Tony Romo Sets 2 NFL Records: Beasley and Williams Shine

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So far the Dallas Cowboys 2013 season has been a roller coaster ride. If there is one part of this team that’s been consistent, it’s Tony Romo, Cole Beasley, and Terrance Williams. Who said triplets had to include a running back?

Tony RomoIt seems like the more the talking heads of the media find reasons to bash Tony Romo, the more egg he adds to their faces. In only 100 NFL starts, Tony Romo has shattered every Dallas Cowboys record ever set except for total career passing yards. That record is currently held by Troy Aikman. The amazing part is: Romo has almost shattered that one with a lot less starts.

Tony Romo Franchise Records.

  • Most touchdown passes by a Dallas QB
  • Most touchdown passes in a season by a Dallas QB
  • Most touchdown passes in a game by a Dallas QB
  • Most yards in a season by a Dallas QB
  • Most yards in a game by a Dallas QB
  • Most yards in first 100 starts by a Dallas QB
  • Highest completion percentage by a Dallas QB
  • Lowest interception percentage by a Dallas QB
  • Highest career passer rating by a Dallas QB
  • Most 4th quarter comebacks by a Dallas QB
  • Highest 4th quarter passer rating by a Dallas QB
  • Most 300 yard games in a season by a Dallas QB
  • Most 400 yard games in a season by a Dallas QB
  • The only 500+ yard game by a Dallas QB

The intriguing thing about all of this is, Tony Romo isn’t happy with just breaking franchise records: he is now setting new NFL records. In the week 7 match-up against the Philadelphia Eagles, Tony Romo set two all time NFL records. Surpassing the likes of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Kurt Warner etc. Tony Romo now holds the records for most completions in 100 starts (2,276) and yards, (27,747).

192 touchdowns and a career passer rating of 96.1 are good for top 5 all time. While we are on the subject of all time: Tony Romo is one of five quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to throw for over 500 yards and five touchdowns in a single game.

Tony Romo has the highest fourth quarter passer rating of any NFL QB since 1991. Factor in a career completion percentage of 65.0, the only adjective that comes to mind is “Elite”.

Of course the talking heads of the media will have you believe that an “Elite” QB has to have won a championship. That may get swallowed by some, but the definition of elite is: ‘the choice or best of a group, class, or the like’.

The only accurate way to evaluate an NFL quarterback, is to compare his performance to the other members of that group. In other words: where does Tony Romo rank among the other members of the quarterback class/group? Gosh, is 4th all-time in overall QB efficiency high enough for you?

There are those who would have you believe that Eli Manning is “Elite” because he has 2 Super Bowl rings: where does he rank against other quarterbacks? Tied for 40th all time. Keep in mind: Eli Manning has more interceptions over the last 5 years than any other QB in the NFL.

Troy Aikman comes in at 44th with 3 rings, and Terry Bradshaw at 131st with 4. It is anathema to me that people want to label a QB based on the performance of an entire team. If you were a GM for an NFL team, would you refuse to sign Tom Brady if the Patriots hadn’t won any Super Bowls? Of course not, if you were in the market for a QB you would hire him based on his individual performance.

Before moving on: how many of Tony Romo’s teammates currently rank top 5 all time at their respective position? At the end of the day, Tony Romo is 4th all time and nothing the talking heads of the media can spew will change that. There are only more records to come, so get your pop corn out.

Is Dez Bryant really Tony Romos’ most reliable weapon?

It is a common belief that Dez Bryant is the best receiver on the Cowboys roster. Well, it depends on how you look at it. Does he lead the team in receptions and yards because he is in fact the most reliable receiver, or is it because the coaches are force feeding him the ball? Lets face it, at the end of the day, the guy with the most targets wins.

I was doing a little research for this article and ended up taking it in an entirely different direction than intended as a result of my findings. Week after week, Cole Beasley has managed to step up and make plays in clutch situations. Usually on 3rd down, and/or in the red zone. The same goes for Terrance Williams. Both players played a major role in the win over the Eagles.

My initial intent was to determine which of the two had the highest target to reception percentage. In the beginning I never figured Dez Bryant in to the equation: then I saw the numbers.  Lets face it, the most important trait in a WR is reliability. Seriously: what good is a WR who doesn’t catch the ball on a large percentage of his targets?  It may be impressive when he makes a big play, but how reliable is he overall? My findings were quite shocking to say the least.

Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams are without a doubt, much more reliable than Dez Bryant. Yup I said it. I know what your thinking: this woman is out of her damn mind! Dez Bryant is a beast. He is when he actually catches the ball. I will get down to the facts here shortly.

