Tony Romo Scalped the Redskins: Now What?

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Wow! I don’t know how many more games like the Cowboys vs Redskins match-up I can take. By the 3rd quarter I felt the lump forming in my stomach. Be honest, when Clutts fumbled the ball (no pun intended) you thought, here comes the melt down! Once Dez Bryant slipped on the grass and Romo got picked, many thought the season was over. Tony Romo on the other hand, said Hell No!

Despite enduring excruciating back pain and a banged up leg, Tony Romo stepped up to the plate and led his 20th fourth quarter comeback. Now what?

Tony RomoRight about the time Cowboys Nation started seeing a glimmer of hope for the playoffs, the Philadelphia Eagles came out and trounced the team the cowboys had just lost to. I have to be honest, when I watched how easily the Eagles dominated that bears team, I figured the Cowboys were going to be in trouble.

What could possibly be worse than not having Sean Lee for the Cowboys biggest game of the season? It comes out that Tony Romo has a ruptured disc in his back. Now What?

On a positive note, if there is one player in the NFL who will do everything in his power to be in that game against the Eagles: it’s Tony Romo. This is a guy who not only tried to re-enter a game with a broken collarbone, he played with broken ribs and a punctured lung one year, only to end up having to play with broken ribs again the next. There is not a single question about Tony Romo’s toughness, but if he can’t play, it’s back to: Now What?

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, Jerry Jones comes out on 105.3 The Fan in full support of Jason Garrett by saying,

“At this time in his career, he’s learning in leaps and bounds and learning every day, and I want our team to take advantage of that,”

Ummmm, since when is being the head coach of a professional football team a learn on the job position? Especially when the fans are paying top dollar to watch them drown in a cauldron of mediocrity.

He added:

“In terms of looking at the future, his future is bright with the Cowboys.”

What about the future of the fans? Now What?

Jason Garrett 2
Ummm, gosh, I don’t know how many times we ran the ball

For starters, the Dallas media will tell you that Jason Garrett is 24-23 as the head coach of the Cowboys which gives the illusion that he has a winning record. What they wont tell you: is that he is 19-2 against teams with a losing record, and 5-21 against teams with a .500 or better record. If you watched all the games, you saw how many of them came down to poor coaching decisions.

The fact is, without Tony Romo making up for his poor game management and the lack of defense by putting up the 3rd most points in the NFL, this team would rarely win. Tony Romo has paid for this teams short comings with his health. Now What?

They will hype this offensive line until the cows come home. The truth is, the run blocking has improved. The pass blocking on the other hand, has not. Tony Romo is on course for a record high sack season. In fact, as mobile as he is, he has taken 35 sacks compared to 17 by Peyton Manning, who is a statue in the pocket and on the back side of 36 years old.

What makes even less sense to me, is the fact that they finally established a running game and refused to use it, which put Tony Romo at even more risk. I said numerous times in previous articles,

“Jason Garrett doesn’t run a QB friendly offense, so it’s only a matter of time before Tony Romo sustains a serious injury.”

Alex Tanney, Alex OkafoThis leads me to the next bone headed decision by Jason Garrett. Why would you keep a 3rd or 4th string TE and let a quarterback like Alex Tanney, with the potential to be a solid starter, get poached right off of the team without even acquiring a draft pick for him? I would have signed him to the roster and let a less valuable asset walk before I let the Browns just take him for free. Now What?

I have said 1,000 times that this team never has a plan B. It is a hell of a lot easier to find a 3rd or 4th TE on the street than it is a QB you can trust to handle the ball on every damn offensive snap. I said at the time they let the Browns poach Tanney: what happens if Tony Romo gets hurt? Remember the year when Romo and Kitna both got hurt? Alex Tanney has a lot more upside than McGee did and we were lucky to have him. Now What?

Jason Garrett says we just have to sign someone off of the street. SMH. This is a QB starved league and several teams are down to 3rd string QB’s. There is one regular season game left that decides whether  the Cowboys go to the playoffs or not. What if Kyle Orton gets hurt in the 1s quarter? Gosh, our boy genius from Princeton never took in to account the weak offensive line and the risk of injury to Tony Romo and/or Kyle Orton. I guess he figures who ever he may be able to find on the street can learn the offense in a couple of days and take over the reins on Sunday. Or maybe, just maybe, he thought he could get Troy Aikman to come down from the booth and suit up. Now What?

Cowboys Landry_Tom_Induction_180-220Don’t even get me started on the lack of discipline and accountability: or the lack of proper conditioning that has led to a record high in muscle related injuries like hamstrings etc. . The bar in Dallas has been lowered from 20 consecutive winning seasons and 18 trips to the playoffs: to well, as long as we sneak in to the playoffs, it was a success this year!

Luckily for Jason Garrett, the Cowboys are in the weakest division in football. There was a time when anything less than a playoff win was unacceptable. I guess after 18 years of .500 and only 1 playoff win, a learn on the job coach is the answer. Jerry Jones fired the winningest coach in NFL history, and now says Jason Garrett has a bright future in Dallas. SMH

There are teams with a 10-5 record fighting for a wild card spot. When was the last time the Cowboys had 10 wins? Before Jason Garrett was the head coach of course. When was the last time the Cowboys went to the playoffs? Before JG was the head coach of course.

Ok sports fans it’s Christmas Eve, and due to the excessive amount of content I have slated to go in to this article, I have decided to break it down in to 2 parts. I will finish it up after Christmas. In the mean time, I will leave you with: Now what?

Here at YDCFF your opinion matters to us. From time to time we insert these polls to get the fans perspective on things. Your participation is appreciated. In part 2 of this article, I will give a whole list of fact based reasons why I have to answer NO. Merry Christmas Cowboys Nation! BIG Hugs!

