“Ware” is the Cowboys Pass Rush?

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As I stated in my previous article, the Cowboys’ pass rush was my biggest concern entering the 2014 NFL season. The departure of Demarcus Ware left many of us outraged.

cowboys pass rush demarcus ware

Watching the defensive tackle who led the entire NFL in sacks at his position in 2013, Jason Hatcher, go to the rival Redskins, not only poured salt in to the wound, but left many people scratching their head.

What’s even more disturbing is the fact that the two former Cowboys are currently tied for 7th in the NFL with 2.5 sacks a piece: ahead of the likes of JJ Watt, JPP, Dontari Poe and Mario Williams. The NFL sack leader, Mario Addison, has 3.5. The Dallas Cowboys, as a team, have a total of 3.0. The sad part is, the front 4 have a total of 1.0 which is shared by Kyle Wilber and Henry Melton. The truth be told, the Cowboys pass rush is non existant.

Jerry Jones told the world that he had to get rid of Demarcus Ware because he couldn’t stay healthy etc. Jason Hatcher was a business decision and la de da. I find it amusing that Cowboys players manage to stay healthy elsewhere. Even Miles Austin. Maybe Jay Ratliff hiring his own trainers should have sent a message to Jerry. I have never in my lifetime seen a team with so many soft tissue issues. Where is Henry Melton? Oh ya: hamstrung.

The Cowboys pass rush has been stagnant for several years now. My question is: how did Jerry plan to improve it by allowing his only 3 pro bowl pass rushers (Ware, Hatcher and Ratliff) move on to greener pastures and replace them with injured, cast off, or late round players? The fact of the matter is, now that the last of the Parcells era players are gone, the Cowboys pass rush is non existent. The top pass rusher on the DL has half a sack in three games.

You can drink the Jerry juice if you want to, but at the end of the day, the Cowboys are currently ranked 22nd in total defense following two journeyman quarterbacks. If the Cowboys pass rush doesn’t improve drastically against the likes of Drew Brees and the other top quarterbacks in the league: it’s going to be a long season. Jerry can spin it any way he wants to, but Demarcus Ware looks as explosive as ever in Denver, Hatcher is dominating in Washington and Jerry looks like a first class idiot as usual.

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  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I don’t blame Jerry for releasing Ware or Hatcher. They were commanding too much money, and they were fairly old. I do however blame Jerry for the stupid cap that didn’t allow us to at least keep Ware. Bad contracts, restructures every year, pushed all Ware’s money back to the point we couldn’t afford him. Now Ware looks to be having a great year for another freaking team. Freaking Miles Austin is healthy, since when does he not pull a hamstring. I said it 2 years ago the training staff is what is giving us these injuries. I don’t care if he has 6 rings or not, since he got here it’s been injury after injury. You can’t blame Lee or Lawrence on him, but everyone else you can. Let’s not forget the busted pick Morris Claiborne either. We let Jenkins go, and not even allow him to compete with Mo, until he at least knew the NFL. Guess what, Jenkins was better than Mo his rookie year, and he is still better. Sorry to hear that Jenkins is now hurt, but thanks again Jerry.

    • Mo makes more than hatch lol.

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        And that’s a problem. We probably go CB in round 1 this year, even though the pass rush and LB group needs more work, and will benefit the defense more overall.

        • californy

          RR Strategy is to pressure the ball at all times. RR believe sack happen because of coverage sack.

          Wade believe in pressuring the QB with the front 7, this will create the interception and sack.

          Marinelli doesn’t have the front 4 to pressure anyone, so it must be by the blitz we get the sacks because it not working any other way

          • We definitely don’t have the secondary to get coverage sacks

        • A cb RB or we lol

      • californy

        JJ lacks a plan at developing this team. It doesnt take 18 years at rebuilding the Cowboys. Green bay added 42 new players to it roster in the 2 years prior to winning the last SB. They also had 17-21 Player go on IR in the year the won the SB, and they were also 5th lowest in payroll in that year.

  • californy

    Carolina this year has added 3 new Offensive lineman to that Roster, unlike what JJ does by adding one player per year.

    Cardinals have 2 new LB playing in their defense this year, and they lost their top 3 tackler from last year. They are one of the undefeated team still in the NFL

    Seattle SB plan happen in 3 years, Green bay in 2 years, JJ in 18 year plus

  • californy

    JJ believe in giving the draft pick starting jobs, JJ often cuts the high salary player and anoints their draft pick at being a better player. In many ways this team is missing the veteran mentoring the younger player until they are ready to take over

  • MercWithaMouth

    Can’t win for anything… Constantly criticized for signing “one year wonders” too soon and to too big of contracts, criticized for keeping Hamstring Austin around for too long because he cant stay healthy, criticized for keeping guys one year too long rather than getting rid of them a year too soon… If hatch gets his contract in Dallas y’all are crying because he got paid too much and JJ is an idiot, Ware stays and y’all are saying he’s washed up and a shell of his former self and needs to take a paycut, and on and on. With fans like this no wonder JJ does what ever he wants, it doesn’t matter because no one is ever happy with anything he does.

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      Not being able to keep Ware was because of past mistakes on the cap. Hatcher I understand letting go, he did good there. But Ware’s contract was pushed back several times due to previous mistakes on the cap. Then he was making way too much money by the end of his contract. Jerry is the issue, regardless of what you think. And it has nothing to do with making me happy, because after 18 years happy doesn’t coincide with the ridiculousness that is the Dallas Cowboys.

