Could we see Nick Collins back in GB? Winter Olympics what to watch!

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Nick CollinsTonight is the traditional Wednesday night “Twitter Talk” on the Red Light Sports Ramble.  Evan and Troy scroll up and down their time lines on Twitter and Facebook looking for topics from their loyal listeners.  Today, two topics were selected from @benzitouni and @Buranmh.  Ben wanted to know about Nick Collins and his possible return to the Green Bay Packers.  Mark had asked about the safety of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, along with what are some must watch events in this years Winter Olympics?

Earlier this week, Nick Collins took to twitter and hinted that he wanted to make a return to the NFL.  It didn’t take long for the Green Bay Packer fans to jump on this bandwagon.  The Packers have not had a playmaker at safety since Nick Collins was injured and retired.  The biggest question mark surrounding this speculation; will he be medically cleared to play?  This is the reason he was forced to retire from the Green Bay Packers.  The team doctors would not clear him to play.  He has had two years off to heal, but did he lose a step or some of his play making abilities during that time?  Finally, would his return to the NFL happen in Green Bay?

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi will have the Opening Ceremony on Friday February 7th.  Mark wanted to know about the safety in Sochi.  Evan and Troy broadened the safety more to any kind of terroristic attacks that could happen.  From news coverage over the past few days, it seems as though measures are being taken to make sure that any threats of terror will be handled appropriately.  However, with many venues and hotels not finished this could open the door for unauthorized personnel to be in places they shouldn’t be.  However, with any event, if someone is going to attempt an attack they will try to find a way no matter what measures are in place.  Hopefully, they are stopped before any attempts are made to terrorize the Winter Olympics.

Evan and Troy then had a little fun talking about the different events that are a must watch in the Winter Olympics.  Troy is not a huge follower of the Olympic games, but there is one event that he is going to DVR to make sure that he watches.  Click here to find out what events the boys want to watch!


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