Jon Gruden and Kellen Moore

Jon Gruden One on One with Kellen Moore.

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Jon Gruden said: “Kellen Moore is like a football wizard. He can talk about protections, he can talk about different situations. He has a great big pictured understanding of how football works.”

Jon Gruden and Kellen Moore

Jon Gruden: “I met Kellen once before so I knew he was a calm, cool, clutch performer, and the winningest quarterback in NCAA history. He has tremendous anticipation and a complete command of the Boise state offense. They’re as complex and diverse as any offense I’ve ever seen in college football.”

Jon Gruden: “These are some of the damnedest throws I’ve ever seen. They’re not 103 mile an hour fastballs, but they are placed perfectly with excellent anticipation. You’re throwing the ball way before the receiver breaks and the receivers not even on the screen yet and you’re throwing these passes.”

“Doesn’t this come from all the experience you’ve acquired?”

Kellen Moore: “Absolutely. I’ve been really fortunate. I played three years in high school, four yeas in college, I’ve thrown a lot of balls. I’ve a, you know, you’ve made a few mistakes, you’ve had a lot of good plays and you remember them. “

John Gruden:”You throw the ball to all five eligibles don’t ya? The tight ends, the backs, the receivers. You don’t discriminate against any of these Boise receivers.”

Kellen Moore: “I spread the wealth, and if your open, you’re going to get the ball.”

John Gruden: “When I freeze the frame, there’s that football and I don’t even see a receiver on the film. It’s in the red zone, it’s on third down and it’s the kind of anticipation that you need to have to play at the next level.”

“You’ve seen Brady and Brees and these great quarterbacks. There’s the ball in the middle of the screen, it looks like you’re throwing it away and all of a sudden a receiver catches it in perfect stride.”

“Let me see if I’ve got this straight. You’re 49-3 or 50-3 at Boise; the winningest QB in NCAA history?”

Kellen Moore “We got 50 ya.”

Jon Gruden: ” 50 wins. And, and really, 6-0 against the BCS schools. I just want to repeat these three losses. all of them were by a point or a field goal. The loss against TCU. You take the ball down, you center it, and you miss the field goal. How bout this Nevada game. With seven seconds left you throw the bomb to Titus Young, inside the 10, and we miss the field goal. But, can you reflect on the three losses, and how close you were to being 53-0?”

Kellen Moore: “Ya, we had opportunities in there. Uh, you don’t sleep very well after losing those, uh, you sleep maybe a couple hours if you’re lucky each night, but that’s about it.”

Jon Gruden: “Boise State; you don’t get any respect, obviously, do ya?”

Kellen Moore: “I think that’s the way we know our situation is. If we were going to play at Georgia or Virginia Tech, you better take advantage of that opportunity, because uh, ya know, when you get those games on national television, you’ve got to take advantage of them and show the country what Boise State’s all about.”

Jon Gruden: “I just want to know if the NCAA is letting basketball teams compete for it all: how come they didn’t get Boise State involved in this game? I’m upset about it. I want you to know that.”

“We’re going to to get in to the Boise system, but your command of the system: can you describe this offense? For young QBs out there, I mean I’m watching this, this is Warren Sapp playing FB, #99 (Tyrone Crawford).

Kellen Moore: “That’s one of our DTs from Canada.”

Jon Gruden and Kellen Moore

Jon Gruden: “I don’t know how ya get him in the game, but you’ve got a two back set with him in there. Here’s another two back set with a smaller FB, #7, I keep watching this and then you’re in a 1 back set, a pistol formation running a power play. Then you’re in a 2 back pistol formation running a read option or something. Then I watch Boise and you’re in a wildcat formation: God knows where you are. Then you bring in a backup QB and you’re running a pure zone read. Am I right on this?

“Then you’re running a shift with a motion, and before Georgia knows what hit em, you toss the ball and your on the edge. It’s a ton of formations. It’s a multitude of shifts, and the offense is exclusive to Boise State. I wanna know how you have such a great command of so much stuff?”

Kellen Moore: “Obviously you’ve got to put a lot of work in. Guys do a lot of stuff on their own. That’s something very unique to Boise State. Ya know, we’ve got guys in there watching tape. puttin a lot of work in, because uh, because we’re obviously doing a lot of things.

