Tony Romo Lost theGame? My ASS!

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The talking heads of the media draw some pretty hefty paychecks because they are supposed to be experts. I wonder if they realize how ridiculously stupid they sound to trained analysts such as myself? Tony Romo lost the game? My ass!


It never ceases to amaze me how these over-paid buffoons lie in wait for any, and I mean any reason they can come up with to throw a dagger at Tony Romo. It saddens me to think that someone is more worried about a headline than they are their credibility as an analyst. Like my dad always says,

“you can’t fix stupid.”

If that is what it takes to get a job in a booth for a major TV network, I am more than content running my website. I can look at myself in the mirror and smile; knowing full well that I still have my integrity.

TonyRomo15The truth be told, Tony Romo straight up out-gunned Peyton Manning. Sorry my friendly neighborhood Romo hater, the numbers don’t lie. Peyton Manning completed 33 of 42 passes for 414 yards, 4 TD’s and 1 interception for a passer rating of 129.9. He was sacked zero times.

Tony Romo completed 25 of 36 passes for for 506 yards, 5 touchdowns and one interception for a passer rating of 140.0. He was sacked 4 times: he accomplished this in spite of having to be much more elusive than Peyton Manning who received virtually no pressure from the Cowboys pass rush!

Who did more to help their team win?

As far as I am concerned, all of the over-paid talking heads of the media can kiss my rosy royal red American ass! In spite of being under heavy pressure, Tony Romo outperformed Peyton Manning in every statistical category. The funny part is, had Peyton Manning been under the same type of defensive pressure, the Broncos were dead meat! We all know that Peyton Manning is as mobile as the statue of Tom Landry.

If you’re going to report the news, do it accurately and without bias, or find another profession! Unfounded opinions are like assholes: everybody has one.

When your last name is Manning, no one talks about your mistakes, even if you’re little brother Eli, who is currently 0-5 and had 3 picks on Sunday. Gosh, didn’t Peyton Manning have a pick in the same game? When their picks came in the game is irrelevant because both were translated in to points that had an impact on the final score.

Could Peyton Manning have had the day he had if he was under the same amount of pressure as Tony Romo?

Philadelphia Eagles v Denver BroncosManning didn’t take a single sack. In fact, he left the game virtually unscathed. I have been hearing all this hype coming out of Valley Ranch about this OL. Gosh, the Broncos were only rushing 3 and collapsing the pocket. We all saw Romo working his magic making miraculous plays while running for his life. He still killed Peyton Mannings’ numbers for the day.

The Dallas Cowboys are 2nd in the entire NFL for points per game (30.4). So you tell me how anyone who is smarter than a box of rocks can say that this team has lost any games because of Tony Romo? When I take in to consideration the Cowboys only have 2 rushing TD’s in 5 games, (o.4 per game avg) this tells me the Dallas Cowboys are on course for 6.4 rushing TD’s on the season! That is a disgrace to the star!

Tony Romo is on course for 4,874 yards, 42 touchdowns, only 6 interceptions, and a passer rating of 114 minimum! That my friends, is Hall Of Fame caliber football!

In spite of the fact that DeMarco Murray has been averaging 4.8 yards per carry, he has had 84 attempts ( many of which came in the Rams game) as compared to Tony Romo’s 188 attempts. With exception to the Rams game, Murray has averaged 14.5 carries per game. In the games the Cowboys lost he has averaged 12.6 carries per game. In the games the Cowboys lost, Tony Romo averaged 38.3 attempts per game. That is pretty much 3 times as many passes as runs.

We can start by blaming the coaches for abandoning the run in spite of a 4.8 yard per carry average and putting the entire outcome of the game on the shoulders of Tony Romo! All that does is make the job of defensive coordinators easy.

There is no creativity or balance on the offense. The entire purpose of an offensive coordinator and or the game plan is to make it as confusing as possible to opposing defenses. All that Jason Garrett and Bill Callahan have succeeded in doing is making Tony Romo a sitting duck in the pocket!

