Cowboys’ Woes Begin Week 5

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The Quarterback Killers

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The Quarterback Killers

vikings vs cowboys

Prior to facing what I believe to be the best defense in the NFL, Mike Zimmer’s Vikings, the Cowboys will have a few other tough match-ups.

  1. Week 10 the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  2. Week 11 the Baltimore Ravens.
  3. Week 12 the Washington Redskins. (whatever they may be at the time, records go out the window within the division.)

By week 13 Sam Bradford will have had sufficient time to develop some chemistry with his receivers. Despite the absence of Adrian Petersen and being dead last in the NFL running the football (51.0 YPG). Despite being 31st in the league for total offense (265.3 YPG). Despite being ranked 28th in the NFL passing the football (214.3 YPG) and 21st in scoring (21.3 PPG),  The Vikings are 3-0. It’s all about that defense folks.

This is a defense that shut down Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton respectively.  In fact,  they held the Panthers #1 ranked offense to 10 points. AND, they intercepted the league MVP, Cam Newton, 3 times. Dak Prescott ain’t gonna be ready for this folks. Only by the grace of God will Tony Romo be able to survive it.

  • 1. The Vikings may only be ranked 6th in total defense, but they thrive where it matters. They lead the NFL with 15 sacks ( 5 SPG). Three more than the world champion Broncos who sold the farm to pay Von Miller. And, brought in several high priced free agents.


  • 2. They take the ball away. The Vikings not only have 18 pass defenses, they have 5 interceptions (1 pick six) , 5 forced fumbles (4 recovered) and a safety after only 3 games.


  • 3. What you are seeing is classic Mike Zimmer: a balanced defense. The Vikings are ranked 3rd for points allowed (13.3 PPG). 9th against the pass (211.0 YPG),  and 7th against the run (84.0 YPG). When you have a defense that has the ability to keep teams from getting in to the endzone, keeps constant pressure on the QB, takes the ball away consistently, AND stops the run: you have a Super Bowl contender.


  • 4. If they find a way to start moving the football consistently, I firmly believe the “Purple People Eaters” of old, will be back in full force. However, I believe this time, they will  become the world champions.



[kad_youtube url=”″ width=350 height=200 maxwidth=450 ]

It takes a seasoned veteran who can make up for deficiencies on the defense.  Romo uses his football IQ, command of the offense, vision, diagnostic skills, accuracy and anticipation.

It takes a proven gun-slinger to win with his arm when the running game is taken away. You can’t coach experience and it doesn’t come naturally folks. That is why despite Steve Buerlein winning some games, it was still Troy Aikman’s team. It’s why Michael Irvin is making it clear that this is “STILL” Tony Romo’s team.

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  • BigDIndiana

    Hope he doesn’t rush himself back too soon, as Dez appeared to do last year. Hopefully not before the buy. Worst case he gets a 3-3 record. And I’m ecstatic Chaz Green didn’t get Dak killed Sunday 🙂

    • Dez and Tony both came back to soon last year. Green survived cuz Chicago doesn’t have a Peppers anymore lol.