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It has been a while, way too long since our last post.  No excuse.  My apologies for that.  Much has happened in that time during the NHL season.  There was the Olympic break which saw Canada win another gold medal in Sochi, Russia.  At the Olympic break, the Dallas Stars were starting to turn the corner, winners of three of five with the two losses coming in overtime. 

They alternated wins in their first four games coming out of the Olympic break followed by a three game win streak that make the playoffs a definite possibility for this team.   It hasn’t been all good news for the Stars though.  On March 10, center Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench during the Stars game against the Columbus Blue Jackets during the first period.

The game was postponed and Peverley, who has a heart condition, is out for the remainder of the season.  The right decision was made that game and certainly the thoughts of Stars fans everywhere are with Peverley and his family.  We just hope he comes back healthy and doesn’t risk something that could end much worse.  Since that night the Stars have not been the same.  They beat the St. Louis Blues the night after, but followed that emotional win with a four game losing streak in which they weren’t all that competitive.   It’s a dogfight for the final wild card spot in the NHL’s western conference.  The Minnesota Wild are in pretty good control of the first wild card spot and the seventh seed, but we’ve seen them falter down the stretch in years past.  The final spot is a toss up between the Stars and their former division rival Phoenix Coyotes.  As of writing this post, the Coyotes hold the eighth spot in the west, three points above the Stars though they have played one more game.  The two teams play each other one more time this season…  in the season finale.  What a game that will be if the final playoff spot is still on the line and these are the two teams battling for it!tyler seguin starsThe product on the ice has been exciting at times this season.  The trade that brought center Tyler Seguin from the Boston Bruins has paid major dividends.  Seguin leads the team in goals, assists and as you would expect, points (42 goals and 32 assists).  It seems that his presence has helped left wing Jamie Benn as well.  Benn is second on the team in goals, assists and points (30 goals, 39 assists).  Benn was destined to take that next step though, at least that is what it felt like so it is nice to see Benn have a great year.  Apart from Seguin and Benn though, no one else has really stepped up.  The next highest guy in terms of points is defenseman Alex Goligoski with 33 points.  That simply will not do.  They need more balance, and more firepower.  Without that, the Stars lack the consistent scoring they need to win games.  That certainly could impact them come the push for the playoffs. jamie benn The time is now for every player to step up their game.  Ten games remain in the season, only four of those at home.  The push to the playoffs begins now.  Will the Stars shoot towards the playoffs?  We’re about to find out.  Until then, it’s all written in the stars.   Click here to follow Nathan on Twitter. Click here to follow YDCFF on Twitter, and click here to check out our Facebook page.

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