Angela Rypien: Mark Rypiens Daughter Is Setting Pace as a Star QB.

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Angela Rypien, the daughter of former super Bowl MVP and 2 time Pro Bowl QB, Mark Rypien, is following in her fathers foot steps. She is currently the QB for the Baltimore Charm of the LFL (Legends Football League). Lingerie football has become the fastest growing sport in the world. Twenty years ago, the thought of women playing tackle football in an organized league that exists in three countries (USA, Canada, and Australia) was unheard of, let alone even entered the minds of enthusiasts of NFL football..

AngelaRypien3Angela Rypien has been hired by two different teams in the Legends Football League. She served as a quarterback for the Seattle Mist in 2011. Angela signed to play for the Baltimore Charm in 2012, but the league management decided to cancel the 2012 season in the USA, and concentrate instead on exhibition matches in the USA, and promotion of foreign leagues.

According to ManCave: NBC News reported they were surprised that the Legends Football League allowed free agency, but added:

“But if you’re the daughter of former Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien, and a pretty intense player in your own right, I guess you do.”

According to technology journalist Patrick Seitz, the league lacked stars in its early seasons, so the limited press coverage the league received treated it solely as a “peep show”. He asserted that Rypien and Krista Ford, due to the reflected notability of having famous relatives, were two potential stars the league could offer in its 2011 season ”to counter the peep-show coverage.”

ChristyBellMany critics have tried to say that Angela Rypien only got a shot because of her fathers legacy as a super bowl MVP. Philadelphia Passion QB Christy Bell (the esteemed leader of the Eastern Conference Champions) scoffed at Rypien saying:

“The only reason she is here is cuz of her dad. If it wasn’t for her dad, the other QB would be playing.”

To Bell she is just the new kid on the Block. however, Angela Rypien said:

“When people say they understand, it’s something; cuz they don’t understand. It’s no, you don’t understand. You don’t get it. You don’t get it unless you worked hard enough to walk in my shoes.”

AngelaRypien2For those who said the LFL recruited Angela “The Ripper” Rypien only for her fathers reputation: I am here to tell you nothing is further from the truth. What the LFL got was a solid quarterback with a cannon for an arm. She definitely inherited her fathers ability to connect on the deep ball. Good accuracy, and the most important trait for a quarterback. Poise. The Washington redskins have been searching for a franchise quarterback ever since Mark Rypien’s departure. There are high hopes for RGII, but the jury is still out.

Film Study:

I can say that the Baltimore Charm has found their franchise QB. Angela Rypien has great footwork. She is light on her feet and plays with excellent agility. She has a good throwing motion and in spite of a poor offensive line, she exhibits excellent mobility. What impressed me the most was her ability to throw on the run and make plays. She has ice for blood and doesn’t panic under pressure. It is obvious she was trained from little girl on. When I watch her mechanics, I am thoroughly impressed. It’s obvious her dad has been teaching her the position for years. She may be labeled as a “Pretty Girl”, but she will shut her critics up.

AngelaRypienWhile watching her tape, I couldn’t help but think that she has been studying the Dallas Cowboys franchise quarterback Tony Romo. The way she avoids the pass rush, is like taking a chapter out of his life. She even uses his patented shuttle pass move to avoid the pressure. She has good vision and does a nice job of reading the defense. In spite of being under heavy pressure, on her very first pass in the LFL she showed her ability to hit a receiver with the deep ball. There is no established passer rating to date in the LFL, but I am here to tell you, as a fairly new player, she is right up there with Christy Bell. Her stats are compatible with a passer rating of over 100. That girl will be eating her words: enough said.

Here at YDCFF we are exploring the idea of covering the LFL. The Dallas Desire is the new expansion team to the league. We would like your input as our readers as to whether you would like us to cover Dallas Desire. The LFL is the fastest growing sport in the world. YDCFF wants to stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with all the latest trends in sports. We would appreciate your feedback. Please email me your thoughts to: As a woman, I thoroughly enjoy seeing women afforded the opportunity to play football. I have discovered that there is some real talent in the LFL. It’s not just a bunch of pretty faces. I see some great coverage, running, and tackling ability. I look forward to your input.


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  • Erasmus

    I had never watched a nanosecond of the LFL before today. It is actually much more of a real sport than I imagined or gave it credit for.
    Thanks for enlightening me.

    • Erasmus your welcome Erasmus> I found it quite entertaining to be honest.

      • cjwright

        CowgirlCas22 Erasmus I had much the same reaction. It was a much better game than I anticipated.

        • cjwrightCowgirlCas22Erasmus i was taken back myself: I didn’t realize there was real talent there:
          When I talked to Bryan today, he also said she has great mechanics

  • knudsen88

    Still don’t like or appreciate the exploitation factor. The game is the game. Dress like football players. There is absolutely no need to bring the lingerie factor into play. If you take away the lingerie and the League ceases to exist, it will tell you all you need to know about support and following. Seriously, if it survives for talent and ability, and not looks, then you have something. I hope it proves to be what I see, athletically gifted and talented women who love to the play football. As should be.

    • Have you watched any type of women’s sports lately? Take the Olympics as an example and how revealing the swimmers, gymnasts and ice skaters outfits are.The sad part is a lot of them are very young girls aged 13-14 years old. At least it is grown women in the LFL. Have you been to the beach lately? Why do you think Sports Illustrated has a swim suit issue? Why do teams have cheerleaders? Why do men frequent strip clubs? Society is geared that way. I find it to be quite stereotypical to judge the women based on what their employer tells them to wear. Can you honestly tell me you don’t look when you see an attractive woman in shorts in the grocery store? Whether you accept it or not, big business is still controlled by men in this country. These women didn’t choose the uniforms, their employer did: Period.