Week 2 Predictions: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia

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Week 2 has begun with Thursday night’s game and week 1 of the NFL season is in the books! Now that we have actually seen some real football, We want to help get you ready for the Cowboys game each week by sharing our predictions for the final score. We also want to give you our insight into why & how we think the teams will get to that predicted score. This is the week 2 predictions for the Cowboys as they travel to the City of “Brotherly Love” to play the nameless, faceless Philadelphia Eagles

Here we go:

Week 2 opponent

week 2 prediction

The Cowboys got a surprisingly good performance from the defensive secondary against the Giants even without a highly effective pass rush. It was very encouraging but this solid effort was almost spoiled by the poor play of the Wide Receivers. A fumble and a really bad drop that turned into an interception put the Dallas defense in a deep hole. This is especially disturbing as that group will have to function without it’s lead dog for the next month or two. The one redeeming part of week 2’s matchup for that group is that the Cowboys’ wide receivers were matched in ineptitude by the Philadelphia secondary in their week 1 performance.

Tony Romo is finally getting the credit he deserves as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL as his mental acumen has finally reached the same level as his physical ability. That being said, the best version of Romo is surrounded by a strong supporting cast. The rebuild of the past 5 years has provided him with a solid roster with the depth to sustain the attrition expected in the course of a NFL season. Unfortunately, losing Dez Bryant and Randy Gregory for more than a month each may be too much to overcome over the short-term. The hope is that Coach Marinelli can channel his 2014 self and create a solid defense until he get Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory back.

The storylines for this week 2 divisional matchup are juicy and plentiful.

Can the prodigal son, DeMarco Murray, prove that his old team should have valued him more…?

Can Terrence Williams and Devin Street step up to give Tony Romo some solid outside threats…?

Can Chip Kelly’s own defense survive his frenetic pace against an explosive Cowboys offense…?

Can the Philly secondary actually cover ANYONE…?

Can the Cowboys play their preferred style of power football with the dreaded RBBC…?

While we can all get the answers on Sunday, that takes away all the fun. The real fun comes from putting ourselves out there and speculating with a prediction that will live forever in cyberspace.

Week 2 Prediction: Cowboys 31-27
So there you have it. These are our thoughts and predictions for the Cowboys’ week 2 game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Let us know where you disagree an where you think we got it right.

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