Creating Mismatches Key to Cowboys Win vs Packers

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The Packers are 6 point favorites over the Cowboys in Sundays divisional round at Lambeau field in Green Bay.



Packers vs cowboys

The 6 point spread can be attributed to the Packers having weather conditions considered the primary factor in their home field advantage.

When I take in to consideration the fact that the Cowboys have been practicing outdoors and the Packers indoors at the Hudson Center: the playing field has been leveled.

The Packers had a bye in the first round and lack the one thing the Cowboys have going for them. Momentum.

Tony Romo and the Cowboys have won six straight and went undefeated in December for the 1st time in almost two decades. Trust me: momentum helps.

One of the biggest storylines leading up to this game is the debate over who should be the league MVP: Tony Romo or Aaron Rodgers?

Tony Romo had the highest quarterback rating in the NFL this year, but the voters are still waiting for him to lose in the post season. A win Sunday vs the Packers should lock it up for him, but Tony doesn’t concern himself with that. He has his sights set much higher. His first Lombardi trophy.

If the Dallas Cowboys want to secure a win vs the Green Bay packers on Sunday, they need to take advantage of the mismatches they can create.


The Packers ranked near the bottom of the league against the run (25th) last time I checked. This is the mismatch the Cowboys need to key on the most having the NFL’s leading rusher, DeMarco Murray, at their disposal.




Lions were able to contain Murray with the leagues top ranked run defense which enabled them to pin their ears back, and expose the Cowboys young OLs lack of experience in blitz pick up which resulted in Tony Romo taking a season high of six sacks and hits way up in the double digits. They must commit to the run and prevent the Packers from doing the same thing.

The Packers don’t have what I call top notch cover linebackers so Jason Witten should be used often. Lance Dunbar and his quickness will create a mismatch with the screen. Cole Beasley is a mismatch nightmare against any LB and most safeties.

If the Cowboys commit to the run and utilize the mismatches underneath with the short passing game Romo won’t be forced to hold the ball waiting for plays to develop down the field. If the Cowboys stick to this formula it’s a win.

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  • Gabriel Carrasco

    You forgot one thing Al. And that’s having to overcome a BS call that would have allowed Dallas to possibly win the game off a Dez Bryant catch.

    • You are right about that Gabe

    • Al

      Unfortunately I don’t have esp lol. Either way it was a lot more than one play. Piss poor play calling (same lack of creativity and vanilla offense) piss poor pass protection and the defense couldn’t get off the field on 3rd and long. We had a good run, but this defense isn’t ready for a championship. Piss poor personnel decisions too. This coaching staff has no clue how to utilize the weapons they have

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        It was more than one play. But at no angle did the replay show the ball even touched the ground.

        • Al

          I will tell you the same thing I told the Lions fans: one play doesn’t decide an entire games outcome. As much as it sucks, he who admits defeat is far more superior than the

    • Al

      This team needs a pass rush. Rodgers was way too comfortable back there.

      • Big Harb

        You are right. They have tried to put resources in the defensive backfield hoping to improve the defense. While the players they chose leave something to be desired, the truth is those resources would’ve been better spent on pressure players. Pressure improves coverage far more than the reverse

        • Al

          I am thankful we did as well as we did, but history proves that defense wins championships. Jerry put all his eggs in the offenses basket. As much as I like Dez, I am convinced we could get 2 solid pass rushers for what he would cost and that is more important. I also believe Garrett needs to hire an OC with a WCO and accept his air coryell is not only outdated, but doesn’t fit the strengths of his weapons.