Week 1 Prediction: 49ers vs Cowboys

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week 1

Week 1 of the NFL season is finally upon us! Now that we have made it through the preseason games, the wait is over. The staff here at YDCFF wants to help get you ready for the Cowboys game each week by sharing our predictions for the Dallas Cowboys in the upcoming regular season. This is week 1 predictions for the Cowboys as they host the 49ers.


Kevin Sivells:

The Dallas Cowboys have people scratching their heads. The defense is a still a question mark. Then there are the concerns about the back of their fearless leader Tony Romo. The season opener is around the corner and here are my thoughts on the week 1 game.
The San Francisco 49ers are on a mission. With all the attention on their players off the field, some are forgetting this team was a few inches from going to their second straight Superbowl visit. The 49ers are missing a few key players on defense but are hoping the replacements can at least hold steady. Nothing is wrong on the offensive side of the ball. Colin Kaepernick has his contact out of the way and is ready to throw deep. With the dependable Frank Gore and his security blanket Vernon Davis, this offense should pick up where they left off.
Now on the other side, the Dallas Cowboys offense is stacked and ready to go. Some people do not give them a chance against the 49ers defense. The Cowboys have the tools to move down the field on any team. If they balance the game book and use DeMarco Murray, they have a good chance of winning this or any game. The offense bailed out the defense on too many occasions last year. I am hoping they do not have to do that all year again. People in the locker room are saying the defense is better than last year. Well hell I should hope so because it sure as hell cannot get any worse.
Here is the bottom line. This game may turn into a shootout. The Dallas Cowboys have the fire power to keep up with ANY offense . That fact was proven last year when Tony Romo went score for score with Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos last year. However for the Cowboys to win this game, the defense will have to show up in the clutch and I do not see it happening. Don’t get me wrong. I am pulling for the victory and think the Boys can do it. So here it is…. In a shootout I see a score of 45-42 San Francisco.

PS. If the Dallas defense can show up and at least put up a fight, I see the Cowboys winning week 1 by a score of 30-28.


Jim Love:

49ers 34-27

The Cowboys were the worst in rushing defense and the 49ers near the top in rushing O. The Niners gave up a fair number of TD passes, but also got a lot of interceptions. This predicts a week 1 match up with a lot of grind it out drives against a further weakened Cowboy front 7. It also predicts some Cowboy passing success, but two or so ints.

If I were JG: I’d stuff the box and make Kaepernick beat me with his arm on D and wear out the trio of Dez, Demarco and Witten on O. They are the elites.

I’m wrong if: Tony takes care of the ball and Dallas’ special teams win decisively.


Big Harb:

Cowboys 31-28

The Cowboys are catching the 49ers at an ideal time to pull off the upset. While San Francisco is absorbing loss after loss on its defense, the Cowboys are finally getting healthy on that side of the ball. While the 2014 Cowboys won’t be confused with the 2000 Ravens or 1985 Bears, the defense has the some talented players and with the 49ers struggles on offense in the preseason,  there is a good chance that could spell a reasonable defensive showing and give the offense a chance to pull out the victory in week 1.


Tell us what you think about the Cowboys’ week 1 chances in the comments below.


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  • Alexander James

    I thought that this would have been a perfect trap game for SF. Luckily for them the Dallas braintrust had other plans. Romo was seriously off from the start of the game. He had happy feet & looked uncomfortable in the pocket never getting set and it showed with all his horrible & missed passes. Romo missed short, he missed long, he wasn’t seeing open WRs in the field at all and forced balls into guys with multiple defenders. How in the world can the Dallas playcallers see this and keep calling pass after pass after pass to the tune of 37 pass attempts????? Sure Murray finally got his 22 carries, but that didn’t matter since the game was over by halftime.