Jameil Showers Stole the QB show

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Jameil Showers continues to catch my eye in these preseason games. Despite the poor offensive line play, he was able to sustain an 11 play, 72 yard drive for a touchdown. Something neither Weeden or Vaughn were able to accomplish.

Jameil Showers

Jameil Showers has taken full advantage of his limited reps and is making it very difficult for the coaching staff to cut him. Add in his ability to contribute on special teams, and I wont be surprised if he ends up on the 53 man roster. This kid hasn’t even played four full quarters of NFL football and in my humble opinion should be kept over Dustin Vaughn.


The Cowboys’ QB’s coach, Wade Wilson, sees an intelligent, athletic, football player with professional work ethic in Jameil Showers, despite his limited reps thus far.

“He takes good notes, he’s not afraid to ask questions and it’s really hard to do that without doing it physically on the field,” said Wilson. “When the other guys are doing reps, we’ll talk and he’ll get some mental reps in. But it’s tough. He’s been showing a great work ethic, the way he approaches things, the way he works in the weight room, all of those things show how he has a professional work ethic.”

It’s that work ethic, combined with his love for the game that led to a close relationship with UTEP coach Sean Kugler, who believes his protégé will make the most of any opportunity the NFL throws his way.

“The best thing about him is his competitive nature,” said Kugler. “I do feel he can play at the next level. He loves football, he loves the entire process. Those types of guys are the ones that succeed in the NFL.”

Jameil Showers wanted to be Steve McNair when he was a kid. Success in the NFL has been his dream since he played youth football. He has spent his entire career absorbing as much knowledge as he can. He understands the uphill battle he has to even make the 53 man roster, but he is willing to put in the work to get there.

“I’m used to the pressure, of being in charge of the offense,” Showers said. “All eyes are on you. If things go well, the quarterback is praised and if they don’t, the quarterback is blamed. That’s all the pressure on the quarterback.

“When I was little, I didn’t like it that much, but sticking with it and with my dad pushing me, I really love it.”

Jameil Showers is not only very athletic, with that comes a lot of versatility. He could play running back, or wide receiver as well. He has made a case for his ability to contribute on special teams too. He amassed two special teams tackles and one on the botched two point conversion Sunday vs the 49ers. I can never remember a time that an NFL QB logged 3 tackles in a game.

“The coaching staff here is pretty patient, actually,” Showers said. “They’re giving me a chance to learn and I’m getting a chance to play a little special teams. The door is open. I’m trying to take advantage of the opportunity. My dream was to make it to the NFL.”

Take the advantage he has too. I was very impressed with his awareness in the pocket. You can’t coach instincts and he has plenty of those. There were several plays that despite the pressure, (one time while a player had a hold of his legs) he was able to keep his eyes down the field and get rid of the ball before taking a sack. He not only has the poise necessary to succeed in the NFL, he has a Howitzer for an arm, excellent throwing motion, and above average mobility. There are certain times when a QB shouldn’t be charged with an interception. He put the ball right on the numbers and the defender ripped it right out of the receivers hands.

Geoff Swaim has developed chemistry with Geoff SwaimGeoff Swaim was pretty much invisible prior to Jameil Showers appearance in the game. Watching those two hook up reminded me of the old days when a young Romo and Witten were hooking up. Gavin Escobar better keep his eyes in the rear view mirror. He continues to blunder in these games. On one of the plays where Weeden actually made a decent throw, it was right in the bread basket and he dropped it. If you want to be a starter in the NFL you have to catch that pass. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Showers and Swaim. Maybe, just maybe, those two could develop in to the next generation Romo-Witten tandem.

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  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I said last preseason game that if Showers wants a shot he would need to throw to Swaim more and the WR less. Because those guys certainly don’t help Showers, many dropped balls.

    • I think Swaim is going to be a better NFL TE than Escobar

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        I liked Swaim early on. I questioned after the draft why trade a future 6th to get a 7th round player. Heard he was more of a blocker, not really seeing that. Needs to develop more in that area. But Dallas is determined to take care of their high round picks.

        • Look how long Escobar has been in Dallas and he still can’t block well. If given the opportunity, Swaim will surpass him.

          • BigDIndiana

            At least we have TEs that can catch, even if only one of the 4 can block 🙂 Hanna and Escobar have gotten better, hanna moreso, but TE blocking isn’t the strength of our backups for sure. Swaim has surprised me for sure, not sure why he didn’t get more targets in college.

          • Lionone1

            Hanna’s strength is blocker.

