Week 4 Predictions: Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints

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Week 4 has begun with Thursday night’s game and week 3 of the NFL season is in the books! Now that we are seeing some real football, the staff here at YDCFF wants to help get you ready for the Cowboys game each week by sharing our predictions for the final score. We also want to give you our insight into why & how we think the teams will get to that predicted score. These are the YDCFF staff’s week 4 predictions for the Cowboys as they the Who Dat nation and the New Orleans Saints. Here we go:

Witten week 4 vs Saints

Jim Love

Predicted the win, but not the method…who could? Another unpredictable game, but Cowboys pull it out  We are a playoff team if we stay with this scheme: Run DeMarco Murray, hit Dez Bryant when they crowd up, defense holds on when it has to, Dan Bailey hits everything and Dwayne Harris is everywhere on ST.

After last year’s Saints beat down, it is easy to be down on the ‘Boys. That was the basis for me putting this game in the “sure loss” category. Upon further review… we can compete with this team. Their D has slipped back and their O put up a lot of yards, but had 4 INT’s in 2 losses. They crowd the run and play deep safeties, taking risks as only Rob Ryan can. For the first time, I think we emphasize the pass, keeping it short and quick with Yard After Catch from Dez and company the key. I think the league is on to DeMarco and if there is a sure thing about the NFL it is to game plan against the focal point of an O. To that end, use the NE Patriots’ plan from last year and put Orlando Scandrick on Graham. Forget the TE by his name, he told us he’s a WR this summer and should be defensed as such. ST advantage (modest) to Cowboys. So I see a win of our O vs their D, a win their O vs our D and the ST winning the game close for us… By the way, squeeze the ball in traffic DeMarco, 4 fumbles in 4 games is 2 more than your pro AND college careers combined up to then.

Week 4 Prediction: Cowboys 30-28

If I were JG: As above, quick passes with DeMarco running if they drop out of the box, drop 7 or 8 on D and man up Graham with a corner, taking our chances with Cooks. Let our ST advantage grind out a win.

I’m wrong if: Rob R pressures Tony into INTs / fumbles, we hard rush Brees and he bails out the Saints with dump offs all night and we don’t force some INTs.

Murray Week 4 vs Saints 
Big Harb

The Dallas Cowboys always seem to be 2-1 going into week 4 of the season. The fact is that they actually have entered their past four week 4 games at 2-1. The Cowboys come into this game feeling good about how they were able to come back from the 21 point deficit in last week’s game with the Rams. They were able to lean on some excellent individual performances and you can get my take on those here.

The  Cowboys have shown resiliency and made significant progress in two major areas: play calling balance with the run game and defensive effectiveness.  Everything that has happened to this point is all well & good but we all know that this was the game everyone pointed to as the true barometer of progress from the moment the schedule came out. What happens Sunday night against the Saints will define the public perception of this team’s ability to be playoff contenders. Tony Romo picked a great time to start getting back his on-field mojo but I can’t get last year’s debacle out of my head. This will be another game where Dallas will need to keep leaning on the running game. I still believe they need to bring up Ryan Williams to let DeMarco Murray to stay under 25 touches but that argument seems to be falling on deaf ears. I believe the Cowboys match up favorably on Offense and Special Teams. The problem here is: I think those advantages are only enough to keep it close as the Saints Offensive superiority over the Cowboys defense looks to be to the decisive matchup.

Week 4 Prediction: Saints 31-27

Like Jim said above, I did have this in my “sure loss” category at the beginning of the season. The difference now is that I can see the Cowboys using their running game and play action to pull out an unexpected victory. Let’s hope I am wrong and Dallas pulls it out.

So there you have it. These are the YDCFF staff’s thoughts and predictions for the Cowboys’ week 4 game against the New Orleans Saints. Let us know where you disagree an where you think we got it right.

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