Bronco’s Defense Should Educate Jerry Jones

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The Denver Bronco’s defense set an all time Super Bowl record with twenty one quarter back pressures Sunday in San Franciso, California.

bronco's defense terrorized cam newton

Former Cowboys head coach and defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips, put together a masterful game plan that stifled NFL MVP Cam Newton, and held the leagues top scoring offense to a meager 10 points in Super Bowl 50.

TheĀ  dominant and relentless Bronco’s defense led by outside linebackers Von Miller and the Dallas Cowboys’ all time sack leader DeMarcus Ware, terrorized Cam Newton all evening. Phillips’ game plan exposed just how average Cam Newton is when he is forced to stay in the pocket and win with his arm. Being unable to flee the pocket and buy time with his legs, he couldn’t get through his reads fast enough and panicked under pressure which led to numerous errant passes.

peyton manningThis Super Bowl victory had nothing to do with quarterback play. In fact, Peyton Manning had the worst game I can ever remember witnessing by the winning quarterback in a championship. Manning completed 13 of 23 passes (56.52%) for 141 yards (6.13 YPA), zero touchdowns and an interception for a passer rating of 56.6. This game was all about the Bronco’s defense and Jerry Jones needs to take notes. The Cowboys went 4-12 in the absence of Tony Romo.

Drafting a quarterback high is not going to get the Cowboys deep in to the post season. Building a dominant pass rush will.

Tony Romo isn’t as fragile as many would have you believe and Kellen Moore is more than qualified to be the backup moving forward. With only two weeks of reps to prepare, he demonstrated that he could play better than the 11 year veteran Matt Cassel or former 1st round pick Brandon Weeden. Signing a cap friendly veteran free agent will bring more of the same. Good quarterbacks are not looking for a job.

With a full training camp under his belt, he will silence the naysayers who continue to question his size. The same idiots that say Moore is too small, were screaming for Johnny Manziel, who is the same size, but nowhere near as smart or accurate. Let’s not forget all of his off the field problems. Ya can’t fix stupid.

The Cowboys best chance of getting to the Super Bowl is by building a team around Romo. They need to protect him better and give him a dominant defense. Kellen Moore put up 435 yards and 3 TDs (502 yards of total offense.) in his second NFL start and the Cowboys still lost to a weak Redskins team that got in to the playoffs by default. Why? Because the defense couldn’t get to the QB. That is the same reason they lost to Green Bay in the 2014 playoffs.

bronco's defense mauled cam newton in super bowl 50

The Bronco’s defense proved beyond a reasonable doubt that a team can win with little or no help from the quarterback, but no matter how well a QB plays, he wont win many games without a good defense. There has only been one time in NFL history that the #1 offense beat the #1 defense in a Super Bowl. Believe it or not Cowboys’ faithful:

“Defense Wins Championships” and Jerry Jones needs to take some notes.

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  • Lionone1

    That was a great game by the Denver Bronco’s defense. The way they utilized an extra D-Lineman instead of a safety to combat the Panthers read option and 3 wide reciever set was brilliant. They were relentless. I’m so happy for Ware, Wade, Manning and DeCamillis.

    I felt like the Cowboys did address the Defensive issues. Heck at times they were a top 5 defense. Their evaluation of the backup qb’s and of course Tony’s injuries were the downfall of the Cowboys season. They also, lost Scandrick and Mo wasn’t healthy once again. I have no reason to believe the Cowboys won’t continue to improve the defense in the draft and in free agency. It’s to early to tell though what players they need besides CB and DT at this point.

    • Hi Lion! They need a solid DE to compliment tank and a decent SS to compliment Jones.

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    Ideally we’d go defense the first 2 rounds and a RB in the 3rd? Yeah, we need a Spence or Shaq in a worst way. Not sold on Bosa, weary about Spence.

    • I don’t want Spence. My thought is best available player in the top 3 rounds.

    • I was looking at James Burgess, the ILB for Louisville. He is undersized to play the mike in the NFL, but I think he would make a great safety or WLB. He is very good in coverage and has good speed.

      • Johnathan Nguyen

        What round do you think Burgess will go?