      • MercWithaMouth

        I’m not saying that I don’t think Jerry’s the issue, and maybe it’s not Jerry with all the recent decisions. But, they have made moves 180 degrees from what we are used to seeing and someone deserves credit for that. I think Ware should have been kept at all costs and been given him more season to turn it around, but, how often do you hear it’s better to get rid of guys a year early rather than a year late? Hatcher finally had a breakout season, but, those are the same contract JJ is criticized for handing out all the time, good move letting him walk. Ratliff and Orton clearly didn’t want to play here, and judging what Tyron Smith and Ryan Williams had to say, I really don’t understand why, but Im fine with them both getting the boot too. Austin couldn’t stay healthy for the 3rd straight season. And passing up on Manziel for the 3rd Oline in 4 years? None of the moves over the last couple years and especially this past year scream JJ to me. This year, imo, will be a big year in saying who is running the team(or that JJ had a sudden change in heart) with Murray’s, Carter’s, and Free’s contracts all expiring as well as Mo’s performance being quite lacking and Jason Garrett being on his final year as well. This will be a defining year for JJ as we have known him.

    • Decisions like this is why we have one playoff win in 19 yrs ! He pays the wrong players cuts the wrong players and drafts the wrong players. He is the definition of stupid. This is why he can’t keep a good coach.

    • Only a senile old bastard like jerry fires a legend like Landry then fires the coach who won him back to back super bowls. On his own he is 500. The funny part is Landry had 20 consecutive winning seasons & JJ is working on 1 playoff win in 20 yrs . Karma is a bitch.

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Well, I love Landry and you know I do. He is my idol as a coach, but it was time. Now I wouldn’t have gotten rid of him the way Jerry did, that was disrespectful. I would have offered him a job as a president of something so he could stick with the team.

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    But according to Jerry, we are bringing the pressures!! Lol.

  • boysdeporvida

    OMG what a bunch of whiners…
    I think this DL is getting closer and closer,very little sacks but a bunch of hurries ,and pressure, It will get better as the season goes.

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      Technically it will get worse as the season goes on, as teams tend to run the ball in colder weather, thus less opportunities for sacks. It will get better as time goes on, no it won’t only way it gets better is if Lawrence gets back and does well. 3 sacks, 3 and .5 a sack is credited to the D line, meaning that we are blitzing and our D line isn’t getting there. Sacks aren’t the only measuring stick, but you have to hit home and we aren’t.

      • boysdeporvida

        i think we are hitting home, Carter pick sick, and Mo’s INT were cuz of Pressure that got home…

        • Lol you’re in denial it was a 3rd string rook in his 2nd start.

          • boysdeporvida

            How bout the Rams OL were they, rookies on their 2 start to??

          • The rams are not known for a good OL. Thus down to 3rd string QB. A rook doesn’t make reads as fast or have as quick of a release as a vet.

        • Save the kool aid for DC.com no homers here. we actually watch tape.

    • A 3rd string rookie in his 2nd start just put up 24 pts. Wth do you think Brees will do? Get off the Jerry juice.

      You know a defense is bad when guys who cleared waivers multiple times make the 53!

  • boysdeporvida

    Jason Hatcher DE Hamstring LP ,LP, questionable
    no injuries to report of Ware or Austin so far, but the season just begone, Will see..
    I see the same type of injuries all around the injury report of any team you pick and look up..
    Cowgirlcas22 19 hours ago
    JJ lacks a plan at developing this team. It doesnt take 18 years at rebuilding the Cowboys
    9ERS 19 years before they made it to the super bowl.
    Skins going on 24 years
    and on and on….

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      Colts turned around in one year, the Seahawks took 3 and the Packers took only a few years as well. We aren’t the 49ers or Redskins, and the 49ers are good now, maybe not this year, but they have had more success than we have in that time span.

  • COWBOYS/24/7/365

    Maybe… Just maybe… when the Cowboy franchise is no longer making humongous amounts of money because they’ve been losing for so long then maybe…just maybe… Jerry will realize that the winning tradition that the Cowboys “had” is what has been making him money and then maybe… just maybe… at that point he will realize that he is an “owner” and not a “GM” and then maybe… just maybe… he will hire a “Real GM” and get this team back on track. Unfortunately… I think that Jerry will have to be really hurting financially before he gives up that control. Jerry is a “control freak” who’s genius lies in marketing not football (as we are all aware of). When he stops making money that’s the only time that maybe… just maybe… he will give up control of the football end of his business and stick to just marketing. I’ve been a Cowboy fan for 49 years, I live in New Jersey and I’m surrounded by Giant and Eagle fans so you can all probably understand why I really want… or should I say need a few more rings before I kick it. Jerry… please wake up and give us True Blue Cowboy Fans something to be proud of again!!

  • Lionone1

    Well I hated that the Cowboys traded Ware. He is a top 5 pass rusher in the league and always will be plus his knowledge of the game is invaluable for the younger guys. Plus they got nothing in return to compensate for the loss. I understand letting Hatcher go ( Who has a hamstring injury) can’t keep both. The pass rush needs to continue to improve that will help the secondary. But thats to be determined obviously. The weak side of the defense is the weakest link on the team all the way up to the DE, LB, CB and FS. They need a play maker at atleast FS or CB. We been saying Claiborne is not physical enough to play in this defense and boy is that showing up.
    The positive is the offense if going to be good for a long time. The players are young. If they can continue to make good decisions on building the defense like the moves they’ve been making for the offense. It could be a really good football team.