Warren Sapp is a Clueless, Broke, Wind Bag!

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Dear Warren Sapp. In my opinion, you are a broke, clueless, wanna-be analyst who is so miserable in his own life, you lash out at Tony Romo and the Cowboys.

Warren Sapp hates on Tony Romo

The NFL Network recently did a segment titled: Best Quarterback in the NFC East?

Warren Sapp selected RGIII who has only thrown 849 passes in the NFL, (hardly enough to establish him as a franchise QB). His sudden drop off in production in 2013 when he had to win with his arm, is a strong indicator he is not “That Guy”.

In 2013, RGIII threw 12 interceptions to only 16 touchdowns , finished the season with a passer rating of 82.1 and led the Redskins to a 3-13 season . Warren Sapp said, Tony Romo has the best 4th quarter passer rating in all of NFL history, but he makes mistakes in the 4th quarter that costs his team games. (Name one NFL QB who doesn’t Mr Sapp?)

Sapp went on to say he runs nose to nose with the best, but it’s that one mistake at the end of the game costes (love the grammar Warren) his team games and you can’t have that. That’s the one bad taste in the defenses mouth.

Well Mr. Sapp, I hate to be the one to piss in your canteen, but having the highest 4th quarter passer rating of all time means he made the least amount of mistakes in the 4th quarter.

Let me start off by educating you on how the rating is determined.

The NFL passer rating formula includes four variables: completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdowns per attempt, and interceptions per attempt. Each of those variables is scaled to a value between 0 and 2.375, with 1.0 being statistically average (based on league data between 1960-1970). When the formula was first created, a 66.7 rating indicated an average performance, and a 100+ rating indicated an excellent performance. However, passing performance has improved steadily since then and in 2008 the league average rating was 83.2. A perfect passer rating (158.3) requires at least a 77.5% completion rate, 12.5+ yards per attempt, a touchdown on at least 11.875% of attempts, and no interceptions.

The four separate calculations can be expressed in the following equations:

a=\left  ({\text{COMP} \over \text{ATT}} - .3 \right ) \times 5

b=\left ({\text{YDS} \over \text{ATT}} - 3 \right ) \times .25

c=\left ({\text{TD} \over \text{ATT}} \right ) \times 20

d=2.375 - \left ({\text{INT} \over \text{ATT}} \times 25 \right )


ATT = Number of passing attempts
COMP = Number of completions
YDS = Passing yards
TD = Touchdown passes
INT = Interceptions

Then, the above calculations are used to complete the passer rating:

\text{Passer Rating}_{\text{NFL}}=\left ({mm(a) +  mm(b) + mm(c) + mm(d) \over 6} \right ) \times 100
where mm(x)=\text{max}(0, \text{min}(x, 2.375))

In other words, mm(x) = x, with two exceptions:

1. If x < 0, then mm(x) = 0.

2. If x > 2.375, then mm(x) = 2.375.

In order to have that rating, Tony Romo had to have the best avg combination of all the above mentioned categories. To put it in to terms you may understand Mr. Sapp, you have proven to we the educated members of society, that you are in fact spewing nothing more than opinions you can’t back up with facts.

Warren Sapp hates on Tony RomoIn my opinion, you are nothing more than a has been who has no credibility as a qualified, let alone objective analyst. If you looked at all of the facts objectively, you would see that Romo has a lot more successes than failures. He is tied with “Captain Comeback” Hall Of Fame QB Roger Staubach with the most 4th quarter comeback/game winning drives (23) in Cowboys franchise history. He is the model of consistency by never having a season with a PR below 90, no running game to speak of and has been the victim of a sub-par defense and poor clock management/play calling by the coaches on multiple occasions. How many times did he put them in position to win and the defense couldn’t stop anyone?

Remember the game against Denver you mentioned? The defense gave up 40 1st downs and the Broncos didn’t punt once!  In fact, Manning had a pick in that game too. Romo finished the game with a higher passer rating as well. If the defense had stopped them even once, the Cowboys would have won. Do you realize how foolish you are looking?

When The Cowboys lost to the Giants in the playoffs, no one will remember Patrick Crayton dropping what would have been the game winning TD in the endzone, all the drive killing penalties, the poor play by the offensive line, or the poor clock management by the coaches that left him with 4th and long, no timeouts and less than 30 seconds on the clock: which forced him to throw a Hail Mary in to the endzone. Why? Because all that the haters like you will continue to say from that day forward is: they lost because that pass got intercepted. Anathema.

The article below educates all fans on the type of “BOY” you really are.

Per an article by Drew Jacobs (d.jacobs@classicalite.com) titled, Broke Warren Sapp Stiffed Waitress After Bankruptcy And Super Bowl Bet:


Has the butt clench because the next waitress put ex-lax in his sweet tea. (Photo : Getty Images)
Has the butt clench because the next waitress put ex-lax in his sweet tea. (Photo : Getty Images)

“It’s clear that Warren Sapp doesn’t like being called “boy”. Sometimes that phrase can be used as dismissive and condescending to black men. But not when a friggin’ waitress does it, you idiot!

