Ware is the Cowboys Pass Rush? Denver

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DeMarcus Ware has amassed 130.5 career sacks, and all but 13.5 of them were in a Cowboys uniform. Along with that comes 624 tackles, 24 defended passes and 34 forced fumbles. What was Jerry thinking?

demarcus ware
(Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News)

DeMarcus Ware has only had two seasons in his entire career that he didn’t post double digit sack numbers. 2005 his rookie year (8.0) and 2013 (6.0) which was not only the year he was pretty much playing with one arm, but the year prior to it being time for Jerry Jones pay up. Ware had restructured his contract several times to help Jerry get under the cap. His gratitude? Jerry sold the fans a story that it was best to cut him because his production didn’t match his cap hit. The fact is, Ware had already earned that money and it went in to the future to help Jerry get under the cap.

The Denver Broncos not only signed DeMarcus Ware after Jerry cut him, but gave him an additional $800,000 in base salary. They let him begin the healing process and didn’t force him to play injured like Jerry did. They eased him back in to things in 2014 and in 15 starts he still amassed 10.0 sacks not being an every down player like in Dallas. The staggering reality to all of this, is the fact that he only had one less sack by himself (10.0) as a part time player than the two Cowboys sack leaders combined. Jeremy Mincey 6 and Henry Melton 5.

The Cowboys only had 28 as a team, which I believe is a franchise record low or close to it. Wait there’s more: Demarcus Ware amassed 31 sacks by himself over the 2011 and 2012 seasons in Dallas and right now Wade Phillips is boasting the #1 ranked defense in the NFL. I’m sure he is thanking Jerry for reuniting him with DeMarcus Ware who is thier current sack leader. The Broncos have 11 sacks to the Cowboys 3.

demarcus ware
(Photo by Joe Amon/The Denver Post)


Over the course of his career, DeMarcus Ware averaged 10.6 sacks per season, despite the career low of 6 in 2013 when he was injured. and the 8 his rookie year. Entering week 4 of the  the 2015 NFL season, DeMarcus Ware has 3.5 sacks which is more than the Dallas Cowboys have  as a team and puts him on course for at least 16 on the season. Whats worse? Two of the Cowboys three sacks came from Sean Lee and Anthony Hitchens. who are not even pass rushers on the defensive line.

greg hardyJerry Jones responded by giving a potential boat load of money to Greg Hardy, who not only brought  off the field baggage with him, but has contributed squat so far this season because he is still serving out his suspension. Hardy has only averaged 8.25 sacks per season over the course of his career. He only had 3 his rookie year as compared to 8 by Ware and 4 his second years as compared to 11.5 by Ware. In fact, the guy hasn’t even suited up for a regular season game since week one of the 2014 season.

There are no guarantees of what we will even get after him being on the couch for so long. The bottom line is, he had two productive seasons so far (2012 & 2013)  and followed them up by getting arrested (per the protection order filed with the courts) for throwing a woman in to the tiled tub area of a bathroom. He then dragged her into the bedroom, choked her, picked her up again and threw her onto a couch covered in assault rifles and/or shotguns  (a major sore spot with me) in 2014. DeMarcus Ware has never had an off the field issue and has been consistent for 10 seasons. At the end of the day, the Cowboys pass rush represents Jerry’s general management skills. With the signing of Hardy, he lost all credibility with me for condoning domestic violence and he blew the right kind of guys mantra right out the window.

I like Randy Gregory as much as the next person, but here we are again with a high draft pick getting paid to watch because of injury. This has been par for the course in Dallas. They gave him the number 94, I hope and pray he can live up to it. The fact remains that Jerry did too little too late. You don’t cut your best pass rusher and wait til next year to draft his replacement. Smart GM’s make sure the next guy is ready to step up first. This just continues a long pattern of bone headed moves by the Cowboys owner, president and general manager, Jerry Jones.

Ok I am going to say it: Not only trading a draft pick, but $2 million in cap space to sign a QB (Matt Cassel)  who already failed in this league when they already had Kellen Moore on the roster, will only prove to be the next boneheaded mistake made by a GM who I will bet never watches any tape. This has been his legacy since he fired Jimmy Johnson and then when  Bill Parcells quit. How many QBs did he go through after Aikman retired? Before Parcells and Sean Payton saved his butt with Romo?  Scott Linehan gave him a gift wrapped QB and Jerry kicked him aside for a never was. Mark my words, had it not been for Parcells, he would have done the same to Romo. Enough said.

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  • Al

    Wow good read, but I sense some venom and some major hostility in those words lol. Remind me never to get on your bad side.

  • Al

    When these players continue to get a pass for violent crimes, it send the message to Americas youth that violence or beating women is Ok! Jerry is supporting that which is hypocritical when they have so many community outreach and youth programs. If anything, Hardy needs his ass kicked for that kind of behavior. No excuse for a man his size throwing a woman around. Dez getting a pass for assaulting his mother was wrong too. It makes ya wonder if Jerry slapped his old lady around.

  • Chris

    Awesome title haha. Ware will be in the Cowboys ROH along with the HOF.
    Our pass rush has been non existent though, our defense has been holding their own in the first half but with an offense that was only scored what? 7-10 points? in the 2nd half of these past two games, they are getting worn out. It’s completely frustrating to watch. But I have to defend…. Gregory… somewhat. He’s not a wasted draft pick yet, getting first round talent late in the 2nd round is huge. He was disruptive all pre season, I know that doesn’t mean much but it was a ray of hope, even his limited play against the Giants was encouraging. He’s a young rookie with tons of potential, he’ll come into his own before this season is over and get his sacks.
    Ware is now surrounded by better talent, we all know that’s true. It’s bittersweet seeing him play now but happy for him and do miss him. I do remember him mentioning that the he was amazed by the Broncos equipment/training room, it was state of the art, something the Cowboys apparently don’t have.
    I just want to see some pressure and sacks on the QB’s now.