Justin Houston Should Be At Top of Cowboys Free Agent List.

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Justin Houston was one of my “The Guys No One Is Talking About” leading up to the 2011 NFL draft and the #1` pass rusher on my board.

  Justin Houston

I had a high first round grade on Justin Houston despite the mainstream media picking apart his character. In fact, I stood on the table for him throughout the draft Process. Unfortunately, 32 GM’s (Jerry Jones included) missed on the best pass rusher in the draft until the Chiefs got the steal of the decade in the 3rd round.

Justin HoustonIn 53 NFL starts, Justin Houston amassed 234 tackles, 48.5 sacks and 19 PDef’s. In 2014 he amassed 68 tackles, led the NFL with 22 sacks ( 1/2 a sack short of Michael Strahan’s single season sack record) and forced four fumbles. Not bad for “A Guy No One Was Talking About”.

When Jerry Jones gave up the Cowboys first and second round draft picks to trade up and get Morris Claiborne (probably the biggest bust in franchise history) with Justin Houston on the board, I was livid. Despite having a top 10 grade on him, I mocked him for the Cowboys in the 2nd round that year knowing the media hurt his stock. Oh what could have been?

Well Mr. Jones, you didn’t listen to me then, but you have a chance to redeem yourself. For years you have been putting all of your eggs in the offensive basket for the defense to fall short in the post season. Defense Wins Championships!

The Dallas Cowboys already have two offensive contracts in excess of $100 million dollars. Before you break the bank on Dez Bryant take a page out of Belichick’s book. By not breaking the bank on skill positions he maintains balance across the board. Thus 14 consecutive winning seasons and 4 straight championship appearances.

Tony Romo has proven that he can make any WR look good. The Cowboys can win without Dez Bryant, but they will never get to the big show without a pass rush. The window for Romo and Witten is closing. The time to win is now. Please give them a defense! Justin Houston is a great place to start.

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  • Lionone1

    Gj Cas! Nice to see you again. Whats a player like that going to cost? Dallas seems to be relying on the draft a lot more than FA lately. It’s seems like they are going to re-sign all the coaches first. Then Dez, hopefully, I think he is a major impact player and a motivator for the Cowboys. He compliments Tony because they are both so competitve and they lead by example with Witten. The young players look up to them.

    The complicated part is what to do with Murray and a lot of the utility players. Claiborne, Carr? I trust in Marinelli and the scouting staff to put all recources into defense.

    • Hi Lion. This defense needs a proven difference maker now. There are no guarantees on unproven rookies and Romo and Witten don’t have time for young players to develop. I like Dez, but there are studs in the draft every year. After 5 yrs in the NFL Dez still only runs 3 routes. Beckam is a rookie and already compatible to dez. If Dez is all about TEAM he will give Jerry a home town discount. We cant keep breaking the bank on offense and taking short cuts on D.

      • Al

        I agree. Belichick theory is: if you put a big contract before the team, clean out your locker. As great as he is, Brady was willing to take a pay cut for the team.

        • Gabriel Carrasco

          If you are referring to Brady this season. He didn’t take a pay cut, he restructured, he actually made more money by restructuring. He never took a pay cut. The media makes him to be some hero. He only freed up more money for this season. Romo does the same thing every year.

    • Al

      You bring up some good questions Lion, but this year and previous years none of the teams that made it to the conference championship round had multiple $100 million dollar contracts. That forces a team to short change other positions. In the case of the Cowboys, it’s been the defense. There has to be parity.

  • Rod Stokes

    The Patriots play in a division devoid of competition and can afford to be frugal….The Cowboys are not as fortunate.

    • Al

      When you look at the Pats record outside of the division and in the post season your comment is illogical.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Could he make the switch to 4-3 DE. I think he can, but he would have to take the OT head on now, and not off his outside shoulder.

    • Al

      Houston played with his hand on the ground in college and had to make the transition to a 3-4. He should be fine. He gives Marinelli some versatility he can use him either way.

  • MercWithaMouth

    Taking a page from the Belichick book sure wouldn’t be signing a surely over priced FA like Houston, but, perhaps a relatively unproven one on a cheap deal like Jerry Hughes or maybe a reclamation project in a proven commodity like Greg Hardy… You don’t want to over pay Dez but you want to over pay ONE player for a defense that could use far more than just one player… A page from the Belichick book would be using the exclusive tag on Bryant and using him as trade bait to get more picks…