Everyone who has played some football at a level above high school or seen an NFL play book,  knows that in many cases plays have a call number. It may be something like “Omaha scat left post 88, eat, man hook, down”. The number signifies who the play is intended to go to. In this case, Dez Bryant. Eat, Man Hook, Down is the TE’s assignment.

Once the ball is snapped, the QB surveys the field and the ball is supposed to go to the player who was singled out in the play. If it is too risky to go there, then the QB goes through his progression of reads to determine where to go with the football. Defensive coordinators use player numbers as well. When he calls in a defensive play, he may include something like “double 88” in the call: this means to double cover Bryant.

Why do they have call numbers in the plays? Because in most cases, the QB only has a few seconds to get rid of the football. He has to be able to anticipate where the receiver will be and put the ball there hoping he will get there.

I can’t say with a certainty that the Cowboys do this, but a lot of teams do. However, the numbers below lead me to believe that they do. They also lead me to believe that Bill Callahan is trying to force too many balls to Dez Bryant. Teams like to put on a show for the fans. This is how they sell jerseys and fill seats. The Fans want to see big plays by Dez Bryant.

Jeff K recently pointed out in one of his articles that while watching the game tape, he noticed a couple of the receivers were not running their routes hard, and in some cases not even finishing them as if they knew the ball wasn’t coming their way: so why bother?  I have noticed the same thing.

There have been too many times when I saw Witten, Beasley or Williams wide open, and the ball was still thrown to a heavily covered Dez Bryant and ended up an incompletion. This will not do. Lets take a look at the numbers.

  • Dez Bryant: 70 targets and 42 completions for a target to catch percentage of 60.0.
  • Terrance Williams: 28 targets and 24 completions for a target to catch percentage of 85.7.
  • Cole Beasley: 20 targets and 18 completions for a target to catch percentage of 90.

Are you getting my point? Not only are other teams trying to take Dez Bryant out of the game, he is the most inconsistent receiver of the three. The questions now become: why is the most consistent receiver of the bunch getting the least amount of targets, and why is the least consistent receiver of the group getting more than three times as many targets?

Football is a game of inches and percentages. It makes no sense what-so-ever to me for the majority of the passes to be low percentage throws. This type of play calling and the lack of a running game is why the Dallas Cowboys have so many 3 and outs. This is why the Cowboys have a history of struggling on third down, and this is why the Cowboys continue to lose by 7 points or less.

There has got to be a balance in the distribution of the football. One receiver getting targeted 22 more times than the other two combined is ludicrous to say the least. Especially when the most reliable receiver on the team is getting targeted the least.

I have to admit, I am eating a little crow. Terrance Williams has developed much faster than I thought he would. The new WR coach and Tony Romo have worked wonders with him. Cole Beasley has lived up to everything I predicted him to be. The bottom line is, the three most consistent players on this team of late, have been Tony Romo, Cole Beasley, and Terrance Williams. “The Triplets” reborn? Only time will tell, but Beasley and Williams continue to shine.

It’s time for the coaches to stop worrying about ratings and worry about gaining the necessary inches by utilizing the most reliable players. You will win a lot more games completing 90% of your passes than you will completing 60% of them. Not only that, it makes the defenses job a lot easier when they know where most of the passes are going.

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  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I understand where you are coming from, Beasley and Williams are the most reliable receivers on the team, but without a question Dez is the best WR on this team. He opens it up for them because he gets doubled. He was targeted a lot last week, but the wind was terrible and so were the refs.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    At one point Randle had 50 yards on 13 carries, 3.8 yards a carry. We passed when we are up, and we refuse to run the ball. Randle’s numbers weren’t spectacular by any means, but he got the yards that were there, he got the big boy yards. You can’t completely give up on the run. The only positive was that Randle got 93 total yards which is ok, but you have to feed the back more. Even if you pass the ball to them, it serves as an extended handoff.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I never thought I would meet a coach that throws more than Garrett does. It is ridiculous.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Romo had one of his worse games this week, and the past two weeks he has been average, but the noticeable difference, is that the team, hasn’t allowed that to be a factor. The D stepped up this week, and last week with D and ST. For the past two weeks, Romo hasn’t been forced to be spectacular, which is how football should be played, not dumping all of it on a single player.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I say trade Orton to the Browns. We have Tanney, if Romo goes down we are screwed anyway. I would rather lose with a young guy who is basically a rookie, than lose with a veteran who hasn’t started in two years.

