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One of the highlights of our visit to the Dallas Cowboys 2013 training camp in Oxnard California was getting the opportunity to talk with veteran cornerback Brandon Carr away from the hordes of reporters and cameras.

Brandon CarrThe first time we met Brandon Carr, he was in front of the TV cameras and a throng of reporters. When surrounded by people shoving mics in his face, Carr seemed pretty much like the typical $50 million celebrity NFL player.

On our second day in Oxnard, we happened to catch Brandon Carr finishing up a formal TV interview. After that interview concluded, we got the opportunity to talk to him privately.

As soon as we finished talking to Brandon Carr, C.J immediately said,

“Is it just me, or did Carr seem much different today than yesterday?”

I concurred. Brandon Carr did seem like a much different person when he wasn’t facing an onslaught of mics and cameras.

Brandon Carr was surprisingly down to earth, friendly, and unassuming. It didn’t take long until we were chatting with Brandon Carr as if he was just one of the guys. He was well-spoken, intelligent and open for discussion. He is very supportive of his coaches; he had nothing but good things to say about Jason Garrett.

The highlight of our interview was when I asked him,

“Which one of the young DB’s has shown the most improvement in camp?”

Brandon Carr said that he had given the rookie DB the the nickname, “The Red Zone Killer.” I am not going to go into too much detail as to what was said because you can hear the entire interview below. Enjoy!

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