Scott Linehan Excited About Moore’s Future

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Scott Linehan made it pretty clear that the Cowboys aren’t too concerned about drafting Tony Romo’s replacement. In fact, he said Kellen Moore is in their plans for the future.

Kellen Moore Scott Linehan and Tony Romo

Scott Linehan spoke to the media following Tuesdays Senior Bowl practice and was beaming like a kid on Christmas when he talked about his protege, Kellen Moore. Or should I say like a proud father.

Scott Linehan has known Moore for quite some time. In fact, Kellen was throwing to his nephew, Gabe Linehan at Boise. Gabe was one of his tight ends when he commanded the Boise offense: which means Scott has been watching Moore for years.

scott linehan and kellen mooreScott Linehan was instrumental in bringing Kellen Moore to Detroit as an undrafted free agent back in 2012 and coached him for two years there. He was also primarily responsible for bringing him to Dallas back in September.

Following Linehan’s departure, the new coach brought in his guy, Dan Orlovsky, and once again, because of the stereotype that he was too small, he wasn’t given a fair chance to compete. When the Lions tried to waive him down to the practice squad, Moore decided to reunite with Linehan in Dallas. He said he felt more comfortable being with a coach that believed in him.

Scott Linehan has been standing on the table for Moore since day one and if he had gotten his way, the Cowboys would have never signed Matt Cassel. Kellen Moore would have replaced Brandon Weeden under center and we firmly believe that the Cowboys would have won some of those games.

“He just needed a chance, and he just needs a chance,” Linehan said following Senior Bowl practice Tuesday. “And until you put him out there, you’re not going to know. And I think we found out a lot of things about him that prove that he belongs.”

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We have been saying all along, that much like Tony Romo, Warren Moon, Kurt Warner etc: all he needs is a chance and he will prove the naysayers wrong. In two starts this season, Moore threw for 621 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions. He logged 435 yards in the Cowboys’ season-ending loss to the Redskins, the seventh most passing yards in a game this season, and the second most in NFL history for a quarterbacks first start at home. .

“Kellen did a great job,” Linehan said. “We had four quarterbacks play almost 20% of the playtime this year, which is maybe a first. But he really did. His first start was in Buffalo. They got a great defense. We were actually in great position to win the game, and some things didn’t go our way in the fourth quarter. But he played really, really well.

“We had a rough start to our final game, had some turnovers early. The last three quarters that Kellen played, I was really proud. I think he ended up with maybe one of the six best passing days in Cowboys history, or something like that, in a regular-season game, as far as yards and production. For your second start, that’s a good start.

“I think we’re excited about his future and moving forward and, now that he’s able to get a good off-season and training camp with us, hopefully, it will give him a little more of a head start. He was having to come in and adjust to a lot of things. He did a great job of that.”

It is pretty obvious to me now, why Jerry Jones made it clear they don’t feel like they “need” to draft a quarterback and don’t feel pressured to do so. It is also obvious to me why Jason Garrett has been dodging questions related to his opinion on the quarterbacks they are coaching at the Senior Bowl. They know as well as we do that there is not a quarterback in this draft that is better than Kellen Moore. It is appearing to me that they believe he is the future behind Tony Romo in Dallas.

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  • Johnathanknt

    Just wanna say hell yeah lol.  Just about everyone on Twitter or other major publications overlooked KM.  They all clamoring for a QB in this draft.  These people are going to be extremely disappointed, not just this year, but for years to come lol.  If Tony Romo gone on record to say he definitely saw things in KM to develop then i rest my case.  They can clamor for a prototypical QB all they want, just give me Kellen Moore to be Tony’s heir apparent because i want a smart General that has ice running through his veins to be my QB.

    • albeam17

      It blows my mind how many people are too blind to see his skillset. Especially guys who are supposed to be professional analysts. I can’t believe all the hype Wentz is getting either. He will be the next over-hyped player to bust in the NFL.

      • CowgirlCas

        Like daddy always says: Ya can’t fix stupid lol

  • Johnathanknt I second that. I have wanted him in Dallas since the 2012 draft.