Browns hit the Mother Lode with Alex Tanney!

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I was filled with mixed emotions when Alex Tanney was poached from the Cowboys practice squad. I was ready to chew nails because I still believe he was the Cowboys future at quarterback.

Alex Tanney NFL: Hall of Fame Game-Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins

The analyst in me was happy for him because he is in a position to compete for a starting job right away. The fan in me is totally bummed. I foresee a dismal future with a long list of Quincy Carters in Dallas.

Alex Tanney Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas CowboysIt is no secret that the Browns have been in dire need of a QB. Jason Campbell is not the answer, and I was never a big fan of Brandon Weeden. It is amusing to me that Alex Tanney is now the fourth player that I did a scouting report on to find a home in Cleveland. All were prospects I wanted for the Cowboys moving forward.

Kerwynn Williams was one of the most recent, and I wrote about him prior to this years draft. Considering the trade of Trent Richardson, I expect to see Williams become an asset to this Browns team: both as a RB, and a kick returner. The other two are cornerback Buster Skrine, and offensive guard, Jeremiah Warren.

Alex Tanney: Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas CowboysAlex Tanney is in a really good situation in Cleveland because Norv Turner is one of the best in the NFL when it comes to developing quarterbacks. He will have a much better offensive line than he did in Dallas, and Cleveland will utilize the running game more.



  • NCAA record for all-time career touchdown passes (157) 2011
  • NCAA Division III record for passing yards (14,249) 2011
  • Associated Press Little All-American 2011
  • AFCA Division III Coaches’ All-American 2011
  • 3x All-West Region 2008,2009, 2011
  • 2x All-American 2009, 2011
  • Melberger Award Trophy 2009
  • 3x Offensive Player of the Year in the Midwest Conference 2008, 2009, 2011

High school:

  • All-Time record for pass-completions (Illinois) 2006
  • Third all-time for most pass completions, season (Illinois) 2006
  • 2x Illinois All-State 2005, 2006


I included the film study from my first article on Alex Tanney:

Alex Tanney, Alex OkaforAlex Tanney has good height that allows him a good view of the field. He shows good poise in the pocket and has good feet. He has excellent arm strength (anyone that can hit the goal post at 60 yds on his knees qualifies in my book). Good throwing motion, good read and react skills, laser like accuracy, and most importantly, good anticipation: his receivers don’t have to lose a step and can catch the ball in stride.

I watched him throw multiple passes in to double and triple coverage and he put the ball where only his receiver could catch it. He showed the ability to evade the pass rush, and throw on the run across his body to the other side of the field with precision. I am not saying he will be Tom Brady tomorrow, but if the Dallas Cowboys could invest a few years in Steven McGee, they better take it under advisement to do the same for Alex Tanney because he has much better instincts and mechanics to start with.


Jones and the draftI am happy for Alex Tanney being put in a position where he can compete for a starting job, and I wish him the best of luck. I have to give Kudos to Michael Lombardi and the Browns front office because,

The Browns hit the Mother Lode with Alex Tanney! Once again, Jerry Jones let a solid player move on to become a star elsewhere.

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  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Well that sucks and it hurts. So now we really do have to draft a QB in the draft this year. Bryce Petty from Baylor, Aaron Murray of Georgia can both be had later in the draft.

  • californy

    I believe Cleveland has a bright future with the new GM there. Norv Turner Pass offense has 2657 yards on the season and 18 td to 13 inception , not bad for a team that don’t have a franchise QB on board. The brown also have 891 yards on the ground game ,and next season they have 2 first rd draft pick so they can answer the offensives side of the draft next season. Cleveland Offensive line was rated a top 10 in preseason ranking and their defense is a top 4 defense, one notch ahead of RR in New Orleans

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      If the Browns don’t go QB then they may beef up their D yet again with another CB opposite Hayden in Jason Verrett of TCU who is my top CB. But I doubt they go with a skill position offensive player.

      • californy

        I mention the skill Position because it Offense where the team is lacking. Their top WR Josh Gordon is a risk with his drug issue. They are currently 4th in total defense, and their RB position has been neglected for years. I dont think Cleveland select 2 First rd Picks they will trade-down to get more picks. I expect a RB no later than a 2rd pick.

    • Norv will develop Tanney.

  • californy

    I believe Tanney window may be very short. I believe Cleveland goes QB early in next year draft with one of their top first rd pick.. It Taney job in the next couple of months to show what he has so he can save the Brown from investing in a 1st rd QB pick.

    On a different note Fresno State QB Derek Carr has 39 td to 4 interception through10 games, with 3953 yards on the season. He was not even projected to be a first rd pick in the preseason Ranking. He is currently 2rd in the nation in yardage.

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      Forny Norv is the coach there right? On top of that the GM is pretty good actually right now. I do believe they go after Carr has the most potential and is likely the third option behind Bridgewater and Mariota. Carr is number 2 on my big board behind Jake Matthews.

      • californy

        I like Bridgewater too I been following him for 2 years also. I believe Carr is a 2rd or 3rd rd draft pick that will make him more valuable at that position. Jake Mathews will be the pick especially if they can trade Their other all Pro OT Joe Thomas for another number 1 pick

      • californy

        Norv is their OC, and Rob Chudzinki is their Head Coach. They have one of my favorite DC out there in Ray Horton

      • They will develop Tanney. He is a Norv kind of QB.

    • Lombardi is no dummy and good friends with Bryan. I am sure they have talked about Tanney. He knows what he can do. He also doesn’t want to waste a high draft pick on a QB. He is trying to rebuild the Browns.

      • californy

        Chuzinki is a former TE in College, it no surprise their TE is doing so well in Cleveland. He under stand blocking scheme, and I believe they go QB and RB early in next year draft

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    I was so bummed about this when i heard it. Best of luck to one of my pet cats! I truly believe he has a bright future ahead of him. Good for the Browns!

    • At least he is in a position to compete for a starting job. I still say the Cowboys should have traded Orton to a desperate team and kept Tanney. Orton is not the future in Dallas.