Cowboys’ Woes Begin Week 5

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Cowboys’ Hall Of Fame wide receiver, Michael Irvin, reaffirmed Monday that it’s still  Romo’s team for a reason. The 2016 schedule will become more difficult beginning week 5.

Michael Irvin: Cowboys need Romo
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Cowboys’ rookie signal caller, Dak Prescott, has played well thus far. He has shown improvement each week and completed his first touchdown pass to Dez Bryant during the Cowboys week 3 match-up with the Bears.

During an interview with 105.3 The Fan Monday morning, Michael Irvin asked Cowboys’ fans to infer whether or not they would take one of Tom Brady’s backups over him when he returns from suspension. It’s a reasonable analogy despite the fact Tom Brady owns four Super Bowl rings. The reason being, football is the ultimate team sport. How much success would Tom Brady have had if he were playing in Cleveland or Jacksonville? Or with the offensive lines and defenses Tony Romo had to deal with for most of his career?

The fact is, Romo has a  higher career passer rating than Tom Brady, despite playing with inferior casts.

“It’s still Tony’s team. Let’s be real here,” Irvin said. “You moving forward, are you sticking with the quarterbacks that the Patriots have, or are you going to take Tom Brady back? … Just like the Denver Broncos did last year.”

“Right now, understand how blessed we are to get this invaluable opportunity and experience with Dak that will make for such a smooth transition when Tony does walk away,” Irvin said. 

“It’s an incredible opportunity. I said to Jerry: if you  play him early, he could be Russell Wilson. And if he sits up under Tony he could be Aaron Rodgers. There is no mess-up, just don’t you mess this up.”

Things Will Start to Get More Difficult.

Cowboys fans are happy that they have won a couple games and they should be. Prescott led the Cowboys to their first win at home in over a year and is yet to turn the ball over. As a fan, I am ecstatic. As an analyst, I have to look at things the same way Michael Irvin does. Irvin is not only in the HOF, he owns three Super Bowl rings.

Having played against some of the best players in NFL history, and side by side with a few more, I think it’s safe to say his input is credible.

“You have to [go with Romo] when it starts because the games are going to get tighter, things are going to get more difficult.” Irvin said.

“And as you go through it, you want to go back and give Tony every opportunity to run this team. It’s no different than when Steve Beuerlein ran us on a 6-7-game winning streak and we still went back to Troy Aikman and still won Super Bowls.” 

Analysis Following Week 3

The Cowboys are currently 2-1 and 1-1 within the division. Their only loss coming at the hands of the New York Giants.

  • The Giants are currently ranked 10th for total defense (339.7 YPG), 11th for points (20.3 PPG),  15th against the pass (262.3 YPG) and  6th against the run (77.3YPG).

This not only explains why the Cowboys couldn’t find the endzone, but lost the game. They stopped the run. Through three games, the Cowboys only have 1 passing TD.

  • The Redskins are ranked 30th for total defense (424.7 YPG). 30th for points allowed (30.7 PPG). 28th against the pass (301.7 YPG),  and 28th against the run (123 YPG).


  • The Bears are ranked 16th for total defense (357.0 YPG). 24th for points allowed (27.7 PPG). 10th against the pass (214.3 YPG) and 31st against the run (142.7 YPG).

Michael Irvin said “things are going to get more difficult” because the Cowboys two victories came against  teams with suspect defenses. Both teams are among the worst in the NFL when it comes to stopping the run. All but one of the Cowboys touchdowns came on run plays! Thus, the 2-1 record. As Bill Parcells would say: “Lets hold off on the anointing oil.”

The Cowboys face off against the 49ers week 4, which should be another favorable match-up for Dak Prescott.

  • The 49ers are ranked 20th for total defense (377.3 YPG). 25th for points allowed (27.7 PPG). 14TH against the pass (254.7 YPG) and 24th against the run (122.7 YPG). They own these awful numbers despite shutting out the Rams week one.

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  • BigDIndiana

    Hope he doesn’t rush himself back too soon, as Dez appeared to do last year. Hopefully not before the buy. Worst case he gets a 3-3 record. And I’m ecstatic Chaz Green didn’t get Dak killed Sunday 🙂

    • Dez and Tony both came back to soon last year. Green survived cuz Chicago doesn’t have a Peppers anymore lol.