Joey Bosa is a Cretin

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Joey Bosa needs to comprehend that it’s a privilege and NOT a right to play in the NFL. His selfish, yet childish antics prove that it’s all about the money for him.

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Joey Bosa is the first rookie to hold out this long since the new collective bargaining agreement was implemented back in 2011. The rookie wage scale was established to protect the owners from unproven players getting outlandish contracts with a significant amount of guaranteed money, while still being unproven at the NFL level.

What makes Joey Bosa think he is better than the rest of the rookies in the NFL? Where does this sense of entitlement come from? Where I come from you EARN your money before you get it!

ESPN’s Jim Trotter has taken Joey Bosa’s side on the matter.

“The Chargers are demanding offset language, which allows them to recoup monies owed to Bosa if he were released and signed by another team, and partial deferment of the signing bonus into next year. The Bosa camp is agreeable to one or the other, but not both.”

“Caught in the middle are Chargers fans, who struggle with memories of a painful past when rookie standoffs were common. A holdout now is just not the same as it was even 10 years ago.”

“Now comes GM Tom Telesco. He’s not as brash as his predecessors, but he wants you to know he’s just as tough. Agents are going to play by the team’s rules … or else. Every contract the Chargers have done since 2011 has included offset language and deferred money, and they’re not going to break precedent for Bosa, a defensive end/outside linebacker taken third overall.”

“At some point it’s fair to ask, when is enough enough? Owners complained that rookies were making too much money under the previous CBA, so the league successfully fought for a rookie wage scale that dramatically slashed the guaranteed dollars when players entered the league.”

“Instead of being content with that victory, however, owners now want to recoup monies if they cut the player and he signs elsewhere. In other words, they want the player to assume some of the financial risk for bad personnel decisions, an attitude that speaks to their arrogance and sense of entitlement. What’s next, injured players returning game checks when they’re unable to suit up? But owners demand such things because players allow them to get away with it.”

Really Mr. Trotter? Really?

I am willing to bet if you were the one signing the checks and shouldering all of the risk you would have a different attitude. Owners have no way of knowing whether or not a player will get lazy once he gets paid.

How many times have we seen players get a huge contract with a lot of guaranteed money and then disappear? Comparing incentive laden or contracts with deferred language to injury is ridiculous. Get a grip.

I don’t blame owners one bit for expecting players to prove they are worth the money before they get it. Especially in the case of Joey Bosa, who demonstrated a significant decline in production from 2014 to 2015. Who’s to say that wont continue at the NFL level?

Mommy isn’t helping either. Maybe she wants her piece of the pie?

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Future Hall of Fame TE Antonio Gates offered some friendly advice.

“My advice to any player that’s going through any kind of contract situation is that, at one point, you’ve got to be a man and you’ve got to understand that you’ve got to get ready to play.”

“Sometimes you’ve got to just, as a man, you’ve got to step in and say, ‘This is what it’s going to be,'” Gates added. “Because sometimes, whether or not (there is) miscommunication with the general manager or the agent, whatever it is, at the end of the day, it’s your life, it’s your career.”

“And you kind of know what’s best for you, and you know what you need. You still have to have that tunnel vision of being able to go out and perform at the highest level. So, to me, that was always the determining factor when I had issues.”

I can understand proven players wanting to hold out for money they rightfully earned, but this buffoon wants paid before he ever suited up in a game. Anathema.

The longer Joey Bosa holds out, the less he is worth. He is not participating in team activities which means he isn’t learning the defense or getting the reps he needs to adjust to the game at the NFL level.¬† I guess he expects the Chargers to pay him to watch. I agree with gates. “You still have to have that tunnel vision of being able to go out and perform at the highest level. So, to me, that was always the determining factor when I had issues.”

It is impossible to perform at the highest level when you refuse to practice and are not learning a damn thing. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to pay a player that doesn’t want to practice and become the best he can be.

Ezekiel Elliott signed the same type of contract that Joey Bosa refuses to sign. At some point you have to consider this a character issue. The Chargers should read the writing on the wall. Joey Bosa is all about the money. Money he hasn’t earned yet.

At the end of the day, you have got to be willing to learn how to play, BEFORE you expect to get paid.

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  • BigDIndiana

    I try to guess who wrote the article by the title. As soon as I read this title my first thought was…..cowgirl done lit this dude up LOL You did and rightfully so. I think they got another prima dona in S.D. Glad he didn’t come here.