NFL NFL Week 11 rundown

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NFL NFL Week 11 rundown (via Fox Sports)

Joel Beall Updated Nov 16, 2013 3:09 PM ET   Who’s ready for some football?!?! Here’s a rundown of Week 11’s slate… Last Week’s Record: 8-6 (Dang, my bad.)2013 Season Record: 98-49 (Still first in the clutch rankings! Definitely using this…

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  • rh_stranger1

    Cowboys win in the bye week if jerry jones resigns and takes garrett with him.
    Cowboys lose in the bye week if neither of those things happen
    Line- bye week -1, 000, 000

  • californy

    It been a long week in football time. We have so many unanswered question how this team will do with the lost of Durant,,Lee ad Ware off of the defense.. It never a good thing to lose 2 of your better starters. Then factor in Miles coming back, what role is he going to have in helping Dez get open, and then factor in the progress of Beasley,and Terrance William development as WR. How is this team pass defense going to get better down the stretch by adding no one significant on this team. I guess we all have to wait what happens on the season.

  • californy

    The best 2 games this weekend are the last 2 game being played. Yup like I said this is the long weekend. I never good at making prediction so why start here. I believe KC just doesn’t have enough offense to keep up with Denver in this game. The only way KC wins is through their defense and I just haven’t seen that type of defense by them to totally shut down any team. This isn’t just any ordinary team, it the best scoring team in the NFL.

    I am curious to see more out of the Panther this weekend. I had a chance to see them a little bit against the 49 last weekend. I believe Panther strenghth is up the middle and that where they beat the 49 last weekend. I believe the Patriots will find their weakness on the edges in this game and they will challenge that backfield. This weekend we will find out how good the Panther really are, when they meet their best test so far this season.