Jon Gruden: “When you’re playing Toledo you’re getting in to some of these crazy empty sets. You take your left tackle. That’s an offensive lineman spread wide to the left there: he’s ineligible. The TE is an eligible right here playing RT. You’re free releasing him and here come the Toledo Rockets. Review your mindset on this play. You can’t throw it to that tackle: he’s ineligble isn’t he?”

Kellen Moore: “No. His whole job is to occupy space. He obviously can’t go down field. He always thinks he might have a chance of catching the ball though. (laugh)”

Jon Gruden: “Just so ya know: I’ve never seen anything like these formations. You guys are nuts. But ya know the all out blitz is comin right?”

Kellen Moore: “Ya, essentially all it is, it’s 4 vertical and our receiver down below is gonna run a hitch so that’s our safety outlet. If not we’re gonna run our vertical concept. We’ve got our TE and then we’ve got our slot receiver running a push fade and he’s widening out to the outside. Our whole goal from an outside perspective is to make it as confusing as possible. And at the end of the day, it’s pretty simple for us. It’s all pretty much the same concept, just doing a lot of different things.”

Jon Gruden: “How does Boise practice all these shifts?”

Kellen Moore: “The shift and motion period at the beginning of practice. It makes sure everyone is on the same page. During the games, we have a lot of them, obviously very specific to the game plan, the shifts and motions are very specific to each play. There’s a purpose to why we’re doing it. We’re not just shifting and motioning people all across the field for the heck of it. There’s a reason: we’re trying to get an advantage, we’re trying to outnumber them., we’re trying to see a coverage or something.”

Jon Gruden: “Like what’s the name of a shift?”

Kellen Moore: ” Shop, when you shop it carries both guys over.”

Jon Gruden: “Cool: give me a couple other cool names of shifts,”

Kellen Moore: “You can flot, you can fly, you can fling, you can obviously uh, shake, (Gruden: great I love it. I love it) bust, dart, spread.”

Jon Gruden: “Great. I’m gonna have to get you to teach me some new shifts. Ya see, all these shifts, all these formations are causing a lot of what? (Moore: Communication.) And whenever there’s a lot communication, there’s miscommunication.”
“Sometimes communication, when you look at it on defense, it’s a good thing. You see Brooks talking to Ronde Barber and it’s,

“Hey Check Bart, Check Bart, and it’s a good thing. They’re communicating. Sometimes communication is this: “WHAT IN THE HELL ARE WE DOIN? They’re nervous, they’re basket cases: right?, (Moore laughing), they want you to think they know what they’re doin. But who’s covering this shallow cross Moore? I don’t know. I don’t know who’s covering that kid. Do you? (Moore: Nope) so this is a miscommunication and I love it. I like it. I like it a lot. “

Kellen Moore: “I spend a lot time studying QBs like Brady and Brees and watch what they do and watch how they do it, and I learn from it. It helps me get creative in the way I do things when I apply it to what we do.”

Jon Gruden: “Don’t ya love seein the best coaches in the country on the other sideline frustrated? (Moore: Yup.) Look at him: he’s sayin “hey Moore, GET OUT OF HERE WITH ALL THESE PLAYS!”

“Do you like seein QBs get smashed? (Moore: nope) You’ve gotta prevent a lot of these: don’t ya? (Moore Ya)So when you do get rocked. Is this the Utah Bowl game? (Moore: ya). You’re about 18 years old here. Ya see, I’ve gotta find old clips where you’re gettin rocked. When you miss a hot or a sight adjustment: do these memories stick in your crull a little bit? Do you remember this one (points to screen)? (Moore: Ya I remember this one.) What the hell were we doin?”

Kellen Moore: “We motioned out to a two by two, I thought the two by two eliminated the possible Cobra, and they still came with it. He did a good job with it. He widened with it, then came in anyway.”

Jon Gruden: “Why do they put the winningest QB in the NCAA against a 6-6 team (Arizona State) in a bowl game? I wanna see ya against Nick Saben. I wanna see ya against Stanford. I wanna see ya in one of those games.”

Kellen Moore: “Ya, we understand that. In our situation if we don’t win em all, we’re leavin it out there and it’s up to someone else. (Gruden: So ya took the Maaco Bowl trophy home?) Ya we took care of the Maaco.”

