Peyton Manning: Biggest Choker in NFL History?

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Every time I turn on the TV all I hear is Romo can’t win in the clutch, Romo can’t win big games, Romo can’t win in the post season. What about Peyton Manning? Peyton Manning has what may be the worst post season record in NFL history. The numbers don’t lie and I am growing weary of the Talking Heads putting certain players on a pedestal. The truth shall set you free!

Peyton Manning: Biggest Choker in NFL History?

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos v Baltimore RavensIf you watch football on a regular basis, you would think that Peyton Manning is a God. The NFL network will make it a point to show the drop-off in Tony Romo’s numbers in December, but you will never see them point out the drop-off in Peyton Manning’s numbers in the playoffs. It’s dramatic to say the least. The information provided in the table below is staggering.

Peyton Manning Post Season Stats:

Peyton Manning Career post season Stats

(Peyton Mannings Post Season stats are courtesy of Pro Football Reference.)

The first fact that really stuck out to me was in 8 of the trips to the playoffs, (1999, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2012) Peyton Manning lost the first game of the post season.

Peyton Manning Philadelphia Eagles v Denver BroncosPeyton Manning’s average career completion percentage in the regular season is 65.4. The drop off in the post season is ridiculous. Peyton Manning’s average career passer rating in the regular season is 96.9. This drop off in the post season is also dramatic.

  • 1999; 45.24%, 62.3 passer rating, 2000; 53.13%, 2002; 45.16%, 82.o passer rating.
  • 2003: 48.94%(this was in game 3 when it counted the most: he had 1 TD and 4 interceptions for a passer rating of 35.5.
  • 2005: 57.89%, 2006; 78.95%. However, in game 1 vs KC,  he threw 3 picks to 1 TD, for a 71.9 passer rating, but his defense held them to only 8 points. 50%  In game 2 vs Baltimore, he had zero TD’s, 2 interceptions, and a passer rating of 39.5, but again, his defense saved his butt and only allowed 6 points. Peyton Manning would go on to win the Super Bowl that year, but he wasn’t much help. He put up 1 TD out of the 29 points scored and one interception for a passer rating of 81.6.
  • 2007: He completed 68.75% of his passes, but along with his 3 TD’s he had 2 interceptions that cost them the game. 2008; 59.52%, but he only put up 1 TD and lost again.
  • 2009: Game one vs Bal 65.15%, 2 TD’s and  1 interception, for a passer rating of 87.9. Game two, vs the Jets, he played lights out. 66.67%, 3 TD’s zero interceptions, and a passer rating of 123.6. Then comes the big game vs the saints. 68.9%, but he only put up 1 TD to 1 interception and lost, 31-17.
  • 2010: 69.23%, but he only put up 225 yards and 1 TD in an upset vs the Jets.
  • 2012: This was a meltdown of epic proportions vs the Baltimore Ravens. The Broncos were favorites to go to the Super Bowl, but in a close game, Peyton Manning threw 2 timely interceptions that cost them the game.
  • 2013: Peyton Manning is boasting a 112.9 passer rating and completing 67.8% of his passes on the season. The Denver Broncos are favorites to go the Super Bowl again this year, but last week when it was an important game vs the San Diego Chargers when they were volleying for a good playoff spot, Peyton Manning, once again threw a timely interception and the Broncos lost the game 27-20.

The talking heads from the television networks can say what they want about Tony Romo’s December record, but at the end of the day,

Peyton Mannings’ 32 TD’s to 21 interceptions and an average passer rating of 88.4 in the post season speaks volumes.

With exception to one year when his defense saved his butt, he had a melt down in almost every major playoff game. For a guy to have gone to the playoffs 12 times, have zero wins in 8 of the appearances, and only win 1 Super Bowl (that his defense carried him to), proves only one thing: Peyton Manning can’t play in the clutch. In fact, that may be the worst post season record in NFL history!

Tony Romo has only been to the playoffs 3 times and has a win. They can hate on Tony all they want: you can only fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. This is just more evidence of the bias towards Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. Enough said.

