Daniel McCullers Scouting Report

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Continuing my series of scouting reports for Cowboys prospects, I am moving on to another DT. The way I see it, the Cowboys need a DE, DT and a guard in the 1st three rounds. Daniel McCullers is a monster of a man standing at 6-8 and weighing in at 351 lbs, he is a load in the middle. The Cowboys have needed a large 1 tech for quite sometime now.

Daniel McCullers Daniel McCullers, DT

Height | Weight: 6-8    351

College: Tennessee

40 time: 5.18

Grade: 78.0 | Round: 3-4


Tennessee Vols Official Team Bio


daniel mccullers stats



  • Film Study
  • Daniel McCullers 1I see some analysts putting Daniel McCullers at the bottom of the 1st round. Sorry sports fans, I don’t see it. He only serves 1 purpose and that is taking double teams. He has good size, but to me the strength doesn’t match the size.
  • Daniel McCullers has slow sloppy feet, poor lateral movement, and is slow coming off the snap far too often. He is a very raw prospect with only 2 yrs experience as a starter. In many cases against Florida, the much smaller center was on him solo. At his size he should be manhandling guys 1 on 1 and I am not seeing it with any type of consistency.
  • Daniel McCullers’ technique has a lot to be desired and he relies on his size and strength too much. He is doing a better job of tracking plays than he was in 2012, but in many cases he doesn’t get there in time.
  • Daniel McCullers only had 1.5 sacks in 2 years against lesser competition than he will be facing in the NFL. He lacks the endurance to be a 3 down player: so basically, you are drafting him to be a situational run stuffer.
  • Daniel McCullers has good power at the point, but that’s about it. Even though he made the transition from the Vols 3-4 to 4-3 switch,  he is better suited to be a NT in a 3-4 scheme. He has the size and the strength to be a solid DT, but he needs a lot of coaching;  he needs to lose some weight and build up his endurance.
  • At best I would put him in the late 3rd to early 4th round. I am not dropping anything higher than that on a player who relies primarily on his size to get the job done.
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  • californy

    `I feel this player can be had as a undrafted FA. I do understand you wanting a big guy to play the defensive line. I rather take our New OG and put him on goal line defense situation should we need a big body guy. There are a lot of big OG in the draft who would fit that model or that type of player

  • californy

    I once heard the Cowboy Defensive line was one of the lightest in the NFL, I wonder if it was the lightness of the line or the poor play as pass rusher that did in the defense this year

  • californy

    I heard in the past they use to get other player who played in other sports and make them defensive line. SF had a discus player in camp last year. I wonder what was the final assessment on that guy. USC has a LB which I like, I think he is rated in the 5th rd, he is a fomer Basketball player who can jump really high as a rusher. He is good at tipping the balls as a pass rusher.

    Atayba Rubin was a Guard who they made into a pretty good DT in the NFL. Curly Culp Hall of fame player came into the NFL from a being a collegian Heavy weight champion in that sport. i wonder of their player like him who can meet the need here in 2014.

  • californy

    here some feedback to 2013 NFL draft

    Star Lotulelei, Carolina Panthers:
    Teams have to be kicking themselves for letting Star Lotulelei pass
    them by. The former Utah defensive tackle graded out as one, if not the
    top player in the entire draft. A medical scare at the NFL Scouting Combine
    caused him to slip some, and the Panthers got a steal with the 14th
    pick. The Panthers got a dominant season from their rookie at defensive
    tackle. He had four sacks and was impossible to block at times in the
    running game. For most of the year, he looked like the top-five pick
    everyone initially thought he was.

    Kawann Short, Carolina Panthers: The
    Panthers really struck gold in Round 2 when they picked up Purdue
    defensive tackle Kawann Short. While Lotulelei was more of the
    run-stuffing defensive tackle, Short was getting penetration as a pass
    rusher. He only hit home on two sacks, but he compiled 24 quarterback
    hurries. Carolina has a pair of dominant defensive tackles to build
    around now.

  • californy

    Here some reviews on some DE in 2013 in their rookie season

    Defensive end

    Sheldon Richardson, New York Jets: Few
    players in the NFL were more dominant at their position than Sheldon
    Richardson was in 2013. He ate up a ton of snaps for the Jets but still
    managed to be consistently disruptive throughout the end of games and
    into the second half of the season. He didn’t rack up a ton of sacks,
    but he was in the backfield constantly and was a big part of New York’s
    dominant defensive line.

    Ezekiel Ansah, Detroit Lions:
    Consistency was an issue for Ekekiel Ansah in 2013, but he was
    productive as both a pass rusher and run defender in his rookie season.
    The nine sacks were what turned heads, but it was his play in the
    running game that the Lions likely appreciated the most as the season
    wore on. Few expected him to make a big impact as a rookie, so he will
    be an exciting player to watch grow in years to come.