Ray Lewis

Jon Gruden: “What are ya gonna do when you come out to your first regular season game and the coach says let’s get in there Moore: you’re in there, you look, and here comes Ray Lewis for ya. He’s lookin for Kellen Moore. I’m looking for ya, I’m looking for ya, there ya are. THERE YA ARE KELLEN MOORE! He’s gonna smash ya. How in the heck are you gonna manipulate Ray Lewis with your eyes?”

Kellen Moore: “You’re probably gonna have to point him out in your first Mike call.”

Jon Gruden.: “Hunh? You point at him, he might break your finger off. Do you get excited about playin against the best in the world?”

Kellen Moore: Ohhh, it’s awesome! (Big Smile) I’m real excited.”

Jon Gruden: “Do you think your body can survive these hits?” (Moore: Oh ya!) But everybody says your too small. (I Know. I’ve heard it a few times. Big Smile followed by a laugh). What about all these naysayers now that are sayin: look at Kellen Moore, he’s just not fast enough. he’s just not big enough, I don’t know if he can do it. What do you say to all these critics? These people like me that sit on these panels talkin about QBs?”

Kellen Moore: “I think you smile at em, you say thank you, and you remember their name.”

Jon Gruden: “It motivates ya doesn’t it? Ya got a little chip do ya? Ya got a little chip on your shoulder?”

Kellen Moore: Absolutely.

Jon Gruden: “Well, Kellen Moore’s gonna have a great future in football, and if football doesn’t work out behind the center, he’s gonna be one heck of a football coach and I wouldn’t wanna play against his team”

“I appreciate ya comin. I wish I could spend about three days with you.”

I don’t know about you Cowboys’ faithful, but I am ready to see someone try to knock that chip off of his shoulder.

According to David Helman, above and beyond the Boise state faithful, there is an ever-increasing amount of Cowboys’ fans who are as well. When asked if he had any idea how many people want to see him play, Kellen Moore said:

“Those Boise people, yeah – they’ll come after you now.

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  • Wow! It must have taken a lot of work to transcribe all that lol. Nice job. I wish Gruden was in Dallas. He would have a ball with Moore and Beasley.

  • Wow! It must have taken a lot of work to transcribe all that lol. Nice job. I wish Gruden was in Dallas. He would have a ball with Moore and Beasley.

  • Californy

    I seen this interview so many times, It one of the best interviews anyone has ever given with John Grudden on one and one.  Yet when you leave the interview you almost get a sense that he is teaching John Grudden something rather than the other way around.

  • Californy

    I seen this interview so many times, It one of the best interviews anyone has ever given with John Grudden on one and one.  Yet when you leave the interview you almost get a sense that he is teaching John Grudden something rather than the other way around.

  • Californy

    I could listen to this interview all day long and I swear I learn something every time I hear it.  The unnamed Defensive Tackle in the interview was our own Tyrone Crawford they mention, I just realize he was discuss when you posted the conversation.

  • Californy

    Kellen took everything they gave him and yet you dont see him complain about it.  When many thought Boise should of played in a bigger game, he took it and showed the Football committee that Boise was a program you had to take serious

    I also like the part where Grudden ask him, you must play the game with the chip on his shoulders. he said absolutely.  I like this answer a lot.  Moore has always been tag as being to short and not having a strong enough arm to be a qb, but all he does is just win games.  Kellen took their best shot and in every game the opponent left the field as believers.  Wow 50 games and only 3 losses all under 7 points in all of those losses tell me he know how to win but compete as well.

  • Californy

    I see Kellen so much like Brees in his first season with the saints, In that season he had like 7 players on that team with 20 passes or more.  Kellen is like Brees in that he see the whole field not just part of it like most qb do.  In every season he learn to spread the ball around and move the ball down field,  None of the Boise WR and receivers ever became big in the NFl because it wasn’t so much about the player but the system they played out in Boise that matter.  This is the same way they play in New Orleans and in New England at the next player up system.

  • Californy Coach peterson said the way he ses the field, his instincts and ability to read defenses can’t be coached.

  • Californy You’ve got that right.

  • BigDIndiana

    CowgirlCas22 Californy  Lets hope he can make an impression now that he is the 2 and actually gets some good work in over time. Hate to wish bad on anyone, but maybe Cassell pulls a hammy 🙂

  • BigDIndiana CowgirlCas22 Californy I hope so lol