DeMarcus Ware Get’s Last Laugh!

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DeMarcus Ware is hands down the best pass rusher in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. He was a class act both on and off the field and a team leader who always led by example. So why cut him?

Demarcus Ware 2
Peyton Manning: Thank God He’s on our side now.

Jerry Jones tried to justify his deceison to cut DeMarcus Ware by telling the fans his production wasn’t good enough for the amount he was going to go against the salary cap.

What didn’t Jones tell the fans? DeMarcus Ware was, and had been playing injured. In fact, he was pretty much playing with one arm because Jerry Jones allegedly made him play injured: the same way he made Jay Ratliff play injured. The difference was, Rat eventually refused to play. In fact, he went as far as hiring his own medical staff to make sure he got the proper treatment. (I have questioned the Cowboys trainers myself.)

Jerry Jones1The other thing Jones didn’t tell the fans was that DeMarcus Ware was going to go so much against the cap because numerous times, Ware had restructured his contract to help him get under the cap. This in turn, sent money Ware had already earned in to the future. The reality of the situation is: when it came time to pay up the Money he had already earned, Jones cut him to save $7 million against the cap. Pretty sneaky hunh?

Obviously the Denver Broncos knew that DeMarcus Ware still had a lot left in the tank. They not only signed him, but gave him over $800,000 more than his base salary was in Dallas. The difference was, the Broncos allowed Ware the necessary time to get healthy and he was once again a top 5 pass rusher in the NFL.

In the 2016 AFC Championship game, DeMarcus Ware terrorized Tom Brady all afternoon. He only logged half of a sack, but hurried him or knocked him down numerous times. Had it been an avg NFL QB on an avg team, I am guessing at least 3 sacks. Tom Brady is probably the best all time when it comes to making his reads quickly and getting rid of the football. The attention Ware has gotten in Denver, has enabled Von Miller to make more plays: which brings me to my next point.

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans SaintsDeMarcus Ware was pretty much a one man show in Dallas because Jones refused to get him any help along the defensive line. He has a tendency to spend big on skill positions and pencil in bargain basement players along the defensive line. usually late round picks, undrafted guys, or players he got off of the street like Nick Hayden and Jeremy Mincey. He signed Greg Hardy, but he wasn’t anywhere near as effective as Ware has been over the course of his career.

Since Ware was drafted in 2005 he has amassed 134.5 sacks (12.4 per year avg). 117 of those sacks were in a Cowboys uniform; making him the Cowboys all-time sack leader. There are those who will say that DeMarcus Ware has only had good production in Denver because of the players around him, but if that is the case: how did he get so many sacks in Dallas with less talent around him? He didn’t forget how to rush the passer when he went to Denver requiring him to need some help. Stupid people I’ll tell ya.

op71-2915It all comes down to this: Wade Phillips (who was fired by Jones) had a top 5 defense in Houston and now has the number one ranked defense in Denver and DeMarcus Ware, who was cut by Jones, are both going to the Super Bowl.  Jerry Jones, along with the 4-12 Cowboys are on the couch. People can say what they want about Ware, but the fact remains, the Cowboys have been at the bottom of the league in sacks since his departure. Dez got overpaid, Crawford got paid, Sean Lee got paid and Ware got the shaft, but at the end of the day, DeMarcus Ware gets the last laugh. He will get to terrorize Cam Newton in Super Bowl 50 and Jerry Jones gets to watch.

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  • If there was ever a player who earned the right to retire with a star on his helmet and have his name listed in the Ring Of Honor, it’s D-Ware. I really miss him. He will definitely be a 1st ballot Hall of Fame player.

  • Californy

    I guess I only have 2 reason now to watch the SB that will because of Demarcus Ware and his previous HC in Wade Phillips

  • Californy

    I hope Ware has another game left this season like yesterday game, at finishing the job. JJ only hope of making it in the big game goes with the hope of a ex player he disrespected and cut

  • Californy I am going for the Donkeys cuz Ware deserves a ring.