“Twitter Talk”-Super Bowl Talk, forming a College Union, and Packers draft needs.

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This is the Wednesday night Twitter Talk” episode on the Red Light Sports Ramble .  Evan and Troy take topics from our listeners and followers on Twitter and Facebook; then discuss them.  Today we had some great topics from three listeners.  Thank you to Gene Edwardson for posing the question “What are the draft needs of the Green Bay Packers?”, his son Derek Edwardson asked “Should the Super Bowl be played in cold weather climates?”, and finally Sean Witalison (yes Evans brother) wanted to know how we felt about college athletics forming a union.

The draft needs of the Packers are quite simple: anything on defense.  To break it down, they need help on the defensive line, help at inside linebacker, could also use a compliment to Clay Matthews at outside linebacker, a desperate need for some help at safety, and don’t forget they probably could use another wide receiver if James Jones leaves via free agency.  The Packers did sign Ina Liaina on Tuesday.  He spent the 2013 off-season with the Miami Dolphins. Listen to see if this means the end of John Kuhn in Green Bay.

twitter talkSuper Bowl XLVIII will be played in New York this year.  The hype has been great because recently the weather has been frigid and cold.  This has brought up the great debate as to whether the Super Bowl should continue to be played in cold climates.  The boys discuss how they feel about the game being played in inclement weather.

Finally, the college talk comes in the idea of forming a college athletic union.  This topic could open up a whole can of worms.  The boys would never have enough time to discuss all of the ins and outs of this in 30 minutes.  However, they do give their opinion about whether or not they think it is a good idea.  The concept makes sense because these players and making the NCAA and Universities mega dollars and they see none of it.  But with every idea there has to be feasibility.  Listen in and see if the boys think this would work in college athletics.

Listen to Evan and Troy talk about these three topics on the Red Light Sports Ramble.

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