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CowgirlCas was raised by a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan. Her father has been a fan since the early Landry days, so the Cowboys have always been part of her life. Her dad is a former player and currently coaches a team, she was raised on football. When most kids were out playing with friends, she was either at practice with her dad or watching film with him. Her favorite all time player is Emmit Smith and her current favorite player is Tony Romo. She is a quiet, easy going person, but she can get real feisty and outspoken when it comes to football. She is a firm believer in the Dr Seuss quote: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. She is excited to have the opportunity to do just that here at Your Daily Cowboys Football Fix. Her passions other than football include, studying psychology, writing, NASCAR, MMA, music, long days at the beach, and working out.You can see all of her other recent work here: and here: She can be reached at [email protected], and you can follow her on Twitter @CowgirlCas22
  • californy

    Nice article, lol. Even I am shock by the number. I often said this a QB is most effective when he has a team behind him. I be honest I have never been a fan of the Super star QB, I rather have a system qb who fits the system and who help the team win in the process. In JJ system it about the player and not about the system. In Tom Landry day and Jimmy Johnson day, it was about the system and the next man approach. Dallas transition from one qb to the next one back in the Day. This was possible because of good player evaluation and player development. In the 1990, we had such a great system in place, we let player like Brian Water,Steve Wisniewski, and Kevin Gogen go because the system kept developing the next man up. In JJ brilliance he destroyed the system the Cowboys had in place and JJ been going on a spending spree trying to recoup what he had in place in Dallas and is missing terribly the last 17 years

  • californy

    Even though I am not a fan of the QB, I realize how essential he is to this team success. If you want a better Tony Romo then surround him with player who make play and not the athletic play maker who grab all the head line. A good QB should never have to play beyond his normal abilities. For me passing it over 30 times per game is not a normal thing. Of the QB who passed it under 30 times last week most of them won if not all of them won. The one who passed for more than 30 times had interception and mulitple inteception as a result.

  • californy

    In reality QB are judge base in their team success, this is obvious in last week Heisman selection. It was my understanding the Heisman was about College best player. Of the QB candidates that got invited, 2 of them were no better than the 7, and 8th best in passing yardage of the NCAA passers. The committee selects the candidates and the Heisman panel vote for their selection.

    A player like Tony Romo has little chance for success because he has a very bad defensive team standing behind him.

    Romo also is handicap with a coaching staff that seem to get out coach every week base on game day strategy

  • californy

    There a term call a franchise QB, and today the term elite is being used. Everyone has their own interpretation of what an elite QB is. I also have mine. I guess most fan would consider Troy Aikman as one of those type of QB. In reality he may not even of been. I use this example many of time to show you what makes and Elite QB.

    In 1994 Troy Aikman with 8 pro Bowl player in Offense had 2676 yards and 13 Td to 12 Interception stats for the year. Those are hardoly elite number to me they are more like Trent Dilfer number and a team that won a Superbowl not base on what the QB did but what the team did as a whole. FYI Emmit Smith had 21 rushing TD that year, those number don’t belong to him but to the 5 all pro Lineman and FB who help block for him

    • Cowgirlcas22

      the numbers don’t lie, P Manning sux in the post season, but he had a defense that got him a ring

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    If you look at Tom Brady’s stats his stats go down in the post season and is one of the worst Super Bowl performing QB in history. But he has been blessed with a very good team, in that they don’t have to rely on him to win games.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    It is unfair for the team, and to Tony for them to rely on him so much. When your QB is forced to win 8 games a season, it will not work out well. JJ and JG decide that the QB is the star and in order to win, you put Tony out there. Fact of the matter is, Dallas did not need Tony to win last week, Murray and the line were playing well before we got pass happy. If you see, running the ball wears out a defense, not only does it decrease chances for negative plays and sacks, the defensive players become to tired and rarely get to the QB. For me and it is just me, but I enjoy watching Seahawks and 49ers games and you see they run the ball similar to how we used to run the ball, not saying exactly, because it is impossible to compare their lines to the most dominant of all time.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Cas I think it would be fun to do an article in the off season comparing Erik Williams and Larry Allen, because it really doesn’t matter. It is like comparing Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, it doesn’t matter because both would whoop your ass.

    • Football Mensa

      Bruce Lee kicked Chucks ass.

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Yeah I saw that movie, just saying though, both were tough dudes, that were the best.