          • californy

            I believe Dallas will trade one of their TE, to get a CB. I believe Hannah or Escobar is gone. My guess it will be Hanna because Dallas value the pass catching over pass blocking. I find it hard Dallas couldn’t get Hanna at 4.5 guy more into the offense in the pass game. I believe if a right team get Hannah. They will make him into all Pro TE. I see New Orleans, Atlanta and Denver as places where Escobar will flourished

  • californy

    I too like the way Shower played in this game. I however saw another qb who got my attention this weekend. The Player reminds me of Shower in that he too transfer away from another big name college QB in AJ McAaron. It look like Phillips Sims may have a chance of beating out Logan Thomas QB who is in the third spot at qb should they keep that many in the dessert.

    He went 8 for 13 in the game with 3 drop ball for 82 yards, In fact all were catch able except the one he threw away because of coverage. I really like this player poise in the pocket and the command on the offense despite his limited snaps he been getting to in practice

    • I haven’t studied him so I can’t say much

      • californy

        Arizona has a great HC who know how to develop qb, he really is raw, but has the look of a NFL qb.

    • Tanney is 10 for 12 144.1 passer rating

      • californy

        I had a feeling you were going to bring him up, lol

        • U know I stick with my players

          • californy

            I can help but Notice Texans name former Cleveland Brian Hoyer starting qb. You think Cowboys have an issue with qb evaluation, Cleveland has major issue with that too.

            It hard to believe Norv Turner was fired after Cleveland finished 11 best Offense with Hoyer and Weeden. Had Hoyer played all season they would of been a top 10 offense with Josh Gordon and their all pro TE. Cleveland to me has a bad owner who fired the HC who had a 11th rated Offense and a top 10 defense. They fired Lombardi GM, and what does he do, he goes to NE and win a SB, lol.

  • californy

    here a Phillips Sim Article that just came up, Im sorry I couldnt find any video on the player that matter. I wished they had the Saturday Video this weekend. http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/nfl/cardinals/2015/08/23/philip-sims-making-case-arizona-cardinals-no-3-qb/32234027/

  • Lionone1

    I like him. But, lets see what he does after a year or two on a football team. There is a lot of these athletic type quarterbacks in the league. Does he have it or not? Remember most of us thought Vaughan had a huge upside. He seems to have taken a step backwards. I’d say let these two young guys battle it out and put one of them on the practice squad.

    • I never liked Vaughn. My boy Tanney has completed 88.3% of his passes for 143 yds 1 td no picks and has a passer rating of 144.1 so far this preseason throwing to two’s and three’s. They made the mistake of putting him on the PS and he got poached.

      • Lionone1

        Yea but he’s a practice squad player too. If they get poached so what? Dallas needs that 3rd qb spot this year. If Tony goes down and you’re dealing with a backup QB the season is over.

        • Especially if it’s Weeden or Vaughn. May as well cut Weeden or Vaughn and bring tanney back as the #2 or cut one and keep showers. They both suck.

        • I get tired of saying I told you so. Tanney looks great. Damn side better than Winston. Sooner or later u guys need to learn to trust my eyes.

          • BigDIndiana

            hey hey, I was a Tanney guy too 🙂 I held my breath when they went PS and that didn’t last long.

          • I remember. JJ struggles with QB talent. Look what happened after Aikman. The Tuna gave Romo a fair chance.

          • Lionone1

            You can get Tanney right now he’s on his 5th team as a practice squad guy. I like Tanney. I don’t want the Cowboys to use the third Qb spot this year. Btw Weeden sucks. But, they arent going to put Vaughan , Tanney or Showers at 2nd string. I miss that fire from you it’s been awhile :p

          • Tanney took weedens roster spot in Cle when they poached him. Lombardi would have kept him. The new mgmt wanted to make a splash and drafted Manziel who he is also showing up. I don’t care where he has played. Norv Turner liked him. What I want to see is him actually get fair competition somewhere where he can develop in a system. or real game time to steal the starting job like Brady Warner and Rpmo did. Teams want flash to put fans in the stands. These big name highly drafted players are not playing as well as an undrafted guy from Monmouth.

          • Big Harb

            Listen to her fellas. Cas loves her some damn Alex Tanney & the numbers support her.

        • Mariota: 12-16 75% 153 yayds 0 TDs 1 pick, 1 fumble, rating 78.4 throwing to the ones.

          Alex Tanney: 10-12 88.3% 143 yards 0 picks 0 fumbles 1 TD rating 144.1 throwing to the camp bodies. You dont want me to put weedens numbers on here Enough said.

  • californy

    I often hear the excuse that sf was playing most of their starter in the first half. This is just a flat out lie. SF started 10 player on defense that didn’t start last year. The offense SF lost 3 Offensive line from last season, and they started 2 new WR that didn’t start last year. So that is 15 of the 22 starters who never started for them before, then you factor a new HC and his philosophy they had to over come