“Twitter Talk” – Why would Calipari leave Kentucky? Is Tiger Woods done?

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untitledIn this episode of the “Red Light Sports Ramble”; presented by the Red Light Sports Network, Evan and Troy tackle the traditional Wednesday night “Twitter Talk”.  Listeners will ask opinions of certain topics and the boys discuss a number of topics in this episode.  The biggest rumor is John Calipari thinking about making a jump back to the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers.  As the Masters starts Thursday; Tiger Woods will not be participating.  Do you think that he will win another Major?  Evan and Troy discuss if we will ever see the Tiger Woods of old and if he should be considered the best golfer ever.

Like every year, when the NCAA college basketball season is over, the “hot” coaches are put on a list of potential candidates to jump to the NBA.  John Calipari’s name has been mentioned.  Why?  Why would John Calipari leave a place where he has written his ticket?  When all the dust settles, the money wouldn’t be that much different from coaching a top college program.  He has won a National Championship and brought his group of five freshman to the title game.  There are no NCAA investigations into the Kentucky program, but why would a successful college coach want to make a jump to the NBA that has zero job stability?  Is it because Calipari knows that if the NCAA starts sniffing around, the program could be put on probation in the future?  Calipari; whether you like him or not, has proven his worth in the college ranks.  Some people may question how he has become successful based on the incidents that happened in Memphis.  Although Calipari was not involved in these incidents, he was the coach of the program.  As a former college coach, I find it hard to believe that the head coach doesn’t know what is going on within his program.

The Masters is set to start this Thursday without Tiger Woods.  Another injury and another withdrawal from a tournament.  Over the past years, Tiger Woods has been hampered by a number of injuries that have made him miss tournaments or withdraw.  The question posed: “Will Tiger Woods ever win another Major?”  With the recent decline in the number of wins, the boys also debate if Tiger Woods should be considered the greatest golfer of all time.  A few years ago it seemed as if it was a matter of time before he broke the record of Majors won by Jack Nicklaus (18).  Now we are questioning if he can even win another.  When his career ends, you can not argue that Tiger Woods was instrumental in changing the game of golf.  Does this make him the greatest golfer ever?

Listen to what the boys think in this episode of the “Red Light Sports Ramble”.

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