts Perspective episode six will air Tuesday January 12th 2016 at 10:00 pm Central Time and will run until 10:30 pm Central Time. If you would like to call in a question or comment during the live show, you can do so by calling Mike on the studio line at (516) 453-9178 at any time between ten and ten-twenty five.

You can catch the live show by Clicking Here.

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