Weekend Sports Recap – Daytona 500 / NFL Combine / Wisconsin Badger Basketball

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EarnhardtIn this episode of the “Red Light Sports Ramble”, Evan and Troy wrap up three sporting events from the weekend.  The rain delayed Daytona 500 finished late in the night.  The NFL Combine started and will wrap up early this week.  Finally, the boys hometown team the Wisconsin Badgers had a big game against the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Wisconsin who had started the season 16-0 and broke into the top 5 in the AP poll, hit a mid-season slump. During the slump the Wisconsin Badgers went 1-5, and people (including Evan and Troy) were questioning whether this team would even make the NCAA Tournament.  Funny how things can turn around in a heartbeat.  Since their loss to Ohio State, they have stampeded to five straight wins and now the talk is about how high of a seed will they get.  With four regular season games remaining on the schedule, the Wisconsin Badgers could end the regular season at 26-5 and still have an outside chance to claim the regular season Big Ten Title.  The key to success during this win streak has been the play of center Frank Kaminsky.  In the win over Iowa, he had 21 points and 7 rebounds.  When the Badgers are struggling from the outside they will need the strong inside play from Kaminsky.  Although Ben Brust has been struggling, Josh Gasser has stepped up to the plate and delivered 12 points vs. Iowa.  All 12 came from behind the arc as he shot 4-5.  Will the mid-season slump linger in the minds of the selection committee and keep the Badgers from getting a higher seed?

The biggest controversy in NASCAR this week was the running of the 3 car, and to top that off Austin Dillon had the poll.  Whether you like it or not, the 3 car was running for the first time in 13 years, and Dillon finished a respectable 9th.  After nearly a 6 1/2 hour rain delay, it was a celebration for Dale Earnhardt Jr. who won his second Daytona 500.   The top rounded out with Denny Hamlin, Jeff Gordon, Brad Keselowski,  and Jimmie Johnson.  The boys were cheering for their hometown guy Matt Kenseth, how finished 7th.

Finally, the NFL Combine started and is still continuing today.  For players, this was there interview with the NFL to show them that the deserved to be number 1 picks or open the eyes of scouts and get drafted higher.  There seemed to be more winners than losers at this NFL Combine.  The boys had a long list of winners, and a shorter list of losers.  Evan and Troy are still agreeing to disagree on the idea that if your invited to camp the quarterbacks should throw bearing injury.  What is your thought?  Should a quarterback throw if he is at the combine?  For Blake Bortles, he just went out and tossed the ball around and looked pretty good doing it.  In the end, is a 40 yard dash time going to win games in the NFL?  Well you could argue that Dri Archer thinks so by recording an amazing 4.26 time, which was .o2 off the record set by Chris Johnson.  There were many good stories this weekend at the NFL combine.

Listen to a complete weekend recap of these three events on the “Red Light Sports Ramble”, presented by the Red Light Sports Network.

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