Steve Tahsler: Deputy Commissioner of the Frontier League talks baseball

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Frontier leagueIn this episode of the “Red Light Sports Ramble” ; presented by the Red Light Sports Network, Evan and Troy welcome Steve Tahsler; Deputy Commissioner of the Frontier League to the show.  Steve has been involved in the Frontier League for 18 years in some capacity.  He was promoted to Deputy Commissioner following  the 2009 season.

Steve talks about the history of the Frontier League.  Currently, the league consists of 14 baseball clubs primarily in the Midwest.  The Washington Wild Things are the furthest east.  The season consists of 96 games with an All-Star break and a full postseason.  The Frontier League baseball playoffs have six teams that qualify.  The two division winners receive a first round bye into the second round of the playoffs.  The next four teams with the best record; regardless of what division they are in, qualify for the playoffs.  The number three seed will play the number six seed and the number four plays the fifth.  This is a single elimination game, the winners then move on to face the division winners in a best of five series.

The league is considered a professional baseball league.  However, the goal of the league is to develop players for an opportunity to advance to a Major League Baseball club.  The 14 clubs in the league operate independently.  This means no Major League Baseball club has an affiliation with any one club.  Therefore, at any time during the year, a player could get a call from any major league team.  The league will hold and open tryout every year for prospective baseball players; last year 400 players attended the open tryout and 35 of these players landed on a team.  The players in the Frontier League must be under the age of 27 and must also be out of high school.

The Frontier League has a long list of alumni including a few that have become Major League Baseball All-Stars.  To see a complete list of those players who have played in MLB, CLICK HERE.

Listen to the full interview with Deputy Commissioner Steve Tahsler, on this episode of the “Red Light Sports Ramble”.

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