Will the Milwaukee Bucks be forced to leave town? Paul Henning discusses how to save the Bucks.

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SOBbanner22In this episode of the “Red Light Sports Ramble”, Evan and Troy welcome Paul Henning to the show to talk about how to save the Milwaukee Bucks.  The Milwaukee Bucks have been part of the community for over 40 years and enjoy much success in the 1980’s.  Since then, it has been many years of frustration and losing. Incoming commissioner, Adam Silver, said that the NBA will not allow the Milwaukee Bucks to continue playing in the Bradley Center past the year 2017.  With a product that has been sub-par, asking politicians and fans for money may not be an easy sell.

Paul Henning is a die-hard fan that decided the public needed to be informed about the Milwaukee Bucks and helped start a movement with a website called SaveOurBucks.com . The purpose of the site is to inform fans of the facts and what is going on with the Milwaukee Bucks franchise.

When visiting the site, there are six main components that every fan should read.  Paul makes a statement on the website that the components should be read in order to understand everything in order on how to save the Milwaukee Bucks.  The first component talks about how bad the Milwaukee Bucks have been recently.  NBA teams are measured on three things; Championships, 50 wins seasons, and playoff series won.  Well the Milwaukee Bucks are terrible in all three.  They have not won one Championship since 1991, they only have one 50 win season (1991), and have not won a playoff series since 1991.  As in any sport; people will blame the small market. However, Green Bay is smaller than Milwaukee, and oh look across the river the Milwaukee Brewers have had a few competitive years as of late.  Time to stop blaming it on being in a small market, and find the real problem.  The real problem is the next component on the website titled “how did we get in this mess”.  The short answer is that there has been poor management and a lack of structure within the organization.  So with the problem being detected, how do they get back to winning?  Paul talks about the management situation and the importance of having top five draft picks.  Finally, he wraps up with why the top five pick is so important to the Milwaukee Bucks future.

Listen to Paul Henning talk with the boys on how the Milwaukee Bucks can be saved, on the Red Light Sports Ramble’.

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