    • Right now STL would be good trade partners for Orton with Bradford down, they went as far as calling Favre lol

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Wilcox is still young and obviously isn’t ready to start, but he made a fantastic play in the red zone on that deflection.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    It seems to me that the rules are meant to protect the QB, but don’t factor in when Romo is involved. Romo got a forearm to the helmet when he was downed by contact, and the hit was late. The ref was right there by the way. I wish someone from the organization would call this out. The past 4 games have been atrocious.

    • they only apply if your last name is Manning, Brady, Brees etc. Romo, Big Ben and many others don’t get the same consideration.

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Just really frustrating to see that, they treat him like he isn’t as important, and really, in a way they treat him like he is a lower human being, if some rules apply to others, when others don’t. Feel bad for Big Ben, but I hate the Steelers so, not really.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I knew Williams would be good, but not this good this fast. Frederick is making me eat crow too. Hasn’t been spectacular, but has been very solid, he is the 2nd rated rookie lineman this year, and the 6th rated C in the league. Probably don’t believe me. But Frederick has been very solid.

    • I am not so impressed with Frederick, the ol is collapsing in the middle a lot and it’s not Waters.

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Your opinion, but I think he is decent, he doesn’t have the same problems that Costa had. Don’t get me wrong, he shouldn’t have been a first rounder, but he is atleast better than I originally thought.

        • I dont think him or Costa have played as well as Gurode did. Yes there was the occasional bad snap, but he wasn’t in Romos’ lap all the time.

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    Preach Cas preach! Some of the most germane and judicious argument for Tony that i have ever read. Sensational article yet again Cas.

  • iceman

    agree with everything you said mama.

  • frank

    great article cowgirl. now we just have yo get rid of garrett and get gruden and we will be on our way. couldn’t believe he punted from the 37 yard line. should have went for it or at least tried to draw them off sides. should have given randle more carries. (def28)

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I say Witten is a top 5 atleast top 3 TE of all time.

    • he is definitely up there, but where is the rest of the team?

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Ware is probably a Hall of Famer, just not top 5 all time. Everyone else, probably not so much. Hey couldn’t Garrett be considered in the Hall, I mean he is the greatest BSer of all time, he would fit in with the guys who vote for the Hall. Seriously still questioning why guys like Everson Walls and Martin.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    You should write an article on Marvin Austin who we just picked up. I don’t think he is a waste of time, all the talent in the world, but doesn’t seem to have his head in the game, if Marinelli can’t get him to work no one will. He isn’t costing us much either, boom or leave.

  • rh_stranger1

    Romo is putting up baffling numbers. He is a great qb. But the only images to date he will be remembered for are his late game mistakes. Its a shame. The numbers suggest he is an extremely rare talent. If this guy wins a ring he will without question go to the hall of fame. Dont know if its the cowboys bias or what. But its not just mainstream media, its hometown fans as well. When you play qb forthe dallas cowboys Iits super bowl or bust. That is the cold hard truth. Very few franchises have that kind of pressure. It means you are a great and storied franchise. The only way he will ever live up to his predecessors is to win a ring. He is following staubach and aikman. Two legends of the game. Say what you want about his numbers, fans in dallas dont care. They want rings. His numbers are flat superior, but he lacks a title, and thats the only stat that counts. I do think we need to enjoy the ride tho cuz romo is a special player. Romo is not the only cowboy putting up stats that make you do a double take and drop your jaw. Megatron is widely considered the best reciever in the game. Here are head to head numbers for dez and calvin thru 1st 50 games. Receptions cj – 217 dez – 242. Yards cj – 3362 dez 3340. Yards after catch cj – 816 dez – 1179. TD’s cj – 25 dez -33. Dez is an absolute freak just tapping in to his talent. Personally im thrilled romo has all these weapons. I take dez tho day and night because he can beat you inside, outside, underneath, and over the top, not to mention draws all the coverage so guys like cole and terrence get one on one. P.s. sorry for the book lol

    • Beasley has been helping Dez get 1 on 1

      • rh_stranger1

        Beasey adds a very nice demension to this offense out of the slot. Hes very quick, knows where to be, and has sure hands as well as sideline awareness. He is deadly on that 5 yard out. After watching the tape I noticed there is never a defender right up on beasley. Sometimes they are even 10-12 yards off. Sometimes linebackers try to spy him in a zone. Most of the time a corner is on him 3-7 yards off of him. With beasleys success I have to believe these cushions will shorten up. I want to see how he reacts when corners get physical and make him have to work to get off the line instead of letting him run free. He is 5’8″ and about 175. One thing I have noticed is he will actually initiate contact before making his break. He also has a knack for timing his swim moves perfectly. If he ever gets press coverage it will be interesting to see if his quickness and instincts will win over tighter, more physical coverage

