How did the Super Bowl loss affect the legacy of Peyton Manning?

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Denver Broncos v Dallas CowboysThe “Red Light Rant” is a Saturday episode of the “Red Light Sports Ramble” where Evan is running red lights; Troy is burning rubber at red lights.  The boys take some relevant sports topics of the week and give their passionate opinion about them.  Today on the ‘Rant” the boys discuss how the legacy of Peyton Manning was affected by the Super Bowl loss.  From this discussion, comes the question:

“Does winning a Super Bowl make you a great quarterback?”

Peyton Manning has a career playoff record of 11-12, and 1-2 in Super Bowls.  The debate about his legacy is one that national media had a field day with early in the week.  As the dust settled, Evan and Troy gave their opinion about Peyton Manning.  Statistically speaking, he is one of the greatest quarterbacks to play during the regular season.  Depending on how many more years he plays, he is on the brink of breaking the major quarterback records set by Brett Favre (Touchdown passes and passing yards).

This led to two questions about winning the Super Bowl.  Do you need to win the Super Bowl to be considered a great quarterback?  Does winning the Super Bowl make you a great quarterback?  These two questions raised the intensity on the show.  Some fans that say you need to win the Super Bowl to be great are now disregarding Dan Marino from a conversation of great ones to play the position.  Although, he was not mentioned in the ‘Rant’, you would then also have to disregard Dan Fouts.  There is a list of quarterbacks who never hoisted the Lombardi Trophy that were “great” quarterbacks but did not have the supporting cast to bring home a title.

So now on the same pretense, does winning the Super Bowl then make you a great quarterback?  Well, if this is the case then you are putting the likes of Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and others into a list that they should be no part of.  The boys also discussed if Russell Wilson should be mentioned as a great quarterback now that he won the Super Bowl.

Listen to the boys ‘RANT’ about these topics.

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