ColeBeasley2I have preached many times about utilizing Cole Beasley in the short passing game. He not only draws double teams which leaves Dez Bryant 1 on 1 on the outside, it gives Tony Romo and option to get rid of the ball quickly and keep the chains moving. In spite of getting a fraction of the playing time Terrance Williams has, Beasley has 8 catches (many of which were crucial 1st down catches) and 1 touchdown! Once again I will say: “I told you so” to Jason Garrett

Bill Callahan and Jason Garrett are set on calling all deep vertical routes. All that does is make Tony Romo hold the ball too long! If you watched the game against the Broncos, Manning was utilizing the short passing game and getting rid of the football quickly. Jason Garrett does not understand this concept! Give Me Jon Gruden Please!

Peyton Manning stood in the pocket like a statue picking the Cowboys disgraceful secondary apart. If he wasn’t abusing the DB’s, he was attacking underneath because Monte Kiffin had the LB’s dropping back 15 yards, leaving a huge hole in the middle of the field for the RB’s.

On top of that, the Denver Broncos ran the ball 26 times for 110 yards, as compared to the Cowboys 12 for 43 yards! Do you see the balance on Peyton Mannings’ offense? In spite of the fact that Peyton Manning has an established running game to keep opposing defenses guessing, Tony Romo still outperformed him! The media can hype Manning all they want, Tony Romo is a better quarterback. Give him the same cast and I will take him every time.

If Tony Romo is able to do what he does with no running game, and while running for his life: imagine what he could do with both a running game and consistent time in pocket.

The problem in Dallas is the coaching and the defense. The defensive game plan was God awful. I am sure that Rob Ryan is sitting in New Orleans at 5-0 laughing his ass off at Jerry Jones.

Rob RyanAs I wrote in a previous article entitled: “Cowboys Rob Ryan is Getting a Raw Deal”  I foresaw him being the fall guy in a feeble attempt by Jerry Jones to appease the fans by firing him. The fact is, the only two constants are Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett! Wade Phillips went to Houston and has a formidable defense (#1 in total defense), it’s the same with Rob Ryan in New Orleans who has a top 10 defense with far less talent than Monte Kiffin has to work with. In my opinion, the game has passed Monte Kiffin by! Why do you ask?

The Dallas Cowboys defense is currently ranked, 28th in total defense, 31st against the pass, 22nd in points allowed, and 28th in total yards (401.2). If the Tony Romo led offense is ranked 2nd in points (with no running game to speak of): how in the hell is the 2-3 record Tony Romos’ Fault?

The fact of the matter is, the Dion Sanders of the world can try and blame Tony Romo all they want. I just wonder if they realize they are making themselves look like an idiot? My words of wisdom to them,

Tony Romo Lost the Game? My Ass!

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  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Read the title and knew immediately who the writer was. Yep the coaching staff set Romo up to fail. First off the Broncos never truly stopped our running game. Yes we averaged 3.6 yards a carry, but Murray also lost about 3 yards on 1 play. He was getting like 2, 2, 4, ,9, 2,2,10 yards. It was a decent run game. Not great. Now I understand allowing Romo to throw it for freaking 509 yards, because I knew if we grinded out the clock it wouldn’t matter, cause the Broncos were scoring any way. But inside of 3 minutes no excuse for not running the ball.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I really hate blaming penalties and officiating on a loss, but in this game it was horrendous. Ref standing right there, Witten gets pushed into the back of the endzone no flag. Romo gets horse collared an no flag. I know that it was border line, but Manning gets that call regardless. Manning grounding no flag, line pinning our D line and holding, this has happened two weeks in a row. I wish someone from the Cowboys would step up and chew out the refs like Steve Smith did Monday.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    The interception Romo threw, Trevathan had illegal contact on Escobar outside of the 5 yards no call. But that also should have been reviewed which I didn’t see occurred. Romo gets pressure in his face and Tyron Smith steps on his leg. Too many factors.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Gameplan was horrendous. But Beasley had an awesome day as did Williams. We will see on Williams, but great job by the receiving corps and TE’s. Williams was the guy who blocked on the play for Beasley’s TD.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Bye Bye Miles cause guess what a 2nd year undrafted FA and a 3rd round pick rookie outplayed you. Trade you for a DT.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    You can’t tell me Sean Lee is an average player, you just can’t. He may have some average games, but Lee looks lost, and gets abused at times. I think the defensive scheme is at fault. It is outdated. I really hope Lovie Smith or Gruden will be our next HC and maybe Eberflus as D coordinator. Still love, Henderson, Eberflus, and Marinelli, but Kiffin has got to go.

