Superbowl XLVII: The Battle Within The Battle

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I know everyone is gearing up for the battle between the NFL’s best two teams. This Superbowl is finally doing what the creators intended. The best team in the AFC versus the best team in the NFC. We have the number one offense led by Peyton Manning facing Richard Sherman and the NFL’s number one defense.

You cannot dream of a better Superbowl. Then again, I feel this is not the real story. People are itching to see how Peyton Manning is going to pick apart the Seattle Seahawks’ defense. Then there are those who are waiting to see if the Seahawks can shut down the record-breaking offense of the Denver Broncos. I see things just a little differently. I know some may think I am a little off. Just hear me out. The real story here is: will the Broncos defense contain a very mobile Russell Wilson and a hungry Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch.

Marshawn LynchEveryone knows Marshawn Lynch loves to power run but has very good agility. He can run you over or make you miss with just a turn of his hips. The Seattle Seahawks are the fourth ranked rushing team in the NFL. They have proven they can play “pound the rock” football when needed. Add in the running ability of Russell Wilson, the Denver Broncos could be in trouble. The Seattle Seahawks running game helps them control the game. All football fans know controlling the clock is very important especially when it is time to win championships. The Broncos are seventh in the NFL with the Seahawks on run defense. This will be a good match-up. However, I have to give the edge to the Seattle Seahawks on this one. Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton is a big guy with some speed. Built to clog holes, he will need his “A” game to keep “Beast Mode” in check when he has the ball.

We see the running game of the Seattle Seahawks is in for a little challenge. This is where I see things Russell Wilsongetting very interesting. The Denver Broncos are 27th in the NFL against the pass. Yeah I know Russell Wilson and this group of wide receivers did not show much heading down the stretch at the close of the season. On the other hand, they were facing the New Orleans Saints (2nd ranked Passing Defense), San Francisco 49ers (7th), New York Giants (10th), and Arizona Cardinals (14th) in four of their last five games.

The Broncos have only faced a few mobile quarterbacks this season (Michael Vick, Andrew Luck, and Tony Romo). None of these quarterbacks have the Percy Harvinmobility of Russell Wilson. Not only can Russell beat you with his feet, he can also throw on the run. The wide receivers in Seattle may not come across as noteworthy to most. However, adding in Percy Harvin will make it a little more difficult to keep an eye on everyone. If Tony Romo put a hurting on this Denver Broncos defense, what do people think Russell Wilson will do if he gets into a good rhythm? A lot of teams have tried to make the Seattle Seahawks one-dimensional. The ‘Hawks always seem to still find a way to win.

The way I see it things will be interesting no matter whose offense is on the field. Both team’s defenses will have to show up and show out. Will it be the number on defense slowing down Peyton Manning enough for their offense to put the screws to them? Or will it be the NFL’s number one offense putting points on the board while their defense contains the very mobile Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch? We will find out soon!

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  • I am inclined to believe that defense wins championships: we will soon find out.

    • Kevin Sivells

      I believe that too. It seems Seattle’s defense is proving you correct.

      • definitley: you should join us in the live chat in the tv lounge here on the site