Would Tony Romo Have Won A Ring With The 90’s Cowboys?

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Tony RomoWould Tony Romo have won a ring with the 90’s Cowboys?

Just for the record, I am really going against my beliefs on this topic. I feel what happened in the past happened the way it did because the players played together as a team and made it happen. For example, I don’t feel you can replace Joe Montana with Dan Marino and achieve the same results. I just don’t believe in that argument. It is what it is. I like debating facts and not hypothetical circumstances. It just seems like nobody can say for sure because it didn’t happen!

Now that being said, off to trying to dabble in the factual hypothetical world while trying to achieve valid points…

Tony Romo is no doubt an outstanding qb. The longer he plays, the more I look at his body of work and shake my head at the numbers he is putting up. Like the stat that popped up during last weeks game against the Giants. Tony Romo is the highest rated 4th quarter qb in the history of the NFL. It’s baffling. All that is talked about are the plays like the interception in week 17 last year against the Redskins, or the bobbled snap in Seattle. Then you find out that since 2011, Tony Romo leads the league in game winning drives with 11. Not too shabby for a guy labeled “choke artist”.

Those who love Tony Romo would agree, and probably to some extent those who hate him, know he would have more success if he had a better cast around him. I have said it several times. Tony cant do it alone. He needs a defense that can get crucial stops and a running game he can lean on. Heck, doesn’t every QB need that?

That being said, of coarse he wins a ring if you put him on the 90’s cowboys! I don’t know if he wins 3 out of 4 like Troy Aikman, but I definitely say he wins in 93 when Emmitt won league MVP. Now this is why I don’t like dealing in this hypothetical realm. Aikman was the perfect QB for that team. He was a perfectionist. He was “one” with Micheal Irvin. He just fit. They were a machine. They just clicked together. They were the triplets. Put Tony on that team and obviously the chemistry is altered. But give Tony that defense and that running game and he would do some serious damage in January. I have no doubt about that. So on that note, get to work Jerry! You have a QB here that you are wasting. Get this guy some real help so he can finally get his ring.

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  • Jeff Kessinger

    I think Romo would have won ring with a couple different teams with him as QB. Not sure about the early 90s teams though. Airman and Irvin were more than just “one”. Both have said they could complete passes blindfolded they knew each other so well. I’m not sure Romo was capable of that. Airman is arguably the most accurate passer to ever play in the NFL, and although Romo is good he’s not in that conversation. Having said all that he probably could have but I don’t think it’s a lock the way you do. I think the question should be what other coaches, including Garrett could have won a SB with that team?

    • most accurate? explain 13 td to 12 pick season and a career PR in the low 80’s. Romo is much more accurate without a HOF WR. Emmitt carried Aikman. Romo is 4th all time in career PR Aikman is in the 40s.

      • rh_stranger1

        Its sad we may never get to see romo have a real shot. This team is always strapped by the cap and has to many poor drafts. Romo definately carries this team as best he can. He has only had a couple decent teams to play on in his career, 07 and 09. Also he has never had a good coach. Maybe this year he will get another crack at it in the playoffs. He is definately doing his part, but once again he will just be out manned if they get to the playoffs. Will take a miracle just to get out of the 1st round

        • I still think Tony should have tested the market. His blind loyalty may come back to haunt him. I just don’t see him getting a ring in Dal. I am afraid he will be like Dan Marino.

          • boysdeporvida

            The Cowboys are getting closer. I think Romo will lead the Cowboys to several Super Bowls in this decade.

          • I hope you are right!!!!!!!

    • The funniest part is: Romo did it with no OL or running game. Aikman would be dead meat with Romos OL’s. You better look up Aikmans comp% and Int% before making such a bold statement. Another fact is, Romo never had the same rec year after year either. Aikman and Irvin played their whole careers together.