YDCFF 2014 NFL Combine Coverage: Top QBs Didn’t Impress

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I keep asking myself if this is the 2014 NFL combine or a commercial for Johnny Manziel and Jadeveon Clowney. We get it. You have a man crush on these guys, but there are hundreds of other players who took this job interview seriously. I can’t help but think the networks promote the players whose agents pay for the advertising. It was nice to see another small school kid have a good showing.

Jimmy Garoppolo 1

YDCFF 2014 NFL Combine Coverage: QBs

I am not at all impressed with this class of quarterbacks. I don’t see a one that I would classify as a top 10 talent no matter how much hype they get. As a scout, I don’t want to see a quarterback run a 40 yard dash, I want to see him throw, look at his footwork, his arm strength, release, anticipation, mental toughness, work ethic, character and accuracy. More importantly, to see him face the adversity of connecting with a variety of different receivers. .

By refusing to throw in the 2014 NFL combine, Johnny Manziel is telling me he has something to hide. An elite QB needs to be able to adjust to the speed of unfamiliar receivers. I also like to have one tape that I can look at and see these kids side by side under the same circumstances. We all know some QBs have better weapons at their disposal. Jimmy Garoppolo didn’t have a Matthews blocking for him, or an Evans catching his errant passes. At the NFL Combine, it’s a fair, balanced, open competition.

NFL Combine QBs Group Pic

I want to see them under circumstances where they are forced to perform facing some adversity in head to head competition against the other contestants of the NFL Combine. I already saw the tape of them throwing to their own receivers. They wont have those guys at the next level. Johnny Manziel is tactfully trying to get  an advantage over the competition while the media sells his draft stock.

None of us will be able to watch him on the same tape  in comparison to the other QBs while what they did is fresh in our minds. Avoiding the actual football relevant drills is the final red flag I need. It’s a job interview for God sakes. Not a track meet. Why avoid the football relevant part?

Johnny Manziel

I don’t think Manziel is mature or responsible enough to lead an NFL team. He looked out of shape in the drills he did partake in. When I looked at the physique of the other QB’s I saw a big difference in the work ethic. It looked to me that Johnny Manziel needs to spend more time in the weight room. He was frail looking and pale with dark circles around his eyes. He looked more like a stock broker than a football player. A couple of big hits from the Watt’s of the league and he is probably finished.

When I look at all of the intangibles and crunch the numbers, I would much rather draft a guy like Jimmy Garappolo in a later round. All of the top prospects get hyped, but they all have major weaknesses they need to develop. Kurt Warner also stated that he doesn’t think any of these guys are ready to go right in and start.  I believe Garappolo is the most complete. Therefore, I would take him in a later round and develop him. I don’t think any of the top ranked guys are anymore ready to start day one. The problem is, there are NFL teams who are desperate and will draft them early anyway.

Jimmy Gorappolo

EIU is a QB factory and the same knocks they have on Jimmy Garoppolo, were basically the knocks they had on Tony Romo: who also won the Walter Payton award. How did that work out? Tony Romo is top 5 all time in career passer rating. Keep in mind, Garaoppolo broke his records at EIU. That school put’s out mentally prepared QB’s who understand offense and defense. Ask anyone who ever played or coached against Sean Payton.

Jimmy Garappolo had a good showing at the 2014 NFL combine. He logged a 4.97 40, a 30.5″ vertical jump, a 9′ 2″ broad jump, was a top performer in the 3 cone  (7.o4 seconds) and ran a 4.26 short shuttle. Unlike Manziel, he was willing to participate in the actual football related drills. Manziel quit Peyton Manning’s QB camp and didn’t graduate from College. Jimmy  Garappolo graduated and is going to attend Jon Gruden’s QB camp this spring. I am certain he wont quit. While Johnny is partying with his friends in Cabo, Jimmy Garappolo will be hard at work improving his craft. It was nice to see another small school kid impress.

Jimmy Garoppolo 2014 NFL Combine

Jimmy Garoppolo has one of the quickest releases I have seen in a long time. He has good anticipation and is accurate. With a little work on his throwing motion and foot work, he will be a top QB in the NFL. I don’t want a spoiled media hyped play boy, I want a kid with the character, smarts and work ethic to become the best he can be.

Per an article by Dan Wiederer, Tribune reporter:

Garoppolo said Friday his experiences at both the East-West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl last month were valuable in increasing his exposure.


It really helps a small school guy like me, Garoppolo said. It’s tough to get your name out there. We’re not always on ESPN and stuff like that. So every little bit of added exposure like that helps me. And playing well at both games and throughout the week really helped me too. Mentally, just getting used to the pro-style offense and the NFL-style practice adds up.