Receipt shows Warren Sapp stiffed waitressSapp stiffed a waitress in Florida this week when he refused to tip her. According to Sapp, the service was terrible. The only evidence he has provided thus far, however, is that she called Sapp and his friend boys when she greeted them. Sapp, who evidently took it to heart, acted like a child when he scrawled “Boys don’t tip” on the check. Maybe he’s just flat broke after filing for bankruptcy in 2012 and losing a reported $100,000 bet on the Super Bowl in February.”

According to the waitress, Sapp was offended from the get go and was probably in a foul mood the whole time after that (via New York Daily News):
“I walked over to his table. It was him and one other guy and I said, ‘Hey boys, what I can I get you to drink?’ And he was like ‘We’re not boys. I’m a man.’ I mean, saying ‘Hey men, what do you want to drink?’ sounds kind of weird, I think. I go with ‘boys’ a lot. It sounds more youthful.”
Sapp sounds like he’s just being a whiner, which isn’t surprising if he gets upset when waitresses do their job.”

At the end of the day Warren, Tony Romo is the quarterback of the second largest sports franchise in the world, worth $108 million bucks, plays golf with Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods etc, and he’s married to a beautiful model. I really don’t think he gives a rats ass what a broke has been like you has to say.

Ps. I am certain he isn’t too broke or too cheap to tip the waitress when he goes out either. Enough said.

Peace, Love and Happiness, Cas.

[References: NFL.com, Wikipedia]


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  • Al

    Damn girl, if you were a guy I would say you have balls the size of boulders lol. But I love it. Give him hell!

    • I look at it this way: people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. If he wants to dish it out, he damn sure better be prepared to take it.

  • californy

    I know better to say anything bad about Romo. I know she will let me have it, lol

    I always like he straight forth and honesty

  • californy

    I could understand not liking Romo, but putting a player ahead of Romo after 1 season, is just foolish

  • californy

    I always see Romo this way, I compare him to all the undrafted QB that ever played the game. he was not suppose to succeed but he has, Let compare apples to apples first rd draft picks to first rd draft picks.

    • Al

      That’s a good point.

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Oh boy (no pun intended lol), I freaking love it Cas hahahahahaha…That formula killed me!! Oh my freaking God, this is hilarious!

  • Kevin Sivells

    I am WEAK right now!!! Well we all know Warren got into the HOF because the NFL Network want all HOFers on their pre-game and post game shows. We know Kurt Warner is going in on his first ballot. And Al, she has ovaries the size of Texas! LOL. Great article Cas!!!

    • Al

      She isn’t afraid to speak her mind: that’s for damn sure lol

    • Thanks Kevin

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Roger Staubach, Tony Romo. You killing me Cas. lol

    • What exactly do you mean by that?

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        You destroyed my image of Roger by comparing him to Romo. lol.

        • Kevin Sivells

          WOW…… Really

          • I think my reply to him on this set things in order lol.

        • I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but Romo has destroyed Rogers numbers with less time on the field. Roger had better coaches and game plans, a pro bowl OL, the doomsday defense, Drew Pearson and tony Dorsett. Tony has destroyed his numbers with none of the above.

  • Kevin Sivells

    I am looking at the video again….. The more I listen the more confused I get. I did hear him say Tony Romo has the ‘Highest 4th quarter QB Rating in NFL HISTORY’. So he says because of mistakes in the 4th quarter he will not take Tony Romo? Then Woodson who was on the team with Neil O’Donnell and Kodell Steward want to talk about “something about him” I can’t put my chips on his side of the table?!?! Am I missing something????

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      I am not agreeing with them, but it is possible to have a really good 4th QBR despite making a fatal mistake in the 4th. You might throw 3 TD in the 4th, but throw one INT, it won’t cut your QBR down by much.

      • I would advise you read the formula for QBR. it isn’t just td’s and int’s. it’s the OVERALL efficiency of the QB. That means Tony Romo Is the most efficient QB of ALL TIME in the 4th qtr.

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    Critics hold Tony accountable as an individual, which is funny, because none of them wants to hear his individual statistics. One of my friends said “I don’t care how good his stats are, he’s still a choker!” People LOVE to hate our Cowboys, there is NOTHING we can say to change their minds. Tony have to win 2 or 3 rings at least to shut these people up. Even then, the hate is not going to go away. Winning 3 out of 4 Super Bowls in the 90’s will put a bad taste in people’s mouth i guess.

    • The other thing is, The talking heads of the media have to direct the fans towards Romo so it takes the focus off of all the 1st round picks they hyped that he is making look silly.

  • Lionone1

    LoL its all good i’m used to it. We know what we have in Tony. Just need to put together the rest of the team to help him out. Believe me I get though.