  • frank

    it’s like i said yesterday his name isn’t rodgers, brees or manning etc. i guess he should play free safety for the defense.(def28).

  • frank

    same old cowboys poor game planning on both sides of the ball(def28)

  • rh_stranger1

    I dont know how many times I see a team with one play before the 2 minute warning run the ball because they know Is a chance to catch the defense off guard as well as stop the clock. This thought just keeps coming back all week. Perfect opportunity to run a draw. If callahan and garrett arent going to run the ball then its simple… romo has to audible to more run plays. Seems like the only solution

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Frank you are right, because Romo is better than Brees and Manning, only Rodgers is better. He outplayed Manning Sunday.

  • californy

    JJ took a moral victory on the Sunday game, I wonder where that leave us in the standing with God. I remember hearing that saying the first shall be last Mathew 20:16.

  • californy

    I expect Tony Romo to win NFC Offensive player of the week, he is well deserving

  • californy

    Merrel Hodge said the reason Tony threw the interception he was unable to step into the pass as he got his feet in tangle with an Offensive lineman.

  • californy

    Kapernick went 6-15 with a rating of 39 yet no one is talking about his play at QB.

  • californy

    Romo average over 20 yards per play in the pass game but no one want to talk about that .

  • californy

    Dallas went from 15 in offense to 7th base on last week offensive number. The defense went from 19 over all to 30th in the league base on the Sunday stats. Some how Romo will get the blame for all of this.

  • californy

    The Cowboy ran it only 2 times in the second half

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Another reason Romo threw an INT is because Trevathan the linebacker, held Escobar on the play. Illegal contact. Hate using penalties as an excuse, but it was a poorly officiated game nonetheless.

  • californy
  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Doug Free is the highest rated OT in the NFL both RT and LT. That is surprising, and Frederick is the 6th rated C in the NFL. Tyron seems to be the worst one on the line about 20th best OT.

  • John Trujillo

    I love how Peyton was able to jog into the End zone though probably his sprint by now. Garret has always put Romo in lose-lose situations when the game is on the line. In Buffalo Romo gets them 1st and goal on the 3 and Garret orders an empty backfield. Romo fumbles trying to make something out of nothing. All the experts and so-called Cowboy fans say he should have just thrown the ball away a couple of times and settled for a field goal. Except Tony Romo had no reason to trust the new kicker yet because of all the missed FGs the year before that ended up being called Romo’s chokes.
    I keep waiting for Kiffen to send Sean Lee on more blitzes. He did use him well against the Redskins and the Eagles though, so maybe he learned his lesson.
    I don’t believe there are truly any busts in the NFL, only massive coaching errors by not using players to their strengths. Well maybe that fat guy down who started out in Oakland was a bust because he was so lazy but then again more likely overrated to begin with.
    Parcells used to suck the life out of QBs. Killed their spirit by not letting them do anything to win until it was too late.
    Darren Sharper is the worst when it comes to belittling Romo but Romo should just be laughing all the way from the bank to hand his check over to former Miss Missouri Mrs. Romo. Advice for Romo since he’s turned his hat around finally is have your suit jackets better fitted. The last post game interview he looked like he borrowed clothes from Jason Witten.

  • John Trujillo

    typo- I meant “aren’t truly any busts”.