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  • californy

    Great Article Cowgirl, I just wished the reader could get the unedited version I get with in our conversation I have with you. You are much to kind in these articles, lol

  • californy

    BTW Merry Christmas Cowgirl and to all the readers on this Cowboys site

  • californy

    It bother me a Owner would say someone is not playing for their job. You know Tom Landry or Jimmy would never say this to a player. It seem like JJ already has the excuses line up for JG not taking the Cowboys to the play offs. The hiring Of Kitna show the lack of commitment in developing a future QB that we can develop here in Dallas.

  • californy

    In a Tom Landry system , it was the next man up when a player got injured. Jerry Jones is the one who destroyed the system Landry had in place, we were like a football factory producing talent at many positions.

    In a Jerry Jones system is about the player . Most JJ draft picks don’t have to earn their starting spot because JJ cut their competition. But in the last 17 years JJ has come short in the talent of these players. This is why JJ has committed 93 Million to 10 player next year, and the fact we are going to be 31 Million over the cap next year base on 2013 cap numbers.

    JJ lacks a plan. JJ plan change on a weekly and daily basis, that why we been hovering at 500 mark for the last 17 years

  • californy

    If You look in the NFL there are several little know GM doing a good job. In Oakland, they went from 30 Million over the cap last year to 68 Million under the Cap next year despite winning the same amount of games to.

    Look at what KC has done with 7.5 Million under the cap, they added 32 new players and added like 6-7 More win also.

    Look at Arizona, who had The NFL worst Offense last year, They added like 5-6 Wins on the season and will most likely missed the play off with a 10-6 record, despite having a better record than the NFC Central and NFC East champs this year. That is in year one of Bruce Arian despite losing their number 1 pick also

    • Ya most teams who add new coaches show instant improvement like when Parcells came to Dallas. We have seen more of the same .500 football

  • californy

    I like how you pointed out, the oN the Job training JG has gotten with the Cowboys. With that track record, it make you wonder why he is still here.. It amaze me all the much better candidates JJ passed up when he hired JG. It would of been nicer to have a Coach who at least had HC experience somewhere rather than pick a guy who is a inexpereince as possible.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Merry Christmas, I mean I like Kitna guys, but I do know it was a mistake resigning him though. But we got “Old Spice” back.

    • californy

      Merry Christmas Gabe. here I can like your comments without having to worry about it. lol

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Yeah I got poofed once.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Cas my top coaching candidate as of right now is David Shaw of Stanford. If he becomes HC then I think our draft goes like this
    1st David Yankey OG/OT/C Stanford
    2nd Gabe Jackson OG Mississippi State
    3rd AJ McCarron QB Alabama
    4th Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh
    David Shaw dislikes stud franchise QB he likes system guys and AJ McCarron is potentially the best system QB in the drat. He does need talent though, but I have no problem with it. David Shaw knows we need defense, but I think he looks at our current line and wants to continue building it. His team prides itself on a very physical line, David Yankey reminds me of a stronger version of Marshall Yanda of the Ravens. Gabe Jackson is very similar to Larry Allen, both love to punish defenders and plant them on the ground, some of the strongest players in the draft, Yankey is an amazing pulling G. Aaron Donald is undersized for a DT at 285 lbs. but he can rotate in between both DT positions and play DE. He had 10.5 sacks, 27.5 tackles for loss and 54 tackles on the season.

    • californy

      Where do you see Yankey playing at since you have Jackson going in the second.. he may be a little high in the first.

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Yankey will go in the first, because of versatility, I do hear he may go in the 3rd, but I doubt it. Gabe Jackson is a pure G and very few go in the first, he may have the same fate as Larry Warford did last year. Yankey will go late in the first though.

        • Gabriel Carrasco

          Gabe Jackson is a first round talent, but there are sites where he goes in the 3rd as well, but I want McCarron as our QB and we need to draft both of these guys in order to get better and for him to be successful, I may be overdrafting these guys according to some, but both are pro bowlers in book at some point.

        • I have been too busy covering the NFL to study any college tape, I usually do that in the offseason so I don’t know much about the players you mentioned other than what I read. I will let you know what I think after I study some tape.

    • I am staying with Gruden: he is a west coast guru and we have awesome short pass talent in Murray, Witten, Bease and Hanna. He also has a proven track record as a HC. NTM he is an excellent QB coach. I think Wilson and Garrett have caused some problems with the way they use Romo. They don’t scheme to his strengths. He is a perfect fit in a West Coast offense.

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Only reason Shaw is my top candidate is because I think Gruden either stays in the booth or goes on to coach Texas. I like West Coast as well. On top of that I feel that Shaw knows talent and how to get talent in the trenches none of his RB or QB are studs, he likes to play with aggressive lines on both fronts, I feel he can make things work with a QB like McCarron.

        • Gabriel Carrasco

          I really do like the West Coast but I really think that, Jerry takes a look at Callahan and decides to go the opposite route.

          • Callahan was Grudens OC in Oak he knows his offense

        • Jeff Kessinger

          Gruden will not coach college ball. He’s as much said so. He’s waiting for a pro job, and honestly I think he’s waiting for the Cowboy job to open up. Hopefully JJ is just kidding when he says JG’s future is bright in Dallas. I’ve had enough of his short comings. I know that they team plays hard for 60 minutes and don’t quit, but his short coming out weigh any strengths he may have. Gruden is my next coach of choice. He’s tough, smart, and an offensive genius.

  • frank

    I will take it one step further I don’t even want J.G. to coach the last game of the season.. GRUDEN…….. 2014 , (DEF28)