        • I was going to grab Beasley in fantasy today and my uncle beat me to it by a few mins grrrrr he has avg 11 points a game over the last 3 and I see his role increasing as the season moves on

        • From what BB told me: Beasley is so quick and shifty off the line the CB’s can’t get a hand on him to jam him at the line. He said none of the Cowboys CB’s can stay with him one on one in practice

          • rh_stranger1

            Sound exactly the same as what belicek said about welker before the pats signed him away from miami

        • one thing I forgot to mention: Beasley is a lot stronger than his size lets on: as small as he is, he only did one less bench rep than Frederick at his pro day: I am sure he is even stronger now training under Woicik.

    • Brady101

      Romo doesn’t need a ring for HOF….if he is evaluated as he should be..nuff said.

  • John Trujillo

    I’ve always said that Romo has never had a clutch receiver. The Haters always talk about the weapons he’s had but he’s never had a Pearson or a Novacek to go to. He’s never had a Dorsett or a Smith to hand off to, to protect a lead. He’s never had a top 10 defense to secure his 4th quarter comebacks.
    I’ve been a fan since before Roger Staubach. I’m the guy they started making the superstitious fan commercials about because I was in the good linebacker stance and going to or not going to the fridge in the 70’s.
    Witten is not a top 5 all time TE. Novacek was clutch and one of the first TEs to force defenses to cover him like a WR. Romo made Witten (whom I like by the way) because Witten was more reliable than the other targets Romo had (Compare Witten’s and Novacek’s college careers).
    Everyone talks about Bryant landing on his outstretched hand out of bounds against the Giants but did not notice two dropped passes in the same series, one before to Ogletree and one after to Austin.
    Crayton, Austin, Ogletree, T.O., Roy Willams and even Witten have dropped perfectly thrown balls or stutter-stepped the route in clutch moments. Witten gets a pass on the one in Pittsburgh because of the icy conditions but that was a play following directly on Garret who would not use a running back that was averaging over 6 yards a play to protect a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter.
    Romo, to me anyway, can only be compared side by side with one NFL quarterback and that is Archie Manning. A. Manning stuck with a team that offered him no help to “get the job done”. Look at the film and you’ll see the only other QB who routinely picked the ball up off the ground and made a positive highlight reel play.
    Jim Plunkett did on occasion his first and second year and finally, after everyone said he was washed up, did he get some supporting players for two Superbowl wins. McNabb will be a HOF QB but not Plunkett?????
    I think it’s funny that right now Eli Manning has a better team around him than Romo has had the last 7 years.

    • You make some very good points. I have trouble believing Marino, Tarkenton and Fouts don’t have rings and guys like Johnson and Dilfer do. It’s the only proof needed that it’s all about the “TEAM”

  • John Trujillo

    Have been waiting for the Cowboys to use Beasley more. Just keep Tanner out of the way. Why the refuse to use Harris more is beyond me. Speed kills in the NFL.
    Does anyone know where to find the data on Ware’s sacks by name? He proved a theory of mine against the Redskins.

    • Are yo meaning the names of all the QB’s he sacked?

      • John Trujillo

        Yes. Don’t get upset with me but Ware, Jenkins and Newsome never seemed to play hard against black quarterbacks. Maybe they lose their killer instinct. I don’t get to watch all of the Cowboys’ games because I’m retired SF military and do contractor work but I remember Spencer and Hatcher getting sacks against Philly but never Ware. He did intercept a Vick pass for a TD but Hatcher was the one applying pressure on that play. Ware looked terrible against the Redskins last year hopping in and out of lanes which probably confused the safety of linebacker on his side. He looked pathetic again this year before he limped off the field. I won a bet with my son-in-law that the pressure would get better instead of worse as the paid analysts predicted. Plus I think he runs around a lot of plays to get sacks, something I never saw Harvey Martin do.
        Rob Ryan never seemed to notice that Jenkins and Newsome played 15 yards off the receivers during his designed blitzes. I was always amazed how the Cowboys could go toe to toe with whatever team went on to win the Superbowl that year but get blown out by Philly and Washington in crucial games.
        As for me I don’t see that much difference between Tebow and RGIII except for one is stronger and the other faster, one was allowed to be mugged and facemasked and the other is protected with penalty flags. Church did not make late hits on RGIII. There is a difference between the ref’s subjective opinion of “going” out of bounds and “being” out of bounds.
        I totally agree with you about the two constants in Romo’s legacy are Garret and Jones respectively. Romo was the most mobile QB in the final four against Minnesota, who had the #1 pass rusher going against the Cowboy’s #1 penalty in the most inopportune time left tackle, and Garret has him stand in the pocket instead of sprint outs in the first quarter to tire out the defense. Garret refused to use the most productive back they had and instead attempted using an injured Barber on a pitchout. Not his forte even in his healthy prime. No wonder Tashard Choice left with an attitude.
        Sorry I didn’t mean to turn this into a rant.


