NBA All Star: Western Conference Starters

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Welcome back ladies and gentleman to my last part in the NBA All Star coverage. In this article I’ll be introducing the NBA Western All Star Starters. Now the Eastern Conference holds the overall record 36-26, but the West is looking to make it 4 in a row and 5 out of 6.
Here is the squad looking to make it 4 in a row.
stephen curryAt Point Guard, 6’3″ from the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry. Curry is having a career year with 25 ppg, 9 assists and 4 rebounds per game and those are some spectacular numbers there. He leads his team in points, assists and steals with a 31-21 record. Not a great record, but good enough for 7th seed right now in the highly competitive Western Conference. They made the most noise in the playoffs last season with an epic series against the Denver Nuggets before losing to the San Antonio Spurs. Most of that success was thanks to Curry. He is an explosive point guard with smooth ball handling skills and one of the quickest players in the league. It might not show on paper, but game film is another story. He reminds me of Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles, dangerous in the open field and quick when he has the ball.
Anthony-Davis-atypical-path-to-Kentucky-SU17KOQA-x-largeA hometown starter from the New Orleans Pelicans (seriously they wanted that to be their team name?) is a 2nd year player, Forward, Anthony “The Brow” Davis. Averaging 21ppg, 10 rebounds, 3 blocked shots a game and a double double (two stats in double figures, PPG and Rebounds in this case) in only his second year is extremely impressive. He is a force at both ends of the court with his long wingspan being able to disrupt shooters inside. He’s young so he’s still learning the game, but will be a dominant force for years to come and he seems to have his head in the right place. Hes defensive: he reminds me of JJ Watt, primarily because of their abilities to alter shots/passes.
Next up a California product from UCLA and an underrated Forward from the Minnesota TimberwolvesKevin Love. He has a non stop motor, averaging a double double in his career and this year he’s just been on a tear. 26ppg, 13 rebounds, 4 assists per game. He is consistently  having double double games and in 2010-2011 had an NBA record 53 game streak of double doubles! It was the longest streak since 1976 and if that isn’t impressive, then I don’t know what is. Unfortunately for Love, his Wolves team has been unable to fully support him. If he has a bad game there’s nobody else to pick up the slack. Think of Larry Fitzgerald, always having solid seasons with no supporting cast. He makes plays happen and you can always count on him.
Blake GriffinNow another Californian (though not raised in Cali) from the Los Angeles Clippers, Foward Blake Griffin. Now I’m sure most of you already know who he is, Griffin and Chris Paul (who will be playing in the game coming off the bench) are always putting up ESPN Top 10 plays. One of the most electrifying players in the game, polarizing foes and winning dunk contests. Griffin has a double double going this season with 24ppg, 10 rebounds and about 1 block per game. He is finally rounding out to be an all around player, his shooting has improved, and he is having a career year. Griffin is like Jimmy Graham of the NBA, his athleticism and skills will take over games and he has his Drew Brees with Chris Paul as his point guard.
Kevin DurantLast but not least the MVP of the season so far from the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant. 31ppg, 6 assists and 8 rebounds per game and his team is owning the best record in the Western Conference. That is largely due to Kevin Durant. After previous seasons of playoff failures he rededicated himself to the sport and its showing. He’s playing in his 7th season, completely dominating the NBA, he will once again be scoring champ. Making it 4 out of the 5 past seasons, with Carmelo Anthony stopping his streak of 3 last season. There has always been talk of LeBron James being the best player in the NBA the last few seasons and up until this season it was true. Now Kevin Durant has taken over as the top player in the NBA this season. His numbers and play speak for itself. He is Calvin Johnson and Tom Brady rolled into one. With the season hes having, he’s carrying his team. with some of his all star players either injured or traded, hes guiding his team to one of the best records like Brady did for the New England Patriots. Double teaming him so far has not stopped him and he’s still been taking over games just like Calvin Johnson did last season. Much like the damage he did to our Dallas Cowboys.
The experience is in the Eastern Conference, but the momentum has been with the Western Conference. This weekends All Star festivities will be one of the best the NBA has produce in years. It’s highly recommend for people to tune into even just one of the 3 days, you wont be disappointed.
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