  • californy

    Looking over some At Safeties in 2013 draft


    Kenny Vaccaro, New Orleans Saints:
    Maybe it was Rob Ryan or some of the additions the Saints made in the
    offseason, but the New Orleans defense was much improved this season.
    There are still some holes, but safety certainly isn’t one of them.
    Kenny Vaccaro came in and played as advertised in his rookie season. His
    range was on display in the running game and the passing game. He broke
    up six passes as a rookie and even had a sack.

    Eric Reid, San Francisco 49ers:
    Often times, rookie defensive back struggle in at least one area of
    their game. But 49ers safety Eric Reid was the epitome of balance in his
    first NFL season. His four interceptions were third among NFL safeties,
    but he was just as solid in the running game, recording 60 tackles.

    Robert Lester, Carolina Panthers:
    After going undrafted out of Alabama, Robert Lester latched on with the
    Panthers and made a big impact. He wasn’t quite as balanced a player as
    Reid or Vaccaro, but he was better than both in coverage. Quarterbacks
    had a 49.6 rating when throwing his way in 2013.

  • californy

    Offensive Guard

    Larry Warford, Detroit Lions:
    If he didn’t play guard, Larry Warford might have gotten more attention
    for the rookie season he had in Detroit. Warford was not only the best
    rookie offensive lineman in the NFL this season, he was also one of the
    best offensive lineman in the league this season regardless of age. He
    didn’t allow a sack all season and helped make Detroit one of the best
    run blocking teams in the NFL.


    Travis Frederick, Dallas Cowboys:
    Plenty of things have gone wrong for the Dallas Cowboys in 2013, but
    the selection of Travis Frederick in the first round of the 2013 NFL
    Draft was a big hit for them. The four sacks he allowed are a bit much
    for Dallas’ liking, but Fredrick made up for it in the running game.
    He’s a piece to build around on the offensive line.

    Tight End

    Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins: Even
    with all of the disfunction in Washington this season, rookie tight end
    Jordan Reed managed to string together a productive campaign. He fit
    nicely into the offense and was one of Robert Griffin III’s most trusted
    targets, especially in the red zone. In just nine games, Reed caught 45
    passes for 499 yards and three touchdowns.

    • they should have mentioned all the hurries and knockdowns freddy allowed, of course my guy warford didnt allow any and JJ dropped a 1st on Freddy

  • californy

    If You wanted some value at TE as a Undrafted player, they you have to look at Detroit Joseph Fauria, 18 catches for 207 yards and 7 TD. Not bad for a guy who went undrafted

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    You should do a scouting report on Aaron Donald interested to see what you think of him.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    My mock draft for 2013 went as follows. Trade down which we did for another 2nd round pick.
    1st round Kawann Short, because I knew we didn’t have a chance with any of the other guys
    2nd round Larry Warford was afraid he wouldn’t make it to our pick
    2nd round a LB
    3rd round Frederick
    4th round Tyrann Mathieu
    5th round Ricky Wagner
    Those were the guys I actually wanted and I had this up before their rookie seasons. But Jerry screwed it up thinking Frederick was a 1st rounder. I was willing to take Warford in the 1st simply because I thought he wouldn’t be there in the 2nd. I strongly believed that when Warford’s name wasn’t called in the second round before our pick, I thought yes we got him, but come to find out he wasn’t even on our freaking board to begin with. Ciskowski along with Jones suck.

    • I agree and warford didn’t allow a single sack as a rook. that is impressive

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I hope McCoy being the scouting director for the draft changes things. He helped us get Sims, Moore, Selvie, and a bunch of other deadbeats to play for us, and they played ok. Sims played well last year. So maybe the philosophy of the draft changes. One can only hope.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    You want to know how Jerry sucks? Jason Garrett did not look happy they took Frederick with that 1st round pick. He looked upset.

    • they all were: Stephen and JJ got in an argument about that

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Yeah I saw Stephen too. I think Jerry pulled the trigger, and they probably told JJ Frederick wasn’t worth that high of a pick. Pretty sure Garrett wanted a defensive player or a G. Remember our C play wasn’t great the year prior, but C wasn’t our real problem it was G. I didn’t even think we would draft a C last year.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Dallas promotes McCoy to scouting director will be in charge of the college scouting process.

    • it doesn’t matter who is in charge because JJ does what he wants regardless of what the scouts say just like he did with freddy

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Only thing with that is that Ciskowski is the guy who lined up the boards in the first place. Pretty sure he was in charge of the 08 and 09 drafts. His scouting skills really suck. That is why I always thought our scouts suck as well. Despite what people I think, I really doubt Jerry scouts his talent on his own. Someone has to give him a list of players to start out with. I hope the change to McCoy helps. Maybe not, but I pray it does.

        • I doubt they had Freddy listed for the 1st round no one in the NFL did

        • if he did in fact have a 1st rd grade on freddy he was the only one

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I think Marinelli gets to chose his D lineman this year too, to keep him happy and content.