Kyle Larson Putting Sprint Cup to the Test….

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There’s a young gun that’s going to be racing the Pheonix Racing’s #51 car at Charlotte this weekend. Kyle Larson has many top
Tens In the Nationwide Series and has won in everything else he’s driven.

Kyle LarsenKyle larson has raced and won in midgets, non-wing 360 and 410 CID wingless USAC sprint cars. He’s raced and won in winged 410 sprint cars. He’s beaten some of the best dirt track racers In the world. He recently spent most of 2013 driving the #32 NNS car. Not only was he racing stock cars, but he never forgot his roots and continued to race sprint cars and was winning at that.

Kyle Larson,  like most racers, started young and in go karts. After winning multiple championships he started moving up in classes of faster cars and continued winning race after race. I first met him in 2011 while I was the score keeper for the King of The West Sprint Car Series. He looked so young I thought he was a driver rep for the pill draw. For those of you that don’t know what a pill draw is. The drivers draw a numbered pill to find out what the qualifying order is. Sometimes it’s better early and sometimes it’s better to qualify later.

Kyle Larson raced with the KWS series just that night because his talents are in high demand. Sprint car owners across the Nation want him to drive their cars in the highest paying events. Next year he will be taking over for Juan Pablo Montoya in the no. 42 Target car full time.

Keep an eye on this young man as he is a phenom. I expect Kyle Larson will do what very few drivers do and that’s win his rookie year in MASCAR’s top series.

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