Recapping the 1st half of the NBA season and which All-Star activity do we like the best?

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dunk contestIn this episode of the “Red Light Sports Ramble”, Evan and Troy recap the first half of the NBA season.  then talk about which All-Star activity they like the best; NBA Dunk Contest, MLB Home Run Derby, or the NHL Skills Competition.  As the NBA All-Star weekend comes to a close, it is time to enter the home stretch to the playoffs.  The Eastern Conference won the highest scoring All-Star Game.  However; the Western Conference is by far superior when it comes to teams that can actually compete for the NBA Championship.

Currently the Eastern Conference has four teams over the .500 mark.  On the other hand, the Western Conference has nine teams over the .500 mark.  This does not guarantee an NBA Championship for the West, but it certainly tells you that they have more teams who could compete for the Conference Championship.  Indiana and Miami are 1-2 in the East, with Indiana holding a 2 1/2 game lead with 30 and 31 games left to play respectively.  Unless something miraculous happens in the East, one of those two teams will be playing for the NBA Championship.  The favorites in the West are Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and the L.A. Clippers.  Each of them leads their respective division.  Even though they are the favorites, any team that sneaks into the post-season could have an opportunity to upset them.  The talk of the 1st half of the season is Kevin Durant; who is playing out of this world.  He is dominating games and making everyone around him better.  Should Oklahoma City get  Russell Westbrook back healthy, they could possibly run the Western Conference table.

Of the four major sports (NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL); only the NFL does not have a skills competition.  Which is your favorite; The Dunk Contest? The Home Run Derby? The NHL Skills Competition?  The NBA used to wow the fans with the festivity of the Dunk Contest.  Troy remembers Dominique Wilkins soaring above the rim for a tomahawk jam.  Well those days are long gone as the contest has become nothing more than a commercialized contest.   The Home Run Derby; in MLB, is a fan delight watching the sluggers hit the ball miles out of the park.  The NHL does it right and has a series of events that allow most of the All-Star participants an opportunity to showcase their skills.  When it comes to the games itself, only MLB closely resembles a normal game.  As noted above, the NBA set a record for most combined points scored.  When is the last time you saw over 160 points scored in a regular season game?  The NHL does not have ferocious hits in its game, and the offense fires shots at the goaltenders like it is warm up time.

Listen the to the boys recap the first half of the NBA season and talk about which All-Star Activity they most enjoy on the “Red Light Sports Ramble”.

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