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Tony Romo is one of the most controversial players in recent NFL history.

If you listen to the talking heads on the NFL Network, they will say things like Tony Romo isn’t a leader, Tony Romo can’t win big games,  Romo can’t play in the clutch, Romo only has one playoff win etc.

Tony Romo

The first question that comes to my mind, is how much time have they spent with Tony Romo: either on the field or in the locker room? The answer to that is none.

Dallas Cowboys overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints

In this video, despite a 31 to 14 deficit, fumbles, penalties, constant pressure up the middle and dropped passes, Tony Romo rallied the troops and brought the Cowboys back with 17 unanswered points. On 4th and 10, Tony Romo connected with Miles Austin in the corner of the endzone to tie the game at 31-31 with 15 seconds on the clock. In typical Cowboys fashion, the defense couldn’t stop the Saints and they lost, 34-31 on a 20 yard chip shot field goal. Whether you like it or or want to admit it, this is the story of  Romo’s life. No one ever talks about all of the games that he performed like a first ballot hall of famer, but let him make one mistake and it’s national news.

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  • Tony Romo Video Series An inside look at how Tony Romo interacts with, leads, and encourages his team. This video series will show incontrovertible proof that Tony Romo is more than capable of leading the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl Victory. Jerry Jones needs to give him the cast that will enable him to do so.