Manning, Brady, Kaepernick, Wilson: who will be in the Super Bowl?

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nfl-championship-weekendIn this episode of the Red Light Sports Ramble, Evan and Troy will preview the AFC and NFC Championship games with the winners meeting in the Super Bowl.  The AFC Championship game will showcase two of the games finest at QB, but Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are not the only players who will lead their respective teams to the Super Bowl in New York.  In the NFC Championship game, two of the games best defensive units this year will be facing off against each other.  It should be a wild Sunday in the NFL and come Monday morning the Super Bowl hype will begin.


Can the Seahawks make the Super Bowl with that unbelievable pass defense?  With a combination of Sherman, Maxwell, Thomas, and Chancellor, that unit has a number one ranking in INT’s and pass yards allowed.  This has only been accomplished three other times in the NFL.  The previous three teams (’63 Bears, ’82 Dolphins, and ’02 Buccaneers) have all participated in the Super Bowl.  Russell Wilson on the other hand, has struggled to lead this offense since he dismantled the Saints in the regular season.  He has had to rely on that defense and the legs of Marshawn Lynch.  They have dominated the 49ers in Seattle the last two times they have met, will it be enough on Sunday to reach the Super Bowl?

The 49ers may enter Championship weekend as the hottest team in the NFL with an 8 game winning streak.  Like the Seahawks, they taunt a fierce defense led with their front 7.  Colin Kaepernick has more road playoff wins than Joe Montana and Steve Young combined already with 3.  We all know that Seattle has not been kind to Mr. Kaepernick.  This could be a problem on Sunday.  The numbers may show that he has played well during the winning streak; however, when you watch the games he has shown much inconsistency while throwing the ball.  Will he be able to make a play that propels San Francisco into the Super Bowl?

Peyton Manning suggested that Bill Belichek may be the greatest coach ever.  How will the Denver Broncos then be able beat the New England Patriots to reach the Super Bowl? Denver enters the game with arguably the best offensive unit to ever have a season.  Manning has a number of weapons on the outside with Thomas, Decker, and Welker.  Then you throw in Julius Thomas at TE and a silently good running back corp in Knowshon Mareno and Monte Ball.  This should be a blow out in Denver’s favor on paper right?  No one will question the offense, but on the other side of the ball is where the question marks start to rise.  Chris Harris is out with a torn ACL, Von Miller will not be playing, along with Derek Wolfe and Kevin Vickerson.  When the Broncos have lost the last two years, they have given up and average of 148 yards rushing per game.  Can Jack Del Rio put a scheme together to finally have a defense to beat Tom Brady?  The underlying stat – Tom Brady is 7-0 against a Jack Del Rio defense.

As everyone talks about the 15th meeting between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (Brady leads 10-4).  Lets remember they have only met 3 times in the playoffs with Brady holding the advantage (2-1).  But, will it come down to the New England Patriots needing a Tom Brady drive to win the game?  The Patriots Offensive Line should be getting invites to be on the Letterman Show after that performance against the Indianapolis Colts.  They totally dominated the line of scrimmage and are playing with a mission right now.  As Legarrett Blount gets his kudos, you also have to remember that he was not even the leading rusher this year for the Patriots.  Steven Ridley, in and out of Belichick’s doghouse is also a running back that can hit the holes.  Defensively, Jamie Collins made a name for himself in the Divisional Round and is not a well kept secret anymore.  At the end of the day on Sunday, will the New England defense have enough to stop Manning and reach another Super Bowl?

Evan and Troy give you their predictions on the Red Light Sports Ramble.

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