        p.s. I remember seeing your comment blasting some guy who questioning what a girl is doing commenting on football.

        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Tony Romo Sets 2 NFL Records: Beasley and Williams Shine

        • Gabriel Carrasco

          I don’t agree with you one bit. First off, Ware exited the game early against the Skins this year, plus he was embarrassed last, maybe because he didn’t know how to play against the read option. On top of that he has some of his best games against Philly. He had some good games against the Redskins. Your argument against black QB isn’t valid either, it has nothing to do with a white or black QB. Some players just don’t play well against some teams, while they dominate others. Now if you want to complain with Ware not getting the clutch plays, then you have an argument, but this statement was pretty dumb.

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            I do agree with you, Garret’s lack of intelligence kills this team, and he is doing the same this year, he is really hurting us with his and Callahan’s lack of trying to run the ball, even when it is working. I hate to say it, but every “real” fan needs to hope that we don’t get to the playoffs, because if we do, Garrett will be here next season, hurting us further, Garrett’s players are the ones getting us through the year not him. When players like Romo, Witten, and Ware retire, we will see how bad our team actually is.

          • I agree

          • John Trujillo

            He did exit the game early and RGIII looked like the old RGIII until he did. I knew this would elicit an emotional response. Nobody wants to believe their heroes are not perfect and may allow emotion to rule their behavior. Can you find the sacks by name statistics before you start calling me dumb?
            Of Ware’s 115 sacks, how does he have against Donavon McNabb? How many does he have against Michael Vick? How many against RGIII? How many against David Garrard? If Ware is the best defensive player the Cowboys have, not my opinion, but called that on team website as well as the NFL website, then why doesn’t he have the stats to prove it against teams he plays at least twice a year, and usually three times. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me year after year after year is something else. Your premise is that black players do not view black QBs differently than they do white QBs. Ok. Show me where an opposing player went and asked for Tom Brady’s or Peyton Manning’s autograph on national television after they just got beat?
            You say that White QB or Black QB, it doesn’t matter? Rush Limbaugh got fired over commenting on the preferential treatment in the media for a certain player. RGIII drew two unnecessary roughness flags on legal hits by Barry Church. I have seen Romo horse collared once this year and leg whipped while the refs act like they were officiating a professional wrestling match and looking the other way. The last time the Cowboys played Tampa Bay he got a helmet to helmet hit that knocked him unconscious, no flag.
            Just listen to how the experts on ESPN talk about Pryor compared to Romo. If you had never watched a football game before you would assume that Pryor is the second coming and Romo doesn’t even belong in the league.
            There is a difference. If there is difference in voting and public support for individuals such as O.J. and Travon, why is it so impossible to believe that some of those same feelings might not surface in a game? Especially when the NFL has been under fire so long for inequality in league hiring practices.
            Besides Ware didn’t sound too embarrassed about his play against Washington when calling out Tony Romo with “It’s time to put up or shut up” earlier this year.
            I’m not taking your email personal. I went through this my entire military career, time with the FBI HRT, and state department. It seemed like the first response is an angry, you’re stupid or crazy, you’re accusing a senior officer, he’s a West Pointer, I knew him when, no American would do that, or he’s a good guy, blah, blah, blah.
            Let me get this straight. NFL players can murder, rape, deal drugs, involve themselves in dog fighting rings, gambling, spouse and girl friend abuse, substance abuse, drinking and driving, father immeasurable illegitimate children, but would never, ever let up during a game against someone they feel they can relate to and want to see succeed at the highest level of their profession.
            I watched Farve stand in and play while players attempted to injure him and the league or the officials did nothing during the process. A coach had to sit out a year but what about the refs and Farve’s teammates who stood there watching it happen? Would it beyond the realm of possibility that someone high up had decided that Bret Farve was finally going to retire for good?
            Cheating can present it self in many forms and the rationale to the offender maybe appear altruistic, but it is still cheating.

