Its that time again- WrestleMania 30 this weekend!

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untitled1In this episode of the “Red Light Sports Ramble”; presented by the Red Light Sports Network, Evan and Troy discuss WrestleMania 30. This episode was originally supposed to have a guest host talking WrestleMania 30; however, other commitments did not allow him to join the show.  The boys talked about WrestleMania 30 and how it has evolved over time.  They also talk about how WrestleMania 30 has marketed to their demographic.

WrestleMania 30 is that event that brings the best of the best wrestlers together.  It is a spectacle that becomes one of the largest entertainment productions.  Some will argue that it is all fake; while others will defend this notion until the sun goes down.  Either way; you can not deny that the entertainment value is high for WrestleMania 30.  Troy has not followed wrestling for over 10 years, but WrestleMania 30 brings up the nostalgic days of the wrestlers that he remembered.  Evan is not a weekly follower either, but the same result.  Thinking of WrestleMania 30 makes him think of those he remembers.  Therefore, this is an event that has been able to sustain 30 years of entertainment value.  The boys talked about the demographic of WrestleMania 30.  Both Evan and Troy, followed wrestling at a younger age.  Now that they are older, the value has diminished.  The wrestling guru’s have marketed this in all the right ways to promote something that is pure entertainment value, no matter if you believe it is real or not.

Evan and Troy had a chance to join the Home Court Sports Show on Wednesday night.   They expanded on a topic about Milwaukee Brewer owner Mark Attanasio.  There are rumors that he would be willing to become part of an investment group to purchase the Milwaukee Bucks and help build a new arena.  Do you think that an owner can be successful in two different leagues?  This is what the boys chat about.  Without a new arena, the Milwaukee Bucks will be sold and moved out of the state.  Putting this aside; Mark Attanasio is a great business man, who has turned the Milwaukee Brewers around.  With his support of the Milwaukee Bucks, maybe this will show local investors that the Milwaukee Bucks are worth saving.

Listen to the full episode of the “Red Light Sports Ramble”.

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