Garoppolo has also been invested in his pre-draft training at the Athletes Performance Institute in Los Angeles where he’s been working closely with former NFL quarterback Ty Detmer, fine-tuning his footwork in the pocket and the mechanics of his quick release.


He broke the game down for me,Garoppolo said of Detmer. He taught me things about the game that I really had no clue about. Until he explained it. And then it’s like, Oh, why didn’t I think about that a long time ago? Just with how the fronts and the linebackers tie into the coverages, how different offensive formations dictate coverages. Stuff like that.


Garoppolo hopes to show off his improved skill-set when he participates in the throwing session for quarterbacks on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.


I wanted to come out and showcase my talents against the other best quarterbacks in the nation,Garoppolo said. That’s what the combine is all about.




Twitter @danwiederer

Connor Shaw David Fales

Two other QBs that really stuck out to me as solid #2 developmental kids, are David Fales and Connor Shaw. I will do up some more in depth scouting reports on the prospects I have observed participate in the 2014 NFL Combine throughout the offseason.

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  • Nice job on the post! I like Garoppolo too. EIU players may not get hyped, but they are smart and well coached. Your story sounds like a conversation Troy and I had earlier lol

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I like Garropollo as well, and Fales.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Not that I believe anything he says, but he said the Cowboys may cut Ware, it tells me he wasn’t willing to take a pay cut.

    • It could free up a ton of cap space: They could sign a couple stud FA’s for what he costs

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        It would trim off a lot, but only about 7.5 million this year. And we would still be over the cap.
        I will miss Mr. Ware, but this isn’t the 90’s anymore, you can’t keep franchise players anymore.

        • it’s a sad reality, but with a cap you can’t pay top dollar for a guy who can’t even practice

  • californy

    There plenty of Film top judge these qb,,Having a qb throw in shorts to player running in shorts, is not where you want to judge your qb anyway

    • you missed the whole point. What he is saying is he wanted to evaluate his anticipation/accuracy when he has to throw to receivers he doesn’t work with every day. You don’t understand player analysis at all.

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        At the combine, I was most impressed with Carr and Garapollo. I do think Bridgewater will be good, but the rest not so sure.

      • californy

        You want to analysis player in shorts. And not football pads with no live rush ?

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      Forny he was only talking about what he saw at the combine, But I do think Bridewater, Carr, Fales, Garoppolo, and McCarron as long as he goes to the right team will be good.

      • californy

        I believe we can get Garrett Gilbert SMU QB as a undrafted QB to developed at 21 td to 7 TD last season for 3500 yards. He had a 136 rating too. Gilbert is 6-4 223 lbs and can run if needed.

        • lol Garappolo had 32 more TD’s and over 5,000 yds: enough said

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            Forny doesn’t like star QB. He doesn’t want to pay them. I don’t either. Garapollo has star QB potential. Guys like McCarron fall into the category of Troy Aikman. I don’t like elite QB either.

  • californy

    I rather have the system QB, that qb who uses his resource and player around him to win. The last thing I want is a 100 Million dollar qb who thinks he has to win the game by himself.

  • californy

    The 26th rated QB just won the SB last year, that works for me. The sec best team QB in the NFL was Kapernick and he was the 30th rated QB in the league, lol

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I am really liking Jernigan right now. Donald surprised me with his 35 reps on the bench. But Jernigan 27 reps and Manamanaleuna 29 reps both did well on bench. Jernigan is a first round pick for sure as of this moment. Maybe I can slip him some sleeping pills during his interviews? Hageman had 32 reps.

    • Manumaleuna may have had a slow 40, but his 10 yd split was 1.69 that’s what someone running in the 4.7 range would have. He moves very well and is very smooth: I noticed in the rerun Of the combine that Harbaugh and Coswell came down from their suite and stood right by the start line for his second attempt, When I wrote about him he was projected 7th to undrafted. BB puts him in the 4th, I bet he ends up going sooner his stock is taking off. I have him as 3rd best DT in the draft.

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        I don’t watch the combine, unless the player is physically weak and slow on tape. Manamanaleuna wasn’t weak or slow on tape, so I don’t really care about 40 times. Jake Matthews only had 24 reps on bench, but his tape says he is a strong player, so I don’t really pay attention to his reps.

        • I don’t care about 40 times for a dt either: initial burst IE 10 yd split is important for a pass rusher. It’s more important to move well laterally

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Dontae Johnson ran a 4.45 so maybe he isn’t so slow.