Paul Henning from talks about the Milwaukee Bucks ownership situation!

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imagesQJXGQS6MIn this episode of the Red Light Sports Ramble“; presented by the Red Light Sports Network, Evan and Troy welcome Paul Henning back to the show.  Paul represents and brings an extraordinary amount of basketball experience to the show.  The Milwaukee Bucks are on pace to have the worst record in the NBA this season.  Even though this doesn’t guarantee the number 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft; it will guarantee that they have a top 4 pick.  It is an important time for the Milwaukee Bucks as they rebuild.  New Commissioner Adam Silver conveyed to the Bucks that a new arena was needed before the lease runs out on the Bradley Center in 2017.  In the midst of all this, the Milwaukee Bucks are for sale.

Paul discusses some of the news surrounding the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks.  The current group could be made up of a number of investors and this would bode well for the Milwaukee Bucks staying in Milwaukee.  Current owner; Herb Kohl, has mentioned that part of the proceeds will be set aside for the construction of a new arena.  This will not guarantee that the Bucks will continue playing in Milwaukee after 2017. However; it certainly makes the sale of the team more difficult for and outside investment group that wants to move the team.  Paul stated that he doesn’t think that this deal is all about money for Kohl.  He was pretty confident that the new investment group would keep the Bucks in Milwaukee.  Like anything, we won’t know until the deal is done.

With the Milwaukee Bucks all but assured a top 4 pick,  Paul discussed his top 5 NBA Draft Prospects. He believes that Andrew Wiggins is the best player available.  He also pointed out that being in the top 4 will enable the Bucks to receive a player that is a difference maker.

Listen to the boys chat with Paul Henning about the Milwaukee Bucks on the full episode of the Red Light Sports Ramble“.

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