            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Tony Romo Sets 2 NFL Records: Beasley and Williams Shine

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            I never called you dumb, I said your comment was dumb. It isn’t just RG3 or McNabb or whatever, Brady, Manning and others get the same treatment. It is just players like Romo and Roethlesbergr who people love to hate that don’t get flags. How many times has he played RG3 how many times has he played Gerrard? Bringing race into football is a dumb argument to make, just like people say that black QB can’t play in the NFL.

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            If you want to talk about the refs not being fair to players like Tony Romo, then I will agree with you, but making an argument over things like race is dumb. I have noticed for many players not just Romo, I have seen where Vick gets whacked, and nothing happens.

          • I have an open forum where people can speak their mind and observe their right to freedom of speech, the same way I afford my staff that right and freedom of press even if I don’t agree with what they write, What I would rather not happen here is race, politics, or religion getting brought in to the football discussions.

            People from all walks of life are welcome here and I would rather not have any content that may be offensive to others posted. I don’t want this to end up like I want everyone to be friends and respectful to one another.

        • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. you make some valid points.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Hey Cas did you see NFL Network downplaying Romo’s accomplishments. They talked about Marino and Peyton, and talked about their records, which Romo beat by the way. They said the other guys have rings, except for Marino. Then they got to Marino, and said well that is a little different. Can’t believe I heard that BS. McGhinist and the others said it is up to the QB to win the Superbowl. You get a QB to win a Superbowl. McGhinst really needs to get off Brady’s jock strap.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I love Ware, but he is on the decline, Dallas took too long to get him some help.

  • John Trujillo

    Ware is more worried about getting his team to the playoffs
    after consecutive 8-8 seasons. Sunday night, Ware takes on the New York Giants,
    against whom, in 16 career games, he has 13.5 sacks, the most against any team.
    All of those sacks are of Eli Manning.

    The last time the Dallas Cowboys played in Philadelphia, linebacker DeMarcus Ware collected four sacks. Ware has 15.5 career sacks against the Eagles, his most against any opponent. Included are 6.5 sacks against Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick, who has been dropped 27 times this season.

    Read more here:

    The newest member of the club recorded a single sack in 11 of his 16 games and had three sacks three separate times. The linebacker collected his 20th sack in Week 16, and failed to get to Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb in a season-ending loss
    to the Eagles.

    “The Cowboys have not had a consistent pass rusher since Charles Haley
    in the mid-1990s, so it has been great to have someone on which the
    offense must focus,” Cordon said. “Ware has a similar burst of speed
    compared with Haley, but Ware is stronger than Haley was.
    “What is even more impressive is that Ware is a true outside
    linebacker. He is excellent against the run and very good in coverage.”
    Ware also had six forced fumbles and one recovery. “Since Ware had all of the responsibilities of an outside linebacker but was still able to produce 20 sacks, I would tend to say that is more impressive than the defensive ends on the list.” Cordon said. “On the other hand, Reggie White recorded his 21 sacks in only 12 games, so
    I would say that is the most impressive of those with 20 or more sacks.”

    Of course, Harvey Martin has been the real standard-bearer since
    unofficially recording 23 sacks in 1977. Other older Cowboy marks are also not
    officially recognized, including George Andrie’s 18.5 sacks in just 14 games in

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      Now this statement I agree with, I don’t think it is difficult to count the sacks of other players, but Martin does officially have the record. Much better than Strahan getting that BS record. Now obviously they chose what year 1980 so it isn’t completely bias, but it feels that way.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Three rules have been implemented because of Dallas Cowboys. One was the push off rule since Michael Irvin was a beast in doing that, the other was the horesecollar tackle, and then of course the salary cap which good ol buddy Jerry Jones signed off on.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Is it possible to make Tony Romo a scout? LOL. Because he is the one who advocated to implement Beasley more in the gameplan. If Romo didn’t say anything, I doubt Garrett would have used him. Jerry probably told Garrett to listen to Tony as well. Since Jerry has done one thing right and that is sit in Romo’s corner, through all these years. Dez is the one who also said Beasley can’t be covered. For Beasley to get that compliment, he is doing very well.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    NFL Network said Stafford was better than Romo. LOL. When your receivers are all above 6’5″ you better be good.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Warford hasn’t allowed a sack all season, he shut down Geno Atkins. He will have his hands full with Hatcher, he has trouble dealing with quicker lineman, like Hatcher, should be entertaining to watch.