What is the media’s obsession with Ryan Braun?

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Ryan-Braun1In this episode of the “Red Light Rant”, Evan and Troy discuss two topics that relate to the media.  Ryan Braun was suspended for the remainder of the 2013 Major League Baseball Season, after he admitted that he had taken Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED).  Going back in history, on a technicality he avoided a suspension when a test came back positive.  However, when that happened he held a press conference throwing many people under the bus.  Now that he has admitted to using PED’s, he has to gain back that respect from MLB and the fans.  In any press conference that he has had since admitting to using PED’s, he has answered only certain questions and avoided all others.  The questions that he has avoided have been asked over and over with no answer.

As we move into the 2014 MLB season, many of these unanswered questions will be answered with his performance on the field.  Ryan Braun has always been a player that will hit for average, doubles, and Runs Batted In.  Will his PED use affect these numbers?  We shall find out.  It is obvious  that his power numbers for HR will go down, but it could affect the power that he had to drive balls into the gap and stretch a single into a double.  The boys talk about how the media should start to focus on the season ahead instead of blasting Ryan Braun with questions that we already know he is not going to answer ever.

In conjunction with media, are the larger networks focusing to much attention on major markets and superstars?  When you turn on a major sports network, you are hearing about the superstars and the large markets.  It is understandable because the major markets drive sports revenue and the superstars put butts in the seats.  However, it seems that some of the “good” stories are being pushed under the carpet in lieu of time and a score runs across the bottom of the screen.

Listen to the boys give their passionate opinion about both these subjects on the “Red Light Rant”.

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