Cowboys’ Woes Begin Week 5

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Week 8: A Brutal Eagles' Defense

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Eagles defense presents a challenge for Cowboys
Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Week 8: A Brutal Eagles’ Defense

The Cowboys host the Eagles week 8, following a much needed bye week to prepare. If you watched the Eagles defense completely shut down future HOF QB Ben Roethlisberger on Sunday, you completely understand why I referred to them as brutal.

  • The Eagles defense is currently ranked  1st for points allowed (9.0 PPG). 4th for total defense (274.3 YPG). 8th against the pass (203.3 YPG) and 2nd against the run (71.0 YPG).

The Eagles Offense is led by rookie signal caller, Carson Wentz. Many analysts and scouts, myself included, misjudged how long it would take this kid to develop.

  • The Eagles offense is currently ranked 13th for total offense (369.7 YPG). 2nd for points scored (30.7 PPG). 17th for passing (250.3 YPG) and 10th running the football (119.3 YPG).

Thie Giants spent a pile of money on big name free agents, but the Eagles have the best defense in the NFC East. Michael Irvin did his homework. We need Tony Romo back by week 8 at the latest. It is my belief, that with the return of the defensive starters, and a healthy Tony Romo, the week 17 match-up with the Eagles, will decide the division. Why is it so important to have Tony Romo lead this team by week 8?

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  • BigDIndiana

    Hope he doesn’t rush himself back too soon, as Dez appeared to do last year. Hopefully not before the buy. Worst case he gets a 3-3 record. And I’m ecstatic Chaz Green didn’t get Dak killed Sunday 🙂

    • Dez and Tony both came back to soon last year. Green survived cuz Chicago doesn’t have a Peppers anymore lol.